Morganite And Diamond Engagement Rings

A. Morganite Engagement Rings: The Complete Guide

When looking for a hipper engagement ring, many potential brides keep their eye on the morganite. The sparkling pink gemstone is a modern alternative to traditional diamonds and offers several advantages over your typical engagement ring. Rest assured, this beautiful and feminine stone will stand out as much as any sparkling diamond.

1. What is morganite?

Morganite is a pink semi-precious stone of the beryl family that is related to popular stones such as emerald and aquamarine. The hue can range from orange to coral, from salmon to a subtle pink, although you will find that a light peach pink is the most common.

2. Advantages and Disadvantages of Morganita Engagement Rings

What exudes more romance than a rose gem? Not a lot. Morganita has become a popular choice for brides looking for an alternative to the traditional diamond. Of course, the main attraction of morganite is its pink hue, but this precious gem has other advantages as well. If you’re looking for a really sparkling engagement ring, the morganite is great because the light emanates from it to create a shimmering effect. Even if you are looking for an affordable engagement ring, morganite is an economical option.

Although morganite has many excellent properties, there are also some important considerations to keep in mind when considering this unique stone for your eternal ring. For starters, morganite is between 7.5-8 on the Mohs hardness scale, making it much softer than other gemstones. The edges of the morganite are prone to chipping, so it is important to have a strong attachment of the teeth to the stone.

3. What To Look For In A Morganite Engagement Ring

  1. Which setting is best for this type of stone? Landau advises: As it is a soft stone, it is important that the surroundings keep it safe. Remember, it won’t be as strong or durable as a diamond, making it easier to get it out of its place.
  2. Which of the “4Cs” should you consider more in a morganite engagement ring? With morganite, color is very important as the different shades can completely change the style and appearance of your ring. In the case of morganite, color and carat go hand in hand, so they are equally important. The color usually depends on the size of the stone. “You should know that larger sized morganites tend to have deeper color saturation, so you might want to increase your carat weight requirements to get the color you want,” says Kanary.
  3. How can I tell if the stone is of high quality? Ideally, the morganite should be clean on sight, with no imperfections or stains. Defects can reduce the quality of the morganite and make it less desirable.

4. How to Care for Your Morganite Engagement Ring

You should clean your morganite ring fairly regularly, but handle it with care. “The easiest way to clean at home is to fill a bowl with warm water and some washing powder, then dip your jewelry in it and scrub it with a clean toothbrush to get in every corner,” says Landau. “Then rinse in a bowl of warm (no soap) water and let it dry on a clean paper towel.” Kanary recommends cleaning it every six months or so. She adds that when cleaning, you should also check your teeth to make sure they are securely attached.

5. The history of morganite gemstones

It may be trending now, but morganite is certainly not new. It was first discovered off the coast of Madagascar in 1910. In the same year, it was named after the well-known banker J.P. called Morgan.

“In 1910, the name ‘Morganita’ was first used by George Fredrick Kunz in honor of financier J.P. Morgan suggested a kind of pink beryl,” explains qualified diamontologist Kim Kanary. “This is due to his love for gemstones and in recognition of his important jewelry gifts to various museums around the world.”

6. Morganite yolks vs. diamonds

Diamond engagement rings are the traditional symbol of undying love – so what would make someone choose morganite instead? The price of a morganite engagement ring is one of the biggest advantages, as morganite is much cheaper than diamonds. Appearance also plays an important role here. Not everyone wants a diamond on their finger and morganite is an aesthetically pleasing option. “If you’re attracted to colored gemstones, they’re a refreshing alternative to a colorless diamond or a beautiful, affordable alternative to a pink diamond,” says Kanary. “It’s also a Type 1 stone, a degree of purity that indicates that a stone normally cleans the eyes. This means you should find a beautiful stone with no inclusions visible to the naked eye. ”

As for gemstones, morganite is a very durable choice. “Morganite is 7.5-8 on the Mohs scale, which is a measure of the hardness of a gemstone,” says Kanary. “This is a relatively durable gemstone, meaning it’s suitable for everyday use, which makes it a good choice for an engagement ring. Of course, it’s not as durable as a diamond. “It’s important to note that morganite is a softer stone than a diamond and therefore is more prone to scratches or damage over time,” warns diamond expert Olivia Landau. Another difference is that morganite will never shine like a diamond because diamonds have a higher refractive index. “Diamonds have a higher luster than morganite, which means they shine a little brighter,” says Landau. “Ultimately, it all depends on what you want to prioritize!”

7. Natalie Marie Rose Ring Morganite

Morganite is the perfect stone for this fresh, modern style. This ring features a light pink pear-cut morganite stone that sits under a half crown of white diamonds.

8. Helzberg Diamonds Shades of Love Morganite and 14K pink gold diamond ring

A morganite stone perfectly replaces a diamond in this traditional looking ring. A baguette diamond flanks each side of the central stone, which sits in an intricate ribbon.

9. J.R. Dunn Rose Gold Morganite Trimmed Halo Ring

This 18k rose gold ring is filled with sparkle and features a central morganite stone inlaid in a diamond halo. Round diamonds and a row of pavé diamonds form a unique jagged edge that really sets this piece apart.

10. Glossy earth morganite reverie ring

A clean band is a perfect complement to a reddish morganite stone. This ring is simple yet elegant.

11. Blue Nile Morganite Ring with 14 Karat Pink Gold Baguette Diamond Halo

Go completely off the beaten path with this starburst ring. The middle morganite stone is surrounded by round diamonds and baguettes and the feminine look is rounded off by the rose gold band.

12. DeBebian engagement ring with three stones made of morganite and emerald cut baguette

Although many morganite rings have a round or padded cut, the emerald cut is a nice choice. Flanked by two baguette diamonds, this option is classic and elegant.

13. Natalie Marie Stevie Ring

This ring has a decidedly feminine feel with stones shaped like a flower. An oval-cut morganite stone sits between two pear-cut diamonds for a more unique style.

14. Anna Sheffield Theda Ring

This sparkling ring proves that three morganite stones are better than one. A morganite stone, oval in the middle, is surrounded by smaller morganite stones that are set in a band of yellow gold.

15. David Yurman Albion Morganite and Diamond Ring

Many morganite engagement rings look dainty, but something bigger and bolder is available in this option from David Yurman. A cushion-cut morganite stone is inserted into a pavé diamond halo with a rope-style ribbon to complete the look.

16. Effy Blush 14K pink gold morganite and diamond ring

This pear-shaped brilliant morganite center stone is set in a diamond halo. The pavé diamond band makes it shine even more.

17. Natalie Marie Mandala Solitaire

A light peach solitaire morganite stone is almost an orange hue with a yellow gold band. The simplicity of this ring is what makes it so beautiful.

18. Blue Nile Morganita and Diamond Milgrain Halo Ring

This round morganite center stone sits in a halo of alternating morganite and diamond stones. It has a light vintage feel with its beautiful embellishments.

19. Halo DeBebians Rose Gold Split Shank Emerald Morganite Engagement Ring

An emerald-cut morganite looks elegant and classic in a pavé diamond halo. Split axis band gives it a little more advantage.

20. Effy Blush 14K pink gold morganite and diamond ring

If a simple sash isn’t what you want, this Effy ring is perfect. An oval morganite stone stands out from three diamond-studded pavé bands, with the larger central band featuring a row of small baguette diamonds.

21. Lauren Wolf Morganite octagonal ring

Choose a unique shape with this round morganite stone that sits in an octagonal halo. The rose gold ribbon completes the look.

22. Hexadecimal Meadowlark Engagement Ring

This ring has another unique shape: a round morganite stone set in a more modern halo. The set contains an eternity bracelet, which is the perfect complement.

23. Point No Point Morganite Engagement Ring

Who needs a classic engagement ring when there is such a thing? This ring features a natural dragon-shaped morganite stone with a diamond crown topped by a marquise-shaped morganite stone.

24. Bario Neal Burst Cluster Morganita with Diamond Ombré Ring

In addition to being flashy, this Bario Neal morganite ring is an ethical and ecologically correct choice. The middle morganite stone comes from Brazil and the accompanying champagne diamonds come from Australia. Furthermore, the metal is made from 100% recycled material.

25. Bloomingdale declaration ring in oval and diamond morganite

The morganite gem on this ring is bold and eye-catching. It is secured to a 14 kt pink gold pavé ribbon.

26. Hudson Ring of Glossy Earth Morganite

This rounded morganite stone is set in a handcrafted band with Milgrain detailing. Its heritage aesthetic makes the piece timeless.


B. 8 Morganite Engagement Rings That Burst With Blush

Classic engagements are for diamonds and colored flowers. White clothes and expensive food fill the light of a single day. The honeymoon in an exotic country follows and everyone lives happily ever after.

1. But what if you want something different?

The best thing about a wedding is to do everything the way you want it! Your engagement will be perfect because it will be unique. Anyone who tries to tell you that what you want is not right is wrong. Diamonds and gold are the old standard. Morganite engagement rings steal the show and become trend setters among the most elegant women. The light color of the morganite is soft enough to make it look like you’d blush to see your lover waiting for you down the hall. Like the sky in that moment before the sun shines on the sea, the morganite is that perfect shade.

2. What kind of yolk is morganite?

Morganite is sister to Emerald and Aquamarine. This is an amazing family; Do not you think? The family is called Beryl and they have different colored stones, which gives them different names.

a. Raw morganite

She was born in Madagascar in 1910 and is named after the man who funded numerous gemstone collections and mining trips that are still on display in museums like MET around the world: JP Morgan. A gemologist from Tiffany examined the gardens of Madagascar and decided that the ruddy beauty should be named after his friend.

The color of the morganite is pale with shades of orange and pink. A strongly colored morganite is very rare and not seen very often. So if you want a stronger color for your morganite, all you have to do is get a bigger stone. If you want to become big, this is the time; You will wear this ring forever, make it stand out.

b. Meaning Morganite

Morganite is so suitable for an engagement ring because it is the stone that protects your heart. The belief in the morganite ring is that it promotes a healthy heart both emotionally and physically. Also, and such a beautiful story, morganite is said to warm the soul of the wearer. In fact, the entire Beryl family is synonymous with purity, which makes a morganite engagement ring the perfect representation of your wedding.

3. Morganite quality and properties

So now that you’re totally into morganite, let’s take a look at the top properties to look for when shopping for a morganite engagement ring.

a. What are the colors of the morganite

The colors of the morganite range from a cool purple pink to a warm coral pink. Whether your skin tone is cool or warm, you’re in luck! Morganita is that magical hue between the two ends of the rainbow that has a place for every taste.

b. Treatment

A natural morganite has a yellowish effect on its color. Morganite is usually heat treated for two reasons. First, heating the stone creates a more blush pink color. Second, heating the stone makes the color stable and is unaffected by elements such as intense heat. So if you find a morganite with a yellowish influence, it’s likely to be a natural color. A stone with a purple or pink tint has probably been heated.

c. Cut

Now we know you can have your morganite any color, good news, you can have any shape too! Morganite is cut into every shape imaginable.
Also, the fact that the color palettes for these stones mean you might want a heart shape in one color and a princess cut in a different color. The possibilities are endless.

d. Carat

Go any size you like because the morganite can reach 10, that’s right, 10 carats in abundance! Buying a morganite engagement ring will be one of the easiest parts of planning your wedding because you can have whatever you want.

e. Value of the morganite stone

Morganita is surprisingly affordable for an amazing and versatile gem! The most expensive stones are those with a bright, saturated pink color. However, these stones are usually smaller and we don’t like them very much anyway. The most valuable and rarest large morganites are really too big to be worn as an engagement ring, unless you have a personal trainer to wear on your finger. Although morganite is widely used today, it is still considered a rare and much sought-after stone since it was discovered and introduced by Tiffany.

4. Care and Cleaning of a Morganite Ring

Taking care of your morganite engagement ring will be very easy, as the stone has a harder hardness than its sister, emerald. More durable but not indestructible, treat your morganite with care and it will glow for the rest of your life. To keep your ring clean, use a soft-bristled toothbrush and warm soapy water to clean your stone. Most jewelers clean your ring for you for free, so take a trip to a jewelry store and marvel at the beauties while you wait.

5. Which gold ribbon goes with morganite?

Morganita’s versatile colors mean it can be best paired with white or yellow gold, depending on the cooler or warmer hue. Yet our favorite golden color blends perfectly with EVERY morganite. The pink gold morganite engagement rings are the most beautiful of all! The rose tone of the gold combined with the rose tone of the stone, sigh. Makes your engagement ring look like it’s blushing.

We absolutely fell in love with morganita engagement rings. The sheer joy of these stones, from birth to the 108th birthday, makes us faint. Go ahead now and find the morganite engagement ring that will make you blush like the love of your life. You’ll want to wear this until death do you part.

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