Peach Diamond Engagement Rings

A. Peach Sapphire Engagement Rings

Sapphires are in fashion; especially Australia’s stunning Ceylon and Blue Sapphires. Celebrities that set trends around the world with exquisite sapphire rings are enjoying increasing popularity. While blue sapphires are a wonderful choice, there are many other colored sapphires that are just as exquisite. One of the rarest types of sapphire is the peach variety.

Padparadscha sapphires are at the top of the list and are considered to be one of the most sought after and valuable precious sapphires. Sometimes described as a beautiful mix of oranges, roses and peaches, like a sunset. Derived from the Sanskrit word “padma raga” means lotus color. Padparadscha sapphires are truly beautiful and uniquely colored gemstones that were originally found in Sri Lanka, with only a few other occurrences in Vietnam and East Africa, making them very rare and much sought after. So desirable, in fact, that the Queen’s granddaughter Princess Eugenie recently received a stunning Padparadscha sapphire and diamond engagement ring!

Peach sapphires are a lighter version of padparadscha. Peach-pink champagne sapphires are also becoming increasingly popular. The hardness and durability of peach colored sapphires make them a great alternative to morganite, which looks spectacular on vintage design engagement rings. Peach sapphires are a delicate and exquisite choice, with their warm tones dazzling in rose gold and complemented by white diamonds. They are also a wonderful alternative to colored diamond engagement rings – especially if you don’t like the high price of a pink diamond. Peach sapphires shine as the centerpiece of a set of engagement, wedding and eternity rings you will never stop admiring! You can find more inspiration in our gallery.

When looking for a peach sapphire for a personalized engagement ring, it’s a good idea to take enough time to find the perfect gemstone that suits you. Unlike popular Ceylon sapphires and Australian blue sapphires, the unique colors of peach sapphires are a little harder to find. It may take longer to find the perfect tone and cut you are looking for, but it will be worth it. It is highly recommended that you see a gemstone in person before purchasing it, as the true color and nature of a gemstone is only revealed by looking at the gemstone with the naked eye. Clarity, or how “clean” a peach sapphire is, is also important. The lightness of this particular sapphire means that all inclusions and opacities are easily visible.

One of the great things about Peach Sapphires is that they look great on all skin types. The beautiful peach tone complements the light and olive skin tones. Sapphire is the birthstone of those born in September, it has been said for centuries, sapphire is considered a symbol of heaven, a promoter of health and is considered a gift of fulfillment, joy, prosperity, inner peace and beauty. Peach sapphires are a beautiful choice and it’s worth the effort to find the perfect stone for you. When looking for gemstones, it’s a good idea to consider slightly different shades of colors and shapes. Peach sapphires are really individual and unique. No two peach sapphires are alike. What may not look like the perfect color on paper could be the rock you fell in love with in real life!

At Larsen Jewelery, we supply all of our gemstones from around the world and from well-known suppliers. If we know, we will always disclose the origin and any type of treatment that may have occurred so that you are 100% sure when choosing your sapphire. As we have seen, there are a wide variety of sapphires to choose from. With a rainbow of colors and great durability, it’s the perfect choice to add some color to your next piece of jewelry and an excellent choice for your engagement ring.

The friendly staff at Larsen Jewelery can guide you through a selection of beautiful sapphires and answer any questions you have before making your choice for a truly unique and stunning gem that you can no longer fail to admire! Our best advice when it comes to choosing the perfect sapphire – when you see it and find its perfect color and shape, one will stand out, if you like it, don’t let go because you may never find another one that will!


B. Peach Sapphire : Why Everyone Wants A Peach Colored Engagement Ring

Peach is the dominant color trend at 2015 weddings, the orange pastel pink is finding its way into bridal fashion with great popularity. This year, everyone wants a peach sapphire engagement ring. The fascination for this delicious shade is undeniable, the pastel shade matches almost any color! It’s no surprise that peach has become a prominent color at the wedding, a warm reminder of their love.

1. Marriage Trends 2015

One factor driving demand for peach damask is the rise of brides opting for a blush-themed wedding. The light pink tone became synonymous with feminine and floral themes and established itself as an alternative to the traditional white. To match their ruddy wedding dresses, brides look for peach or pink diamonds for their engagement ring. The phenomenal price of extravagant colored diamonds is unfortunately beyond the reach of most. But don’t let that stop you, a peach sapphire is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a color other than white.

2. What exactly is a peach sapphire?

Of course, named after the outer surface of the peach fruit, similar to an apricot, the fashion color is much paler than the fruit themselves. Light peach sapphires in pastel shades match the muted tones of most bridal jewelry. As you can see above, the “peach” palette crosses many shades of orange, gold, pink and yellow. Within each color stream, there are variations in intensity and saturation. Sapphires aren’t uniform – each one is unique, just one of the reasons it’s so prized!

3. Sapphires Padparadscha?

If you’re avidly reading our blog, you might be wondering if peach is just another term for our famous padparadscha sapphires. What is the difference between peach sapphires and the legendary Padparadscha? In fact, very little. The only real difference is in the color saturation. Thin pads should have a more solid color profile, while peaches are generally lighter. What many brides are looking for are bright pads or pale pink-orange sapphires. We have both in our portfolio!

4. What’s wrong with other peach colored gemstones?

Many customers come to us with photos like the one below as an example of the color they want. The color may look peach, but it’s not sapphire. It’s morganite. Although less expensive, morganite scores only 7.5 on the Mohs hardness scale, meaning they are relatively soft. In this respect, like aquamarine, they come from the beryl family. This makes the morganite brittle and prone to scratches or cracks if used daily. Because they are easily damaged, it is almost inevitable that the stone will need to be replaced and improved in due course.

Although the peach color of the morganite can be a strong attraction, its lack of shine and luster is a serious drawback. Its relative softness makes the morganite look more like a pink glass or crystal than a gemstone. Morganites are all heat treated or irradiated. Although the heat treatment should be permanent, irradiated stones will discolor over time with prolonged exposure to the sun. This is a big problem for a stone that already has a very light color. Over time, an irradiated morganite can lose its color and turn into an almost colorless stone.

5. Why Peach Sapphires are the Best Choice

Sapphires, on the other hand, are much harder (sapphire has a 9 on the Mohs scale) and have been used in jewelry for centuries because of their durability and everyday use. Sapphire is also brighter than morganite. The harder the material, the more shine and shine a stone gives after cutting.

The sapphires we have in our inventory are mostly natural and come straight from the ground in their current color, which means they will never fade. We always disclose all the thermal treatments that our stones have undergone, and with sapphires this color enhancement is permanent. Your engagement ring is not a gem you want to renew in a few years. It is an item to be enjoyed forever. If you are a bride considering a peach colored gemstone, sapphire is the best option.

6. Tips for the Perfect Peach and Sapphire Engagement Ring

A well-cut and polished gem is beautiful in its own right, but we want to make sure it looks great as a gem you can be proud of. If you want to make a personalized wedding set with a peach colored sapphire, we recommend that you choose a sapphire first. Finding the right kind of ring and metal for the sapphire is much easier when you already have a stone in your eye. There is a strong consensus that peach sapphires go well with rose gold. However, it’s worth keeping an open mind and trying out the combinations you like. Where there is an even mixture of orange and pink, platinum or white gold may work best. Clarity is an important element in peach pastels as their light tones make inclusions easier to see. Any kind of haze can tarnish its delicate color, so choose a stone with as few inclusions as possible.

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