Celebrities With Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings

A. Celebrities And Yellow Diamonds

One of the most popular colored diamonds is undoubtedly yellow diamonds. They are a unique and beautiful stone of choice for celebrities, politicians and fashion gurus. Sometimes, just look at pictures of celebrities wearing certain styles of jewelry to get inspiration for their future engagement ring or jewelry.

1. Jennifer Lopez – 30K Yellow Diamonds

Lopez wore an incredible 30 carats of yellow diamonds at the “Raise Your Right Hand Ring for Africa” ​​charity event. It is said that she loves these yellow stones because her husband, Marc Anthony, gave her an 8-carat canary ring when his twins were born. Will she keep the ring with the latest news of her approaching divorce?

2. Carrie Underwood – blondes and yellow diamonds

Carrie Underwood has been wearing a gorgeous 5-carat yellow diamond since hockey star Mike Fisher suggested it in 2009. This stunningly beautiful round stone with a halo of white diamonds is slightly darker than typical Canarian diamonds. Some say her stylist suggested her a yellow diamond to complement her beautiful golden hair.

3. Hillary Clinton loves yellow diamonds

It’s hard to forget the incredible yellow diamond Hillary Rodham Clinton wore when her husband was sworn in—both when he was elected governor and president of the United States. Known as Kahn Canary, it was found in Arkansas in 1977 and was given to Mrs. Clinton by Kahn Jewelers on special occasions.

4. Heidi Klum with 10K Yellow Diamonds

Seal gave Heidi Klum an incredible 10-carat yellow diamond for her first engagement. Klum has always mentioned that the yellow diamond is a lucky charm for their happy and lasting marriage.
Rebecca Romijn – Yellow Diamonds with Stacked Paved Bands After marrying Jerry O’Connell, Romijn wore a chic, pale yellow oval diamond with unique pavé ribbons.

5. Marilyn Monroe – The Most Famous Yellow Diamond User

The incredible 24-carat yellow diamond (below), known as the Baroda Moon, was worn by Monroe at the Hollywood premiere of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. The diamond belonged to the royal dynasty of Gaekwad Maharajas and Empress Maria Theresa of Austria. The diamond is reported as the source of Monroe’s disgrace and eventual death. Yellow diamonds have been synonymous with celebrities for decades. Some of the richest and most famous have chosen yellow diamond engagement rings to show their wealth and individuality and to attract media attention. For those interested in yellow diamonds, there are many options – some even cheaper than standard colorless diamonds. In any case, this bold and beautiful stone is a splendid choice for an engagement ring for the celebrity in all of us.

B. Yellow Diamond Rings: Celebrities Who Rocked Them

Celebrities are an inspiration to us, especially when it comes to fashion and jewelry. We like to see what they wear at certain events and which accessories match their looks.

1. Celebrities balancing yellow diamond rings

a. Jennifer lopez

In 2008, J.Lo. gave birth to her twins. Marc Anthony, her then-husband and father of the twins, spent $2.8 million to make her a bespoke yellow diamond ring. Marc didn’t stop there and also gave her a pair of diamond earrings in the same color as the diamond in the children’s initials.

b. Iggy azalea

Isn’t she fancy in her 8.15 carat yellow diamond engagement ring? Her fiance, Nick Young, who belongs to the LA Lakers, was actually the one who designed the ring. We think he did an excellent job, don’t you?

c. Kelly clarkson

Brandon Blackstock has proposed marriage to Kelly Clarkson with this yellow Canarian diamond ring designed by him and Johnathon Arndt. The ring also has white diamonds around the yellow centerpiece. Kelly was absolutely delighted with the result of the design.

d. Heidi klum

Even though Heidi Klum is no longer married to Seal, the man who gave her a fabulous yellow diamond ring is still worth mentioning in this list – check it out on Yahoo! This ring is something very special because besides the yellow diamond it also has a gold band, which makes it even more attractive.

e. Nicki minaj

Nicki Minaj posted this photo of her yellow diamond ring on her Instagram last summer. Back then, everyone thought she was engaged to her boyfriend Meek Mill. Seriously, that was the only conclusion anyone could come to looking at this beauty. Fast forward to today and we now have our facts straight. Although it’s not an engagement ring, we can’t take our eyes off it.

f. Carrie underwood

Carrie Underwood, the famous country singer, received this beautiful canary yellow diamond engagement ring from Mike Fischer in 2009. The yellow diamond itself is about five carats and a round cut is right in the center of the ring. Smaller diamonds surround the yellow piece, forming an engagement ring worth over $1 million.

2. Yellow diamond rings – who is best to use?

You’ve already taken a look at this amazing gallery, so let us know what your favorite ring was from the ones shown above. We can’t wait to see what your favorite style is, especially if you’re approaching an engagement or wedding.


C. Celebrities With Yellow Diamonds

Yellow diamond celebrities have proven that yellow or Canarian diamonds are in fashion over the years. Lovely yellow diamonds (especially natural, intense colors) are undoubtedly one of the most popular and valuable diamonds in extravagant colors alongside blue and pink and have long been used by Hollywood stars.

Although the yellow color is due to the presence of impurities in the colorless diamond (the presence of nitrogen), it is the rarity and beauty of this “unclean” gem that makes it so valuable and creates a sense of rich elegance. Note, however, that when I say rare and valuable, it is the intensely yellow diamonds that occur naturally. This is because there is no shortage of widely available and affordable pale yellow diamonds. OK, let’s go to the list of some of the famous Hollywood stars who have been associated with mesmerizing yellow ornaments.

1. Kelly Clarkson

American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson was proposed by her boyfriend and son to longtime manager Brandon Blackstock with a Canarian diamond and platinum engagement ring in December 2012. The 5-carat canary yellow diamond surrounded by a French white diamond halo was designed by Johnathon Arndt.

2. Paris Hilton

Despite the fact that her relationships were short-lived, her 24-carat emerald-cut canary diamond ring is something that many will remember. She received this ring (valued at $5 million) in 2005 from Greek billionaire Paris Latsis. Among the celebrities with yellow diamond engagement rings, this one is sure to find its place in the list of the most expensive engagement rings.

3. Jennifer Lopez

After the birth of her twins Max and Emme, Jennifer Lopez’s ex-husband, Marc Anthony gave her an 8-carat canary diamond ring (valued at around $300,000).

4. Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood was suggested by her hockey player husband, Mike Fisher, in 2009 with an immaculate canary yellow diamond ring (valued at $150,000). This ring was designed by Johnathan Arndt and the diamond is said to be over 5 carats.

5. Heidi Klum

Victoria Secrets model Heidi Klum’s engagement ring – designed by Lorraine Schwartz – was given to her by ex-husband Seal in an igloo on top of a glacier. Heidi’s ring is made of yellow gold and features a huge 10-carat yellow oval diamond.

6. Rebecca Romijn

Actor Jerry O’Connell proposed model and actress Rebecca Romijn with a 6-carat yellow engagement ring (left inset). She later added pink and blue diamond rings to her stunning engagement ring with the help of Lorraine Schwartz (detail at right).

7. Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba was seen wearing yellow and white Cartier Creole hoop earrings at the 80 Oscars. The value of brilliant cut diamonds (20.82 carats), set in yellow gold, is estimated at $92,000.

8. Megan Fox

The Brian Austin Green Megan Fox Engagement Ring features a canary-colored 3-carat radiant diamond on a platinum band. Its estimated value is $80,000.

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