Temporary Engagement Ring

What is a Temporary Engagement Ring?

A temporary or token engagement ring is a ring that is used to offer something that will later be replaced with another. I grew up with growing couples who are engaged but haven’t bought their original engagement ring yet. The most popular reasons to buy together are fear of choosing the wrong size or style.

If you’re buying a fancy engagement ring that appears to be the wrong size, it’s not always possible to resize – the gemstone can be moved or the settings in the strand of reworking the band damaged. This product is on the side of all of my busy rings that can be reshaped, making it easy to make the right choice for the first time.

I offer a free ring sizing service for most of my busy rings. So if you are into the style, you can easily adjust your size to three or more sizes. You can find out more about my resizing service here, if you are a little worried about choosing a ring but know your partner loves them, keep reading!

Fiancees of the 21st century are more likely to wear alternatives to the traditional diamond fastening rings. Most of my popular rings have Fairtrade sapphires of different colors and these are often bought with tweets in my original design. Buying an engagement ring together not only ensures that it is unsuitable for couples, but ultimately the person wearing the ring can choose its design features, metals and diamonds or gemstones that best suit their tastes.

This is how you select a temporary busy call

Choosing a temporary engagement ring can be cheap, cheerful, and a little bit fun. Your partner doesn’t like it or it’s not the wrong size so you can focus on making the offer with less concern.

There are no rules for choosing a temporary ring. You can be creative with your decisions. If you like the idea of ​​buying an interchangeable promotional ring, try one of these ideas …

Mock engagement rings

When Poundland launched their engagement ring on a £ 1 budget, it sparked a huge debate online. Why would anyone be so cheap to buy this “hard piece of jewelry”?

Poundland responded that their “bling rings” were presented in a style designed as a “beautiful placeholder”. Not everyone is interested in the design, but you have to admit that they are presented very beautifully in their heart-shaped velvet boxes and make a very affordable alternative to other temporary rings for the temporary 1.

Edible engagement rings

Homer Simpson smiled and suggested that Marge use an onion ring, to which he said yes! (Though she asked if it could keep her from burning her skin).

In 2012 a story was broadcast about a man from Eicher who spontaneously offered to use the Haribo ring with his partner while on vacation. He actually bought an engagement ring, but when he went to a potential wedding venue it moved so far from the proposed romance there and later.

Cocktails and dress rings

If you like the idea of ​​a temporary engagement ring when you want it to be a little more special, buying a dress or cocktail ring is the right option. Most people have two or more rings on their hands, which will give you the perfect guide to finding a suitable size. It might not be the perfect size for a ring finger, but it’s actually not a bad thing as it is being replaced with a really busy ring. A cocktail or dress ring is special on your right side and can be worn once it’s the size of another finger, even with an engagement ring, wedding ring, and eternal ring stacked on one ring finger.

Offer without rings

While this is considered a traditional themed offering with any type of ring, it doesn’t mean you need it. A ring doesn’t make an offer special, it’s “will you marry me?” Are there thoughts and emotions behind the word? That gives your partner a heartbeat.

Some memorable offers submitted online sounded, and celebrities including Emily Ratzakowski and Sonam Kapoor were busy with no gifts during their offers.

A good option is to buy a special ring box and put a note on it saying that you will buy the original ring together. Make your note sincere and empathetic and it will be just as valuable as the original ring.


Should I get engaged with a temporary engagement ring?

Before embarking on a temporary engagement ring

You may be wondering what is a temporary engagement ring? It is just a ring to partake in right now until you find the engagement ring in a dream. You can still have the experience of this amazing proposal that your partner has been waiting for at no great expense.

But how do you know when you met the love of your life? You want to be through thick and thin with someone. Glorious good times and really bad times. (Nobody told you about it) For me it was the butterfly in my stomach after my first date with my girlfriend at the time. I’ve been married for 22 years now, with 4 children and later two huge Newfoundland dogs. (Not to my liking, I’ve been traveling more.) You know the simple answer.

What if your supply plans go out the window?

Now, as a self-recognized control freak, I’ve planned everything. If you walk side by side, you are welcome to the club. The truth is we have a fun way of throwing curve balls. The Covid-19 is definitely one of those curved balls. Like many couples, you probably celebrate the beginning of 2020 with glee thinking that this year will be your engagement year. With what is going on, now you are wondering if your options need to be reassessed.

Although some of our customers have lost their jobs due to COVID-19, there are still some who want to take the next step. Several customers may be considering whether to suspend or cancel their planned offer. Spending 8,000 on an engagement ring may not be the best for you.

Despite so many restrictions, the only option is to do nothing and stay home. This is, of course, advice from the authorities. In some cases, while it does, it doesn’t mean that you can’t be creative with a surprise offer at home with a temporary engagement ring. Rings that you can return to later for the perfect engagement ring. There may be an input for both of you to enjoy and enjoy the process.

On the positive side, there are still some suggestions in motion. Basically much less than planned. What is heartwarming is speaking to an applicant and listening to how he will continue to do his partners for years and ask the question despite everything.

The concept of the Ultimate COVID-19 offering with a temporary engagement ring.

For many of the people I speak to, choosing their partner’s dream engagement ring can be a pretty exciting process. Leave alone how and when they suggest. Classic suggested places like restaurants or domestic or international travel outside the table, here is a great option.

With every temporary ring purchase, we offer a romantic room to decline. Imagine returning home after a nice walk with your sweetheart …

  • 50x LED candle
  • 1 x bag of red rose petals
  • 1 x bouquet of red roses
  • Fresh strawberries
  • Chocolate dip or favorite dessert
  • Reminders of your favorite photos displayed by you and your partner
  • Play romantic music
  • champagne

Then all you have to do is get on one knee, open the ring box containing your stunning temporary engagement ring and ask your partner what words they are waiting for. “Will you marry me?”. Your offer will be special, no matter where it is, whether it’s a temporary engagement ring. After the suggestion, most of the partners I speak to are enlightened. They would like to share how their partner suggested what they said, and usually want to remember how excited they are on the way to getting married.

If you’ve been stuck with your hands at home for much longer, it can make you feel welcome. Planning a wedding can take up to 12 months so that you are ready for the 2021 wedding.

Which temporary engagement ring would you choose?

When you have decided that you really want to work with your partner and you need help. You can book a free quote planning session with me. I guarantee there are some really simple and easy ways to come up with a romantic proposal that will really take your partner away.


Don’t Propose Without A Ring: Get a Temporary Engagement Ring

You want to make an offer, but stop because you don’t know how to choose your girlfriend’s engagement ring. Worst-case scenario: Yao was not found. Either way, you feel strange and vengeful without asking for his opinion. Some of the most emotionally and financially important decisions in your life make you weird and vengeful. But he deserves romantic surprises here too, right?

When it comes to designing custom engagement rings, we’ve found that most men feel torn between the experience of offering surprises and including their girlfriend in the ring design. With a placeholder engagement ring, you can get the best of both worlds: you can get the spontaneity that you can suggest without risking your total lightning strike, without liking the ring.

The fence? Here are some reasons why the Reasons Payer Ring is the best choice:

You want to apply less pressure (a little)

You know what’s more stressful than planning the perfect proposal and making sure the words “will you marry me” come out of your mouth at some point in signature order? His eyes met the ring and were bound to act. You have enough pressure to locate a meaningful proposition and work with the courage to fall on one knee. Eliminate a level of anxiety without completing the most expensive and least refundable jewelry purchase of your life.

You don’t want to kill this moment

What should be the most romantic moment of your life, if she hates the ring it can become the fastest. There is no “end” to this moment in any life and you do not want to inflict imperfect feelings such as frustration, confusion, and panic upon it. If the engagement ring isn’t really her style, she might be thinking, “Does she really know me?” When you ask someone to spend the rest of their life with you, that is not exactly the existence issue you are trying to address.

In reality, a ring might not speak for what you think of the person you love most, but if they don’t like it, you can bet they’ll jump over to their brain to find out what’s going on. And just as you had to be courageous to come up with suggestions, you also need to have the courage to say, “Hey – do you know that piece of jewelry you spent three months on?

You are not a jewelry or fashion expert

She didn’t let you choose her clothes today, did she? Then why are you trying to choose a ring that he will wear forever? This is especially important if your daughter has a unique personal style and appearance. She will definitely want to talk about something she wants to wear for the rest of her life, and you can bet that a first ring at a jewelry store just won’t.

You are the same

The crime we are talking about is your partner! If you make all the major life decisions together, they shouldn’t be any different. Most couples group their big decisions together and this is definitely one of them. Telling him this is a placeholder engagement ring is a complete step in this situation as you value his opinion. More and more couples come to our jewelry design studio and are ready to work on the ring together. If you’re a dual guy who does everything as a unit, designing an engagement ring together is a great magical experience.

You can’t afford to do it twice

You have probably thought long and hard about the cost of an engagement ring, and I suspect you only have a budget for it. If he doesn’t like the ring you like, it’s only a matter of time before you replace or recreate the designs. A temporary engagement ring guarantees that she has everything she wants and you won’t have to do it again for a while.

You are going abroad

Vacation offer? Excellent. Lost that engagement ring somewhere between emptying your toiletries in a box and immediately moving your bag into the overhead buggy? Not so great. It’s tightly organized when you find yourself in a new place and it’s only compounded by the fact that in a panic you can’t tell your girlfriend what to look for in a hotel room. Believe that losing the temporary engagement ring is infinitely better than losing the original and ruining your vacation.

You need an engagement ring tonight

How spontaneous! Sometimes offers can’t wait, I got it. Maybe his family wanted to pay a last minute visit, or you were traveling for a weekend off, or the holidays are just hidden from you. No matter what is causing your time crisis, choosing your engagement ring shouldn’t be rushed. Not only do you run the risk of making a hasty decision, but you may not have time to properly review the store where you are buying the ring. Weak engagement rings fall apart. It is. And this is a situation that you want to avoid at all costs.

You are considering making an offer without a ring

Not only that. I shouldn’t get involved in this, but you can bet he’s texting his girlfriend and you consult the old google, “If he didn’t call me, was I really hired?” With a placeholder’s engagement ring, he has the offer he (and really everyone) deserves, and you can avoid the cost of a real deal and get involved in the finale.


If you have a suggestion to make to your friend, you will stall. This could be because you insisted on getting the ring right. It’s very common, but holding onto limbo before the engagement is not fun for anyone and can create great tension and insecurity in your relationship. It doesn’t matter if your cause is great (you want her engagement ring to be perfect). Good luck if you explain to her because she’s in the dark wondering what’s going on. If you embark on the temporarily manned ring route, it will be a victory. She’s got a romantic offer, got her confidence boosted, knowing that you are getting a ring of her choice and both are starting to get your wedding right.