Your Bridesmaids | Gifts, Dresses, Accessories & More!

Fun proposal ideas, what everyone will wear, and easy & affordable gift ideas!

​Today we’re going to flow through a detailed conversation about your bridesmaids, focusing on f​un bridesmaid proposal ideas, what everyone will wear, and some easy & affordable gift ideas!​

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I open the show with a public service announcement about being sensitive towards your wedding party and their finances. You know everyone’s situation much better than I do, and as you move through your engagement, keep in the back of your mind that being a participant in a wedding comes with a price tag, sometimes a big one.

As the captain of this ship, it’s important to be sensitive to people’s financial situations when choosing dresses, jewelry, planning parties & trips, etc.

Anyone who’s been in a wedding knows that all of those things add up really quickly, and you will definitely be a hero if you can be respectful of everyone’s wallet & credit cards!

And THEN we get to the fun stuff – creative proposal ideas, what to wear, where to shop, gifts, & more. Tune in for so much more!

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