Halloween Cemetery Wedding- Lance Wheeler Video

West Ghent, Columbia County thurs 10am

The bride wore “black” and it was cloudy and raining in the cemetery.

This wedding was “meant to be”.

Renee Cole and Greg Sitzer have known each other since they were kids in Chatham. They went their separate ways, moved to different states, had families but remained friends. They reconnected again and started dating. The couple got engaged in Christmas 2017.

Both shared a common interest….Halloween, Horror….Scary stuff…..and they love horror movies. Halloween is their favorite time of the year so they decided to “tie the knot”…in the cemetery where Renee’s mother and father are buried. The newlyweds wanted to have them at their wedding.

They share their interest in creepy unusual, horror with their 21 year old daughter and Greg’s twelve-year-old son.

In the afternoon they’ll be joined in their celebration by about
100 of their very best friends and family members at a black reception at the Churchtown Fire House. The hall has been
appropriately decorated.

We both work full-time. I myself am a nurse at Livingston Hills Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Livingston New York. Greg is a machine operator at Imperial Pools and Spas in Latham New York. We both currently live together in Chatham.