Rose Gold Chocolate Diamond Engagement Rings

A. Chocolate Diamond Engagement Rings: The Complete Guide

Chocolate diamond engagement rings sound like a dreamy mix of two of the most beautiful things in life – chocolate and diamonds, of course. And somehow they are: Chocolate diamonds get their name because the brown color of the stone is reminiscent of everyone’s favorite candy. These extravagant colored diamonds are not only beautiful to look at, they also make a unique and interesting version of a classic engagement ring.

1. What is a chocolate diamond?

A chocolate diamond is a high-quality, sophisticated brown diamond that gets its color from the heat and pressure that is applied to the gemstone during its creation process. Chocolate diamonds are unique to the fine jewelry brand Le Vian, which launched the stone in 2000 and registered it as a registered trademark. Although they may look similar, chocolate diamonds are not the same as brown diamonds. Eddie Le Vian, CEO of Le Vian, tells brides: “What sets a Le Vian Chocolate Diamond apart from an ordinary brown diamond is its quality, rarity and color intensity. Brown diamonds must have a certain hue, tone and saturation to become a chocolate diamond, and their inclusions are invisible to the naked eye. ”

In other words, only the best of the best brown diamonds becomes Le Vian Chocolate Diamonds – about 5% of brown diamonds, according to Le Vian. “One of the reasons Le Vian chose the Chocolate Diamond brand was because collectors can be assured that their diamonds are only of the highest quality,” he adds. He learns in advance the history of chocolate diamonds, care tips and more from the jeweler who registered the gemstone as a trademark.

2. History of Chocolate Diamonds

It’s easy to assume that Chocolate Diamonds were named for their color, but Le Vian tells brides that’s not the whole story. “Actually, the name was inspired by my good friend Bill Furman, who came to see me every day after work and brought me lots of handcrafted and homemade chocolates,” he says. “He always talked about the special power of chocolate, its health benefits and that it’s an aphrodisiac.”

Furman’s passion for his chocolate business inspired Le Vian. “Bill helped me realize that chocolate alcoholics’ passion for chocolate was similar to my passion for those rich, beautiful, and edible brown jewelry,” he says. And the name was born!

3. Chocolate Diamonds vs. white diamonds

Chocolate diamonds are high quality brown diamonds. Like white diamonds, natural colored diamonds are the strongest gemstones in the world, very durable and ideal for everyday use. However, there are some differences. Chocolate diamonds (and all brown diamonds) are more opaque than white diamonds, so they aren’t always as shiny. They obviously differ aesthetically too. “I think one quality that makes chocolate diamonds more attractive to some women than regular white diamonds is that they can be elegantly understated,” says Le Vian. “Traditional white diamonds are breathtaking, but they can often be too flashy and flashy for everyday use. It is for this reason that many demanding women turn to Chocolate Diamonds. ‘Dressing down’ is so chic at the moment and the earthy and golden tones of the series make diamonds much more suitable for wearing ​​with any outfit and for any occasion. ”

4. Advantages and Disadvantages of Chocolate Diamonds

One of the biggest advantages of a Chocolate Diamond is its appearance: it’s different and unexpected, so it’s almost automatically noticeable. If you don’t like a classic white diamond, aesthetically it’s basically the opposite, which is beneficial for anyone looking for it.

Although rarer than white diamonds, chocolate diamonds are also generally cheaper. “The price of chocolate diamonds has increased dramatically since we registered the line,” says Le Vian. “The price of larger brown diamonds has increased 25-fold since the 1980s and 1990s.” Chocolate diamonds are also more versatile than you might think and look great with a variety of metals and other colored stones.

5. What To Look For In A Chocolate Diamond Engagement Ring

Would you like a chocolate diamond engagement ring on your own finger?

  1. Where can I buy a chocolate diamond? Chocolate diamonds are specifically a Le Vian exclusive item. This means you won’t find them in other jewelry brands and they won’t be available everywhere. Browse stores or companies that sell Le Vian Chocolate Diamonds to find what you want.
  2. Are there chocolate diamonds in different shades? Chocolate diamonds come in a few different shades, ranging from a lighter brown, an almost golden hue to something darker and richer. You can browse the different ringtone options to find what you like the most.
  3. Are there only brown diamonds in Le Vian? Although chocolate diamonds are a type of brown diamond, brown diamonds are not exclusive to Le Vian and most jewelers.

6. How to care for your chocolate diamond

Like any other diamond, your Chocolate Diamond is durable and suitable for everyday use. You should clean it with alcohol weekly, unless the ring also contains soft stones. Although diamonds are very strong, you may not want to wear your chocolate diamond engagement ring when doing hard work with your hands.

7. Diamond Ring Le Vian Crème Brûlée

For a unique look, opt for this ring with five small chocolate diamonds set in a halo of nude diamonds. The rose gold band perfectly matches the color of the stones.

8. Le Vian Chocolate Diamond Ring

A pear-cut chocolate diamond looks beautiful, surrounded by a halo of tiny nude diamonds. This is an interesting take on a classic style.

9. Le Vian diamond ring

This ring is a beautiful blend of brown and colorless diamonds. A round Chocolate Diamond stone in the center is placed on a bed of Vanilla Diamonds to add shine and shine.

10. Le Vian Chocolatier diamond ring

White and chocolate diamonds surround each other in this beautiful ring. A round cluster of tiny chocolate diamonds sits in a halo of tiny white diamonds that is set in a halo of tiny chocolate diamonds.

11. Morganita Le Vian Rosa and Diamond Ring

If you really want to mess something up, opt for three different colored stones. This ring features a pink morganite stone in the center with white diamonds and chocolate diamonds along the halo and ribbon.

12. Le Vian chocolate diamond and vanilla diamond ring

More subtle and simpler, this ring features a round chocolate diamond set in a halo of tiny white diamonds. The yellow gold band perfectly matches the brown color of the stone.

13. Le Vian Morganite Ring

This ring is another example of how chocolate and pink morganite diamonds come together. A cushion-cut pink morganite stone is surrounded by layers of white and chocolate diamonds for an intricate design.

14. Le Vian Chocolate Diamond Ring

This eye-catching ring features a chocolate diamond in the center, surrounded by layers of chocolate and white diamonds. The wider bandwidth makes it particularly robust.

15. Le Vian diamond ring

For something more delicate and delicate, opt for this ring. It features a round chocolate diamond that sits on two layers of white diamonds, with a thin band that contains smaller chocolate diamonds.

16. Le Vian declaration ring with chocolate diamond and nude diamond

This three-stone ring brilliantly showcases three chocolate diamonds encased in bare diamond halos. A split rose gold band complements this look well.

17. Le Vian Raspberry Rhodolite Ring

This unique take on the Chocolate Diamond trend features a raspberry rhodolite centerstone that really catches the eye. Small chocolate diamonds line the ribbon so the shine is definitely more subtle.

18. Le Vian Platinum Diamond Ring

A perfect take on the classic shape of an engagement ring, this one features a round chocolate diamond surrounded by tiny white diamonds. The frame and bracelet are made of platinum for a luxurious feel.

19. Le Vian diamond ring

This unique shape and style is feminine and attractive. A small chocolate diamond has an infinite shape and means forever.

20. Le Vian cluster ring with chocolate diamond and nude diamond

A cluster of small chocolate diamonds gives the illusion of a larger stone and is cheaper than one. This shows a marquise-shaped cluster of chocolate diamonds with an interesting ribbon.

21. Le Vian round diamond ring

A beautiful round chocolate diamond sits in a double raised halo of Vanilla Diamonds for tons of sparkle with an equally brilliant ribbon. The weight of the entire ring is approximately 2.5 carats.

22. Le Vian Chocolatier diamond ring

This ring features a delicate cluster of chocolate diamonds in the center with a thin band of small white diamonds. It’s small, small and cute.

23. Round platinum diamond ring Le Vian

This interesting silhouette features a round Chocolate Diamond ring in a two-square Vanilla Diamond wreath. Split shaft band has more diamonds for extra shine.

24. Le Vian diamond ring

In this feminine style, a small chocolate diamond is flanked by small white diamonds for an almost floral look. The yellow gold band complements the stone’s color.


B. 10 Reasons For Choosing A Rose Gold Engagement Ring & Wedding Ring

1. Why are rose gold engagement rings and rose gold wedding rings more popular than ever?

This year, demand for rose gold engagement rings and wedding rings has increased. Plus, we’ve completed more orders than ever on this metal selection. Also known as rose gold or rose gold, rose gold is a wonderful choice for diamond jewelry.

2. In addition to diamonds, which gemstones go well with rose gold?

In addition to diamonds, certain gemstones go well with diamonds. Better yet, a combination of gem and diamond usually works very well. For example, pink sapphires. The hot pink tone of the precious metal complements the feminine pink tones. For example, see how the two gems work in the design of the Calista ring. The design of the Calista ring, here in white and pink gold with pink sapphire alternating with white diamonds.

3. 18 kt pink gold vs 9 kt pink gold

Compare 9k and 18k rose gold and you will no doubt see a color difference. In comparison, 9-carat rose gold tends to be darker and more copper-colored. The higher 18 carat gold content gives it a lighter color. For this reason, we recommend 18k rose gold. Plus, the higher gold content makes it a more durable choice for long-term use.

4. Rose gold vs. yellow gold

Both rose and yellow gold are popular metal choices. The popularity of yellow gold rose along with rose gold.

5. How is 18k rose gold?

The 18k rose gold has a beautiful copper tone on the metal. A warm pink hue that is unique among many metal alloys. Rose gold offers the warmest color of any precious metal.

6. What gives the color of rose gold?

The composition of rose gold may vary from alloy to alloy, but our own rose gold alloy contains the following materials.

7. 10 reasons to choose rose gold

There are many reasons for rose gold. Below are some reasons why you might consider this lovely metal option.

a. Rose gold is a good alternative to white gold and platinum

Many of our rose gold jewelry designs come from our custom design service. It is a popular choice for bespoke jewelry designs. As many jewelry chains opt for a white gold pattern for their window, rose gold stands out. For this reason, there is a choice of alternative jewelry styles.

b. Rose gold adds warmth to the color

The natural pink color of copper makes this choice the hottest of all precious metal alloys. Bespoke ring design, engraved on the band. Designed and manufactured by our team at Serendipity Diamonds

c. Copper shades match white or brown diamonds

Choose rose gold to complement the white and brown diamonds. Chocolate brown diamonds are better for rose gold than white. Pink gold custom made chocolate diamond engagement ring made by our custom rings design service.

d. Rose gold blends well with all golden colors

Add rose gold to a white gold wedding ring and possibly a matching yellow gold eternity ring, and the colors match beautifully. Tri-color combinations of metals have been used in many types of jewelry, from wedding rings to diamond earrings. We regularly make jewelry with two or three precious metals in one piece. Alternatively, you can stack rings of all three colors to create a set.

e. Rose Gold can be mounted with a Platinum setting

This metal selection can be easily combined with a platinum setting or with a white gold setting.

f. It is cheaper than white gold, but has a high intrinsic value

As the price of gold rises, the price of rose gold continues to rise. This is how this metal selection retains its intrinsic value.

g. Rose gold makes a modern metal choice

Current fashion trends are taking rose gold metals to new heights. From accessories to high-end jewelry. As a result, many buyers are opting for innovative contemporary jewelry designs. In addition to engagement rings and wedding rings, other ring designs also make modern style decisions. For example, rose gold signet rings in smaller women’s sizes. We manufacture many of our signet rings as delicate designs, simple or individual.

h. It goes well with vintage engagement ring styles

Rose gold has a perfect application to complement the vintage style of engagement rings and to combine well with antique styling and vintage details. In addition, our collection includes vintage wedding rings in rose gold.

i. Ethical rose gold exists

We manufacture many of our engagement rings and wedding rings from 100% ethical Fairtrade gold. In addition to Fairtrade white and yellow gold, we now offer engagement and wedding rings made from 100% ethical Fairtrade rose gold. Please contact us if you cannot see this option on our product pages.

j. Adding a rose gold wedding ring creates a fabulous ring set

We all know that pink is considered a feminine color. The warmth of the pink copper tones in rose gold makes this a very feminine choice. But at the same time it goes well with men’s wedding rings. In addition, the unique effect of a personalized engraving gives personality. For example fingerprints on rose gold wedding rings. Alternative wedding rings made of rose gold for men feature a precious metal accent on a white gold canvas. Here, for example, we see an inlaid gold strip that is added to the ring.

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