Will you be my bridesmaid? | Bridemaid and MOH Proposals | Wedding Series

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I wanted to make these proposals special for each and every girl so I DIY’d these proposal boxes and got to asking! Below is a few of the materials I used along with some tips for creating your own (:

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DIY Bridesmaids Proposal Boxes!

Comment if you want to see how I put these together as well as how the groomsmen were asked!

– Get creative & make them personal!
– Think outside the “box”, literally! I found a lot of ideas which all included boxes but I never found one I liked so I went a different route with these gable boxes, which were also cheaper and super cute!
– Look up youtube videos on different DIY projects, you’ll be surprised what you can make with a few supplies from the craft store (like etched glasses!)
– Always keep your eye out for trinkets you can add into the box, some of the things I included weren’t even things I was looking for!
– Look for nail polishes with catchy names, there are SO many bridal themed polishes

A few things I used:
Gable Boxes: http://www.hobbylobby.com/Party-Baking/Gift-Wrap/Gift-Boxes/Kraft-Gold-Polka-Dot-Gable-Box/p/51875

Light up ring: http://www.partycity.com/product/sweet+16+sparkle+light+up+mega+carat+diamond+ring.do?from=Search&navSet=light%20up%20ring&bypass_redirect=1

The leaves came from Michaels, I used large ones to write the names with a gold marker, and the smaller ones to wrap around the nail polish to stay in theme. The “Team Bride” pins came from party city (couldn’t find a link “/). The shirts and champagne flutes are items that I made, and the mini champagne bottle were from the supermarket. I printed a sticker at home to cover the label and attached a gold paper straw to it using some wedding bells I found in the bridal section at party city.

Remember to have fun when making these and not stress over them! They will be special no matter what!