Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Rings With Halo

A. Cushion Cut Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

This fascinating design has been crafted with exceptional attention to detail and is precisely defined with a 0.70ct cushion-cut diamond surrounded by a halo of outer diamonds. It sits atop pitted diamond shoulders, which continue the style throughout the design. The halo adds 0.35ct brilliant cut round diamonds to perfectly accent the center cushion cut diamond. This intricate ring design benefits from a user-friendly configuration that allows a straight band to fit perfectly in harmony with the design. Available in a variety of precious metals, choose from 950 platinum, 950 palladium, 18k white gold, 18k rose gold and 18k yellow gold. This ring design can also be done in solid color options. We manufacture your ring for a period of 4 weeks before your order is delivered by secure courier in beautiful packaging – ready for the perfect occasion.

1. Diamond Grading You Can Trust

Rely on renowned diamond certifications from the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and IGI (International Gemmological Institute). Our diamonds achieve at least a VERY GOOD CUT. This ensures your diamond’s maximum shine. Excellent cut diamonds can be provided upon request.

2. Do you need a finger sizing tool?

Order our handy multisizer to estimate the correct finger size. All our multisizers come in UK sizes and are fully refundable once your last order is placed.

3. Do you need guidance?

Contact us for helpful and friendly advice on standard engagement rings and our custom design service. We offer free, impartial advice on every aspect of your purchase, from diamond valuation to precious metals and financing.

4. How is my engagement ring arriving?

In the UK, each finished ring from our extensive collection of diamond engagement rings is beautifully packaged and shipped via Royal Mail via International Signed For Delivery. We hold all packages until they reach you. Deliveries arrive the day after shipment. All packages arrive in plain packaging. Inside, you’ll discover a rugged outer package in which there’s a document compartment with a document folder for assessments and certifications. Your engagement ring will be delivered in a gift box, along with our handy pocket ring box.

5. Interactive diamond sizes – see how your diamond sizes appear in the hand

Select the diamond shape and carat weight you want and see how big it looks on your finger. Our handy tool is designed to help you assess diamond size in a wide variety of diamond shapes.

6. Shop with confidence

For your complete peace of mind, Serendipity Diamonds is listed as “Buy with Confidence” and offers 100% security and satisfaction. Buyers benefit from a 60-day return policy on most items, lifetime warranty, free sizing and competitive pricing (50-70% off main price) on most items. Our diamonds are purchased directly from diamond polishers around the world and rings are carefully crafted in our workshops before being sold directly. The result is an exceptional price-performance ratio with all the benefits of luxury – the complete package. In addition to our diamonds, enjoy the safety of beautifully cut, responsibly sourced, natural pink sapphires, blue sapphires, rubies and emeralds for our engagement ring gemstone collection.


B. The Best Cushion-Cut Engagement Rings For Every Budget

Our goal is to bring you the best diamonds and gemstones at the best possible price. For this reason, we will let you know whenever we see an attractive discount, special offer or promotion from one of our preferred suppliers. Cushion cut diamonds are the second most sought after diamonds on the market today. The cut’s popularity stems from the combination of two other popular cuts – the princess cut and the round shiny cut. Round diamonds with brilliant cuts inherit brilliance and brilliance, while the princess cut inherits symmetry and structure. The stone’s inherent properties make it extremely versatile and allow for easy adaptation to almost any type of ring configuration.

Diamond engagement rings make a lasting impression when given to a loved one. Although they can cost thousands of dollars, you don’t need to spend a lot to get an excellent ring. We’ve done the work and in this guide we’ve broken down our top picks within each budget range to help you pick a wonderful design for this unique event.

1. Best Pillow Cut Engagement Rings Under $2500

If you’re shopping for a pillow-cut diamond engagement ring and on a budget of $2,500, you can expect to see rings with a center stone of about 1 carat or less with simple settings in white, yellow, and rose gold or platinum. . Try to find a core stone with purity SI2 or better.

a. Modified Cut Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

This beautiful ring features a traditional four-point solitaire setting in 14K white gold. It comes with a 1.22 carat modified cushion-cut diamond in J color and I1 clarity. The cut, symmetry and polishing of the stone are considered good. This ring provides a slightly larger stone for a reduced purity rating (this stone is I1 – read this article to see what that means). You must decide if this is a commitment you want to make.

b. Engagement ring with a modified cut pavé diamond

Infinite design engagement rings are a timeless classic, and this ring is no different. The ribbon’s shiny, intertwined design incorporates pavé-set diamonds into a strand to enhance its appeal. In the center of the ring is a 1.01 carat cushion modified diamond with K and SI2 ratings for color and clarity, respectively.

c. Vintage Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

This ring features a beautiful infinity vintage design accented by delicate milgrain and pearl details. The 14 carat white gold engagement ring comes with a 0.70 carat diamond with a G rating for color and VS2 for clarity. The center stone is in unique V-shaped spikes that are placed in the continuous band of the ring. This ring has an excellent quality / price ratio.

d. Modified cut halo diamond engagement ring

Sleek yet striking design, this ring features a striking halo surrounding the 0.92 carat cushion diamond with a pavé-encrusted diamond ring. The central stone has the color K and the purity grade SI1. The 14K rose gold setting has a unique partial bezel design that supports the crown jewels.

e. Modified Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

With this inspired ring you get a 0.90 carat J-color cushion diamond and VVS2 clarity. The middle diamond is set in a pavé halo of small white diamonds set in a 14-karat yellow gold ring. The band of the ring swings around in 14K yellow gold and gives the ring a sense of sovereign continuity that culminates in the impressive central stone.

2. Best Pillow Cut Engagement Rings Under $5,000

With this budget, you can expect to find diamonds around 1 carat. You have to compromise between color and clarity. As an example, you can get a diamond of color D, but it must contain more. If you really want to add sparkle and stay within budget, add a diamond pavé setting to the centerstone.

a. Engagement Ring with a Cushion Cut Pavé Diamond

We love the way this James Allen ring turns and turns. Getting it in rose gold – instead of yellow or white gold – is another unique touch. The diamond is 1.01 carat, color J, VS1 clarity and a very good cut. The setting features 0.40 carat diamonds in G-H color and VS2-SI1 clarity. This ring is great value for money!

b. Engagement Ring with a Cushion Cut Pavé Diamond

A centerstone of 1.01 carat VVS2 clarity, color G, with a very good cut adorns the four-pointed crown of this beautiful pavé diamond engagement ring. This is a great contemporary design for those who work with their hands – the 0.17 carat F-G color diamond setting is durable.

c. Modified cut halo diamond engagement ring

A solid 1.20 carat diamond, J Color, VS2 transparency with a good cut is the centerpiece of this vintage-style engagement ring. The ring’s design is further accentuated by 0.24-carat G-H pavé diamonds inset along the 14-carat white gold bands. What’s really extraordinary is the milgrain design that runs between the two diamond lines on either side of the ribbon.

d. Modified Three Stone Cut Diamond Engagement Ring with Cushion

This delicate three-stone design stands out from other three-stone rings. Petal-shaped side stones alongside a clear 1.00 carat central stone, color G, VVS2, give the ring a unique floral appearance. Beneath the grouping of three stones is a 14-carat rose gold band that ends in an intricate basket that holds the stones in the ring. This ring is perfect for someone with a subtle, classic style.

e. Engagement Ring with a Modified Cut Pavé Diamond

This ring perfectly combines the classic with the modern. A significant highlight of the ring is the flower basket, which mimics the petals of a flower. In the basket is a 1.20 carat diamond, color G, VS1 in a cushion cut with a very good cut. Along each of the ring’s axes are two rows of 0.28-carat G-H pavé diamonds, separated by a thin strip of milgrain design.

3. Best Pillow Cut Engagement Rings Under $7,500

With this budget, we recommend that you choose your most important “C” and focus your efforts on it. Your options start to expand from the $7,500 price range, and you can expect larger centerpiece diamonds averaging 1.30 carats, as well as larger details and sidestones. If you compromise on size, you can also get an F color – or even a yellow diamond with a VVS clarity grade.

a. Cushion Modified Paving and Cutting Engagement Ring

A 1.07 carat diamond, color D, VS2 clarity in a cushion cut with a very good cut adorns the centerpiece of this fascinating ring. The modified cathedral gallery rests on a continuous 14K rose gold ribbon. The band is accented with pavé diamond-studded spiral channels.

b. Engagement Ring with Three Stones in Modified Cut

This beautiful ring is adorned with exquisite detail along the axes and crown and features a three-stone design with additional pavé diamonds set. The two side stones are pear-shaped and perfectly frame the central 1.20 carat VVS2 clarity diamond, color F, with a very good cut.

c. Modified Cushion Cut Vintage Engagement Ring

Vintage aesthetics are the hallmark of this lovely modified halo diamond engagement ring. In the center of a melee diamond halo is a 1.21 carat diamond, color H, VVS1 clarity with a very good cut. On either side of the central gallery are two symmetrical bands of side stones that taper on each side into a band of four pavé-style diamonds that run along a 14-carat white gold band.

d. Modified Three Stone Engagement Ring with Cushion

Yellow gold diamond engagement rings are popular for a reason, they are absolutely beautiful, and this piece is no different. The ring has a three-stone setting made of 14-carat yellow gold and two pear-shaped side stones, plus a 1.40-carat G-color SI2 clarity center stone with an ideal cut. A simple band design paired with a modified cathedral makes it a simple yet timeless classic.

e. Cushion Modified Cutting Channel Assembly Engagement Ring

A strong, thick band combined with inset accent stones gives this ring a distinctive profile. Its center stone, a 1.23 carat diamond of VVS2 clarity, rests in the clutch of a four-pointed basket inserted deep into a gap between the legs of the ring. The design of the ring makes it an ideal choice for anyone looking for a large ring that makes a bold statement.

4. Best Pillow Cut Engagement Rings Under $10,000

With that budget, you have a lot of options to choose from. you can find high quality diamonds between 1.50 and 2.00 carats with good color and clarity. We recommend buying a smaller diamond (about 1.50 carats) with a good color (color D, E, F or G) and good clarity (grade VS) with a very good cut and that enhances the shine with a halo socket.

a. Cushion Modified Paving and Cutting Engagement Ring

Sparkling is the only way to describe this elegant ring. Decorated with accent stones on the sides of 14K white gold bands and on each tine of the cathedral basket, this beautiful piece is the definition of elegance. At the center of it all is an impressive 1.50 carat white diamond, color F, VVS1 clarity and a good cut.

b. Halo Engagement Ring with Cushion Cut

Nothing makes a bolder statement than a diamond halo with a big stone in the middle. This beautiful piece makes this statement through a wonderful melee diamond dispersion around a 1.54 carat VS2 medium purity diamond, color H, with a very good cut. The bands of the ring are adorned with a row of pavé diamonds set in a platinum band.

c. Halo engagement ring with modified cut

This eye-catching 18 kt yellow gold engagement ring with diamonds is simple yet stunning in its appearance, the material for fairy tales. Focus is on a 1.52 carat diamond, color H, clarity VVS1 with a very good cut, surrounded by a ring of glittering stones. This stunning crown rests on a modified four-pointed halo, which in turn is supported by curved temples, which in turn are coated with a series of pavé-style diamonds.

d. Halo engagement ring with modified cut

This eye-catching ring combines a snugly fitted platinum band with a dazzling array of diamonds. The heart of the ring is a 1.72 carat, color I, VS2 clarity white diamond with a good cut, surrounded by a double halo of accent stones. There are paved-style diamonds along the band’s thighs, while the gallery has an artistically laced design.

e. Cushion-modified cut and paving engagement ring

A collection of diamonds grouped around the 1.81 carat, color J, VS1 clarity with an ideal cut crowns this delightful ring. A modified cathedral gallery is tastefully highlighted with accent diamonds, while other brilliant-cut diamonds line the ring’s double legs.

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