Twisted Engagement Ring

Twisted Band Engagement Ring

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Try a romantic twist to make the popular Split Shanks even more meaningful!

Your bling – with a twist! Split shanks – an engagement ring band torn in two – has become increasingly popular in the married world. And now designers are creating these modern spheres with a twist. Whether it’s a curved split shaft or a single band connected together, these infinitely similar designs are simple, romantic, and unique.

There are many ways to break a curved engagement ring. One popular style, as mentioned above, is to take a split shell and wrap only two ribbons. This can be done subtly when two or two pieces can be crossed together or when two pieces can be tightly wrapped together. For combined balling, designers expand these parts and cover them with foam. Diamonds so that the finished product is both super eye-catching and sparkling. Also add a diamond dotted hall around the center stone if you really want to grow.

However, you don’t have to go to the sidewalk if you don’t want to. In fact, lots of slotted, slotted bands are a great way to update the classic solitaire engagement ring.

The band won’t split either. For example, David Urman is known for a cable tie in which a cable is twisted together. Forevermark also has a single curved band – half in the pavilion and half in solid metal, so the design runs at home in the truest sense of the word. The effect on both is still with the touch of adult design.

Like the idea of ​​a rotating shaft engagement ring? Click here to see all of our favorite curved engagement ring band designs!

David Uerman wisteria ring

Style WR1055CPL, wisteria pavé diamond and pillow cut center stone with double platinum band engagement ring, price on request, David Euerman

Kirak Kara Prueta Ring

Style K199R, pirotta white gold split shaft engagement ring, 1.5 carat, round center stone, Pick-A-Bu diamond and signature figure, 2,880, Kirak Kara

Norman Silverman cushion cut diamond ring

Cushion cut diamond fastening ring with a Bridal Pavai diamond in 18k white gold, Norman Silverman Diamond

Mark Snyder “Serge” platinum ring

Style 130-0164744, “Serge” platinum engagement ring with double band design, pavu diamond and round center stone, green 2.360, Mark Snyder Available from Greenwich Jewelers

Danov platinum ring

Style ZE109, handcrafted double spiral shaft platinum engagement ring without center stone হ 1.760 Danhove

Gele Vera Wang diamond frame ring

Style 18627331, 14-karat gold and diamond-framed engagement ring, $ 3,699, available from Vera Wang Live

Retina white gold ring with a round center stone

Style 130-03222, 18-karat white gold engagement ring with a round center stone and curved diamond band, 70 1,470, return available at Greenwich Jewelers

David Euermann “Crossover Pav” round ring

Style WR1039RPL, round cut diamond ring “Crossover Pavi” and Twin Pav Platinum Band, price on request, David Yurman

Jude Frances White Gold and Pavd Pavir’s Diamond Band

Style 130-01520, 18k white gold engagement ring with a curved Pavo diamond band, 83850, available from Judfrance Greenwich Jewelers

Quet “Fidelity” platinum ring with Solitaire Diamond

Platinum engagement ring “Fidelity” with round, light solitaire diamonds and pavir diamonds, price on request, kyat


Twisted Engagement Rings with Wedding Bands

Ben Garrick prides itself on offering the best of craftsmanship and a wide selection of curved engagement rings, wedding rings and other exquisite jewelry made from precious stones. With unique classic, contemporary and vintage styles, we make it easy for the bride and groom to choose the perfect symbol for their eternal love. The most popular are curved engagement rings by the world-famous jewelry designer Kirk Cara.

What is the diamond twist engagement ring?

A twist diamond engagement ring is a ring that overlaps with a twisted shell on two strands of the same or different types of precious metals. The steps can cross a few times and resemble the twisted tie on a bread. Or they could be a lot simpler and more elegant, just with an overlapping pattern. Whether it’s a curved engagement ring or a large curved engagement ring, the wine-style twist designs made by Karkara are sleek and sharp at the same time.

Designer Kirk Cara has created a variety of twist diamond engagement rings and wedding bands to suit every personality and budget. These can be combined with “Perfect Match” twist wedding rings or complementary wedding rings made of 14 carat white gold, yellow gold, rose gold or platinum.

Wedding rings This eternal wedding ring made of Cork Cara Piraweta Twist Tone Tone Gold features a white gold or platinum strand of your choice and a twisted yellow or rose gold strand with wheat hand engraving and miller edges.

Or you can feel true love when you choose this curved hollow engagement ring from Karkara. This award-winning design is the mainstay of the Piroeta collection, created as an engagement ring by Kirk Cara’s daughter, Grace and her sister Angela. Aside from the curved side, it has the gorgeous, filigree Carac Cara under the stone diamond of the huge carat weight center surrounded by the glittering light of the diamond. Angela added the classic bandsouf diamond in rose gold to add color to both sides of her twist.

Let Ben Garrick customize your Diamond Twist engagement ring

When you have an idea of ​​the specific changes in the curved engagement ring of the car with the wedding rings. We can work with workers to design your perfect ring. Check out all of our exclusive Kirak Kara curved rings online now and chat directly with our jewelry experts. Or try these at our jewelry store in Buffalo, NY. We look forward to helping you choose your perfect ring as a symbol of everlasting love.


Twisted Band Engagement Ring Ideas

If you are interested in a unique engagement ring design, a curved band can be a delicate, beautiful alternative to the standard setting. These rings are available in a variety of styles ranging from platinum, gold, and silver alloys and are sold at various prices. If you’re looking for a twist, one of these options might be right for you.

Types of Twisted Band Engagement Rings

Two-tone twisted band

Two different metal colors create a contrasting look that really closes the curved setting. You can find white and yellow gold, as well as yellow gold and platinum options. Consider one of these two-tone designs:

Berkeley’s two-tone solitaire

Two-tone engagement ring with split shaft – Emma Parker & Co. The 14-carat white gold and yellow gold offerings include curved yellow gold and paved white gold elements. It comes with the Unset and retails for around 6,600.

Double-Tone Solitaire – This gorgeous 14-karat engagement ring from Barkev is available in two multi-colored versions: white gold with yellow gold or white gold with rose gold. The design features a modern, one-carat round cut diamond around an open, curved shape. The determination determines the price depending on the adaptation and selection of the center stone.

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Diamonds can reinforce a curved band and draw attention to this eye-catching feature of your ring. Sometimes the whole band is set with diamonds, in other designs the diamonds only emphasize part of the twist. Consider a beautiful ring in:

Rose Gold Twisted Band Ring – This gorgeous offering from MDC Diamond is crafted from 18k rose gold and the paving stone accentuates the 0.75 carat twisted band. The ring is designed for an emerald cut center stone that not only includes the price of 2,000.

Diamond Hello Engagement Ring Twist Setting – 18-fold white gold offer from Bell Dia is available on Amazon. The band and trough contain white diamonds with a total weight of 1 carat and can hold center stones from 1/2 carat to 2 carat. Price from the middle of 3,250 – stone 4,330 depending on the center stone selected.
Simple twisted band

A simpler version of this popular style is to make the entire band out of one metal with no accents. Whether you go for platinum or gold, this graffiti tape style will look gorgeous on your hands. Consider these options:

White gold diamond Hello Twist engagement ring – 14 carat white gold The front of this band from Amazon has a finely curved shape. The ring has a round cut diamond that is bound by small diamonds. The ring is just under 1000.

The only solitaire with a wedding twist – this classic ring from Hearts on Fire is made of 18-cut white gold and a round diamond of 0.20 carat, which is set on the gently twisted shaft. It costs around 1,800 euros and can be customized with a large center stone and the precious metal of your choice.

Curved Rope Solitaire – This gorgeous ring of brilliance is another thing of the simple curved design. Instead of a curved split shaft, the typical 14 carat white gold ribbon is a curved rope. The setting that does not contain the center stone costs 450 pieces.

An instant classic

Whether you choose a wide two-tone design with a narrow, curved band or diamonds, this type of engagement ring is an instant classic. Fascinating lines and delicate profiles make them look as stylish as they do today.