Diamond Engagement Rings With Sapphire Accents

A. Engagement Rings With Sapphire Accents

Today is my sixth wedding anniversary, and while my marriage to a truly wonderful man is what I most treasure in the world, my engagement ring is right behind him. It’s a relatively simple appearance: a 1ct round. Diamond flanked by pear-shaped sapphire sides. I get the warmest feeling every time I look at it, although it almost always urgently needs an ultrasound rotation. I’m often asked if sapphire is my birthstone – isn’t it. The truth is, I have no idea what led me to a sapphire-accented engagement ring. I just liked it. I like blue to go with everything. I like this splash of color that adds personality to my wedding ensemble. And I happen to think if sapphire had a personality, it would be a damn romantic. Whatever the reason your engagement ring buyers are attracted to this beautiful stone – as a focal point or as an accent – tell them they’re making a good choice. At least that’s what I think by accident.

  1. Oval 14 kt white gold engagement ring, 0.74 ct. between diamonds and sapphires (1 ct center not included) from the Sylvie Collection, $2,360
  2. 5.06ct platinum sapphire halo engagement ring. Norman Silverman Oval Diamond Center, $135,000
  3. Charlotte engagement ring in 18k white gold, 0.25ct. between diamonds and 0.51 ct. and sapphires (centerstone not included; wedding band sold separately) by Kirk Kara, $2,950
  4. Handcrafted 18 kt white gold engagement ring, 0.66 ct. between sapphires and 0.26 ct. between diamonds (center stone not included) by Omi Privé, price on request
  5. Valina Wedding Engagement Ring with Sapphires and Diamonds by Simon Golub, $1,025


B. Sapphire Engagement Rings: Meaning, Durability, And Types

Anyone who has ever seen an intensely colored sapphire knows how fascinating the rich colors of the stone are. Unmistakably vibrant sapphire engagement rings have been favored by royal and fashion-conscious brides seeking a bold and timeless alternative to diamonds. At Abby Sparks Jewelry, we want to celebrate the aristocratic sapphire and everything that makes it a classic choice for an engagement ring.

1. Sapphire origins

Sapphires have a long and well-documented place in history. The word “sapphire” is said to come from the Greek “sapheiros”, which means blue, and can be roughly translated in many languages ​​as “the planet Saturn”. Sapphires were first discovered in India in the 19th century and most were mined in Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Myanmar and Australia, although they can be found all over the world. Sapphires were found in the state of Montana in 1865 by the first gold miners, leading to the nickname “The Treasure State”. Sapphires are formed from the mineral corundum and acquire their color when other minerals are present. Different combinations of minerals lead to different colors of sapphires, with titanium contributing to the famous blue color. The slow cooling of magma during formation is what gives the sapphire its size, and slow cooling associated with a lack of other elements and minerals is extremely rare. The combination of all these elements creates the unique color, size and inclusions that are present in each gem, which means that no two sapphires are alike.

2. Types of Sapphires

Regardless of your budget and color preference, the options are yours when it comes to sapphire options. Although blue sapphires are by far the most famous, they naturally come in all the colors of the rainbow, depending on where and how they are formed. There is a wide variety of sapphire types, from almost translucent white sapphire to dark, moody and almost black. They are also available in yellow, green, pink, purple, orange, grey, brown and all colors in between. Salmon-colored padparadscha sapphires are among the rarest and most valuable, as are intensely saturated cashmere blues.

Solid color sapphires aren’t they? Red. (A little-known fact is that the presence of red corundum distinguishes a ruby ​​from a sapphire, but all other colors fall under the sapphire canvas.) Are you looking for a more ethereal vibe than the traditional saturated sapphire hues? Montana sapphires are generally light and dreamlike, including some color shifts and two-tone sapphires that appear in different colors depending on the light and angle. Like many gemstones, laboratory-made sapphires are an economical (unextracted) and economical option that have the same chemical, physical, and optical properties as their natural counterparts.

3. Meaning of Sapphire Engagement Ring

If you’re looking for meaning in an engagement ring stone, the sapphire’s colorful history doesn’t disappoint. Because of their similarity to the color of the sky, sapphires have been prized since ancient times. Sapphire had a religious significance to Catholics and ancient Persians and was used as a talisman in the Middle Ages to protect the user from harm. During this time, the yolk was also crushed and taken medicinally as a panacea for negative thoughts, heart disease, muscle pain, cowardice and poison ingestion. In 11th century Asia, wizards used sapphire to promote wisdom and psychic abilities.

For their fame, beauty and power, sapphires have long been favored by kings, especially the cornerstone of Kate Middleton and Princess Diana’s ring. The universal meanings for sapphire include wisdom, nobility, truth, sincerity and loyalty – a significant combination for an engagement ring. It’s this kind of romantic connotation that has lasted until modern times. As an engagement ring, sapphires are a perfect representation of loyalty in your relationship. Its timeless color, though somewhat unconventional, is a big draw for anyone looking for a truly unique ring.

4. Sapphire Engagement Ring Durability

When it comes to gemstones, sapphires are one of the most durable options available. While no other stone can compare to diamonds in terms of hardness, sapphires come very close. The hardness of gemstones is measured using the Mohs scale, a generally accepted classification ranging from supersoft pearls to diamonds, which are the hardest materials in the world. While diamonds are 10 out of 10, sapphires are 9. It is important to note that the scale is not linear. So, although they are a point away, diamonds are often more durable than sapphires. Other than that, they are best for a diamond-free ring (except for Moissanite 9.5). Like all engagement rings, sapphire rings are not suitable for 24/7 wear (see 3 Unexpected Occasions You Should Not Wear an Engagement Ring), but the hardness of the sapphire makes it a great stone for long-term use. Working with a skilled jewelry designer like Abby Sparks Jewelry, we can ensure that you start with a high quality gemstone and set it into an engagement ring design that will protect the sapphire from everyday mishaps and mishaps.


C. 13 Sapphire And Diamond Engagement Rings

In recent years, a popular trend from sapphires to engagement rings has returned and we love it! We’ve compiled a list of our favorites below. Some are sapphire rings with diamond accents and others vice versa, but we think if sapphires are something you want to have in your wedding ensemble, you’ve got off to a great start!

1. 8K sapphire engagement ring in platinum and yellow gold

Starting strong with a fabulous 8-carat sapphire with yellow gold tips and sparkling diamond accents! This ring has a platinum shaft and yellow gold accents look amazing on the sapphire to complete this clean design.

2. Engagement Ring with French Sapphire and Diamond

This ring features an Old European Cut diamond with a French cut sapphire bezel that fits perfectly into this bezel. A unique modern ring with a fascinating use of sapphires!

3. 1.5K Art Deco Euro Diamond Engagement Ring

This beautiful Art Deco ring has a gorgeous Old European Cut diamond with a beautiful touch of blue sapphire set in a millenarian rectangle across the shoulders. A more subtle use of sapphires, but still too blue to contrast with the white metal and central stone.

4. Engagement Ring with three diamond and sapphire stones

This ring features two beautiful round sapphires flanking a 2-carat brilliant-cut round diamond. The sapphires are placed just below the diamond’s waistband and add a certain allure to this bright, modern design!

5. Diamond and Sapphire Engagement Ring in Antique Art Deco Style

Here’s another great example of Art Deco style, especially in metal design. The sapphires on the shoulders add a nice touch of blue again.

6. Vintage Art Deco engagement ring with three sapphire stones and diamond

A three-stone Art Deco engagement ring with a sapphire in the center is a great way to strike a nice balance between modern trend and classic elegance! Here we pair it with a fabulous sapphire and diamond wedding band that really completes the look.

7. Vintage old mine cut sapphire and diamond engagement ring

This beautiful Victorian ring features a beautiful blue sapphire ring surrounded by a diamond crown and finished in yellow gold. The combination of an interesting color play and the obvious look of Victorian yellow gold gives this look a unique look.

8. Fashionable Engagement Ring 1.18 Round Diamond Shiny Platinum in Platinum

This ring is made with great skill, no matter which part you are looking at! The simple lines that hold the accent stones are characterized by meticulous milgrain details, which add sparkle to this central 1-carat diamond.

9. Diamond Bezel and Platinum Sapphire Engagement Ring

Here we have another central stone set in the bezel with sapphire details, only this time we have a little more sapphires! A beautiful symmetrical design with beautiful dark blue sapphires sharpening the diamonds in the center.

10. Sapphire Engagement Ring Cut with 2.5K Platinum Cushion

This gorgeous 2.5 carat sapphire is set in claws quite dramatically and is accented by two beautiful trapezoidal diamonds. The design of this ring really goes out of its way to bring out the beauty of this sapphire.

11. Halo Diamond Engagement Ring Emerald Cut in Platinum

This emerald cut diamond is surrounded by a beautiful sapphire crown. Another excellent combination of diamonds and sapphires!

12. Emerald-cut sapphire engagement ring on platinum platinum

Such a beautiful color for this sapphire! Enriched with baguette diamonds and set in platinum, this ring is something very special.

13. 2-carat blue sapphire ring with brilliant cut diamonds

This oval-cut sapphire is included in one of the most interesting rings on this list! Featuring fabulous engravings and brilliant cut diamonds with beautiful details, this ring truly captures the Victorian era’s ornate style with modern stones. Pictured with a beautifully etched modern sapphire and diamond wedding ring, this ring is a perfect match.

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