Round Diamond Engagement Rings With Halo

A. Halo Diamond Rings: A Beautiful Choice For Engagement

Halo settings really are an awesome choice for diamond engagement rings (they are one of the most recommended engagement rings in our guide). They offer a lot of style and shine. Choose a single halo like this cushion cut diamond ring or a double halo like this oval diamond ring. Most importantly, you only select a medium diamond with an ideal or excellent cut and be sure to buy the ring from a trusted supplier. We highly recommend Blue Nile, James Allen and Brian Gavin Diamonds for diamonds and other fine jewelry.

1. What is a halo engagement ring configuration?

A halo ring is a setting that has a center stone surrounded by a complete loop of smaller stones, usually diamonds. Concentric circular or square diamonds in a halo ring often make the center stone appear larger and brighter. Halos are often combined with pavé ribbons (example below), but they can certainly stand on their own with a simple, unadorned ribbon. Hidden halo rings are configurations that feature a complete loop of gemstones or diamonds that is below the central diamond (example below). Hidden halos give the ring additional character and shine. Occasionally, hidden atria based on the ring design can also make the center stone appear larger.

2. Does a halo make a diamond bigger?

A halo ring can make a diamond look larger due to the greater brilliance and overall surface area of ​​gemstones or diamonds. The surrounding stones enhance the appearance of the middle diamond. The size that a halo adds to a ring depends on the carat weight and table surface area of ​​the gems in the halo. For example, this halo ring contains 42 round diamonds with a total carat weight of at least 0.3. This halo design, on the other hand, has 48 round diamonds with a total carat weight of at least 0.53. The second halo adds more size to the ring than the first. A hidden halo usually doesn’t make the diamond look bigger. Viewed from the side, however, it gives the ring character and shine. You can also design your halo with colored gemstones to create a color contrast like the image above.

3. Types of halo rings

Halo rings come in a variety of styles, from classic to vintage. Here are the most popular types of halos, along with examples of each.

a. Classic halo rings

A classic halo ring has a single diamond ring around the center stone. This white gold halo ring is best for emerald, radiant and cushion cut diamonds, while this smooth shaft halo is ideal for round cut diamonds.

b. Halo Gemstone Rings

Instead of diamonds, these rings have colored gemstones in a halo. This white gold ring is a beautiful example of a double halo made of sapphire and diamond.

c. Vintage halo rings

Vintage halo rings have an antique touch, like this floral engagement ring or this majestic halo ring with a frame.

d. Double halo rings

Double halos have two rings of gemstones or diamonds around the center stone. Check out this double twist halo design and triple-row double pavé halo ring.

e. Rings with flower wreaths

Some ring designs feature a halo that resembles a flower. This floral halo and twisted halo are excellent examples of this nature-inspired style.

f. Hidden halo rings

With hidden halos, the diamond bow is located under the middle diamond, as on this engagement ring with a delicate pavé crown.

g. Exclusive halo rings

Add your own personality to a ring with a unique halo. This marquise style cluster and square bypass halo ring are inspiration for the extraordinary styles you can choose. This special halo with pear-shaped side stones and carved ribbon will be an ornament in any hand.

4. Advantages and disadvantages of a halo setup

Each configuration has its advantages and disadvantages. Halo rings are a nice choice in many shapes and designs (check out a specific type too – the floral engagement ring style). The following list can help you decide if this style is right for you.

a. benefits

  1. Increases the size and appearance of the middle diamond.
  2. Smaller stones increase the overall brightness of the ring.
  3. Safely hold and protect the center stone.
  4. Complements a variety of diamond shapes.
  5. Options are available to customize the setting with colored gems.

b. disadvantage

  1. Smaller stones may come loose over time.
  2. Resizing a pavé halo ring can be difficult due to the small stones in the band.

5. How many are halo rings?

Halo rings average $500 to $15,000 for the setting – based on the number of stones, style and precious metal. After choosing a diamond in the center, the total cost of your ring is calculated. In general, you can find halo rings for every budget, like: Like this classic halo setup for $690 and this braided halo ring for $1,450.

6. Are halorings out of style?

Halo rings have not gone out of style and have actually grown in popularity over the past five years. They are generally among the top 10 engagement ring trends published by various bridal websites. Halo rings may be in fashion, but they also have lasting value and beauty. Halo rings were first made in the 18th century and have been passed on as treasured heirlooms for generations. The opposite of cheap halo rings is considered a luxury choice. This foil engagement ring is a beautiful example of a timeless halo.

7. Best halo engagement rings

The best halo engagement rings let the center stone stand out and add extra sparkle and personality to the ring. Depending on your personal style, consider these handpicked halo engagement rings.

Add pink diamonds and yellow inner teeth to your halo and make this beautiful pillow halo everyone will notice.

  1. Cutout Floral Diamond Engagement Ring: This floral motif halo surrounds the center stone and adds glamor to a timeless design.
  2. Double Halo Diamond Engagement Ring: A double halo with 42 stones offers lots of sparkle and fire – a really attractive ring.
  3. Twisted Halo Diamond Engagement Ring: With a twisted shaft, this halo offers a unique feminine touch along with classic beauty.
  4. Hexagon Diamond Halo Engagement Ring: This ring is set with a hexagonal halo and embodies a distinct and dazzling character.
  5. Halo Teardrop Engagement Ring: Unique pear diamonds surround the center stone for a touch that won’t go unnoticed.
  6. Petite Pavé Halo Leaf Diamond Engagement Ring: This nature-inspired ring with 38 diamonds is as beautiful as it is timeless.
  7. Split-Band Halo Engagement Ring: Featuring a split-axis pavé band, this halo ring is full of sparkle and style.
  8. Engagement Ring with Pavé Halo and Twisted Shank: A beautiful halo surrounds the main diamond and features a pavé cross band.

8. Wedding tape for halo engagement rings

There are several different types of wedding rings to match your desired halo engagement ring. Check out our Wedding Ring Guide for Halo Engagement Rings to find the most suitable wedding band.

9. Evaluation of a diamond ring for beauty and value

Want to find the most beautiful diamond at an exceptional price? Check out our Diamond Pro features to help you choose the perfect ring for your loved one.

  1. Diamond Cut: The factor that most affects a diamond’s brilliance and brilliance is its cut. Consider only excellent and ideal cuts for your average diamond.
  2. Diamond Shape: The shape of the diamond is primarily determined by style and personal preferences. Check the shapes to see which one fits your significant other’s style.
  3. Diamond Clarity: Inclusions and blemishes are generally not visible to the naked eye with a VS1 or VS2 purity grade. Although you can pay more for a higher bill, it will go unnoticed.
  4. Diamond Color: Your diamond should look white in relation to the bezel color. To the naked eye, diamonds in the G to I color range appear colorless and cost much less than diamonds in the D to F color range.


B. Halo Setting Engagement Rings: The Complete Guide

In 2010, Kate Middleton unveiled her sparkling new engagement ring: a stunning sapphire stone set in a diamond halo. It should come as no surprise that areola sets have been an incredibly popular choice among brides ever since.

1. What is the Halo setup?

The halo setting is a ring made of small accented stones, usually pavé diamonds, that surround a larger central stone. Halo sockets can have the same shape as the center stone or they can be different, eg. B. a pillow-shaped halo around a round diamond. Halos add extra sparkle to any ring and are clearly suitable for a princess. In addition to being versatile and easy to customize, this setting can make a diamond appear half a carat larger than it actually is.

2. Advantages and Disadvantages of a Halo Setup

The biggest appeal of a halo setting is that it complements the center stone well and makes your ring look larger. “The halo setting is designed to enhance the beauty of the centerstone, adding size and shine in an affordable way,” says Rohan Agrawal, co-founder of Azeera Inc. “If the centerstone and accent stone are two different colors, so the halo setting is focusing more on the center stone. It enhances its visual appeal through color contrast and brilliance. “Although a halo setting makes a medium diamond look larger (something that saves money on real stone), this isn’t always the most economical option overall. “More metal and more gemstones mean the style is more expensive compared to simpler designs like solitaire or three stones,” says Agrawal.

3. What to look for in a Halo environment

  1. Are there certain diamond cuts that go well with a halo setting? While any cut will work with a halo, a round diamond is often the most popular choice for perfect symmetry. Agrawal also loves an emerald-cut centerstone for a “stronger visual presence.” He explains: “The linear cut of the emerald cut has a pleasing contrast to the rounded stones.”
  2. Can other stones be used for a halo setting? You should keep in mind that halo settings don’t need to be made of diamonds. Adam Patrick of A La Vieille Russie says halo rings are great if you want to incorporate colored stones into your environment, adding: “Many halo rings have beautiful emeralds, pearls or rubies as the center stone, which in terms of design , is more interesting. “
  3. How can I maximize the appearance of the Halo setup? If you want a halo setting that will make your centerstone look larger, Agrawal recommends choosing one with diamonds of the same quality (color, cut, and clarity) as the centerstone. “A contrast would emphasize the differences between the center and accent stones and would lose the desired effect,” he says.

4. How To Keep Your Engagement Ring With A Halo Setting

Special care must be taken with halo settings as the smaller diamonds around the larger stone are more likely to fall out. Also, because of the shape of a halo and the way it forms a border around the center stone, the setting makes it a little difficult to pair an engagement ring with a wedding band. “Ideally, with this type of ring, you want a ring that fits around or under the engagement ring,” says Patrick. “Otherwise the two will inevitably rub and, over time, wear down the gallery below. It’s an additional consideration, as you should take into account that if you don’t have one, you will eventually repair or replace the ring. ”

5. Bario Neal Stellium Diamond Halo Ring

The pins used in this halo ring give the shape a unique star quality. This is a good example of a halo configuration slightly offset from the central stone.

6. Rosette Ring Large Round Halo Anna Sheffield

In this traditionally modern halo setting, a round diamond in the center is surrounded by pavé diamonds. The rose gold band makes it a more feminine touch.

7. Tiffany & Co. Soleste Engagement Ring with Cushion Cut and Double Halo

If you really want to make a statement, choose a double halo like this one, which has a big, bold look. The central stone with cushion cut and double halo provide perfect symmetry.

8. Mociun halo ring

This ancient European cut has a round diamond center stone with a diamond halo in a shape that looks almost like a sun. The yellow gold band keeps it delicate, feminine and unique.

9. Jade Meadow Bride Halo

As a classic example of a halo setting, this engagement ring is simple, beautiful and timeless. Opt for a rose gold wedding band for something a little more modern.

10. Capucinne Moonstone Engagement Ring

This engagement ring features a moonstone in the center, ideal for those who want a classic look but don’t want a diamond. The emerald cut with shimmering halo has a nice geometric look.

11. Ethera Mania Mania Ring

This ring is perfect for the bride who wants something classic but also unique. An east-west emerald cut diamond sparkles in a halo of smaller round diamonds.

12. Gillian Conroy Art Deco Double Hexagon Halo Ring with White Diamond

This Art Deco-inspired ring features a rare white hexagonal diamond with a double sparkling crown of tiny white diamonds. It has a low profile and is flatter on the finger.

13. David Yurman Crossover Capri Engagement Ring

A quilted cut diamond sits on a distinctive DY cross cable ribbon that is definitely eye-catching. The pavé diamonds that form a halo around the central stone add extra sparkle.

14. Bario Neal Soma pink cut diamond with blue sapphire halo ring

Halo rings usually have diamond stones, but this ring is proof that colored gemstones look great too. Small sapphires make this ring something very special.

15. Tiffany & Co. Legacy Engagement Ring

Inspired by the Edwardian era, this traditional engagement ring features a central cushion cut stone with a diamond ring and a diamond ring.

16. Vera Wang WISH Diamond Engagement Ring

This exquisite princess cut diamond engagement ring makes us swoon. To maximize the halo setting effect, find even more diamonds adorning the split ribbon for an exceptional finish.

17. Jared Royal Asscher Diamond Engagement Ring

There’s something majestic and charming about an oval-cut diamond engagement ring, especially when it’s accompanied by a shimmering infinite shank band. But wait, there’s more. Two additional rows of round diamonds surround the center diamond for an eye-catching look.

18. Kay Diamond Engagement Ring

Photos of this beauty don’t do her justice. Traditional brides won’t be able to resist the sparkling princess cut diamond framed by a diamond crown and sparkling diamond band.

19. Neil Lane Aquamarine Engagement Ring

If you’re looking for some color, this aquamarine engagement ring is a breath of fresh air. Cinderella’s hue looks even more adorable combined with a halo of brilliant round diamonds and a curvy diamond band.

20. Vrai e Oro The 14k pink gold Halo ring with a pavé band

Keyword Romance: Timeless beauty like this deserves to be the focus. This 14K rose gold halo ring features a one trillion-cut diamond center and surrounding pavé diamonds.

21. Lotus Flower Diamond Engagement Ring Brillant Earth

Add a touch of whimsy to your ring finger with this beautiful lotus flower shaped halo design. Customize by choosing diamond shape, carat size and metal.

22. Halo Diamond Ring with Angara Classic Double Floral

Presentation is everything when it comes to this ornate ring that resembles a flower. A round diamond center is surrounded by a double diamond ring in a 14 carat yellow gold band for a towering look.

23. David Yurman Petite Châtelaine pavé bezel ring with diamonds and precious stones

Don’t be afraid of a pink tourmaline center stone if your heart desires it. A true David Yurman classic, this stunningly gorgeous ring grabs attention with a brilliant diamond pavé halo setting.

24. Gemist The Emerald Halo Hal

Let your personality shine through with this dreamy emerald engagement ring with an ethical diamond center stone. Choose from a solid bracelet in 14k yellow gold, white gold or rose gold for a unique look.

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