Pink And Black Diamond Engagement Ring

Pink And Black Diamond Engagement Ring

Pink Diamond Engagement Rings

Pink Diamond engagement rings are among the rarest and most sought-after. These rings can make an impeccable statement for couples who like a great piece of jewelry and offer classic styling with a contemporary twist.

Buying a pink diamond engagement ring

Pink diamonds are very rare and most of the world’s supplies are mined in the Argyle mines in Australia. Because these diamonds are exclusive, they are more unusual and usually more expensive.

You might want to visit the local jewelry store to see a selection of pink diamond rings on the list and get an idea of ​​what is available. Once you have an idea of ​​what you want, you can search for the best selections online and get frequent quotes. Check out the following retailers and styles for examples of these beautiful rings:

Gordon’s jewelers

Gordon Jewelers has a variety of ring styles, some of which are only available online.

Extended Pink and White Diamond Frame Twist Engagement Ring His This ring is set from 14 carat white gold and features a 1/3 carat elongated round pink diamond center on a recess of a small / round diamond. It’s all set in a nice curved shaft.
The filigree ring with a pink and white diamond frame has a wonderful wine style and is made of 14 carat white gold.

The gels showcase a collection of pink diamond ring styles including solitaire, three stone rings, and hollow styles.

  • 7/8 Carat Radiant-Cut Enhanced Pink and White Diamond Double Frame Ring. This ring is set in platinum and has 18 carat rose gold. In the center is a pink diamond with two rows of small square pits made of white diamond.
  • The gels contain an elongated split-shaft engagement ring of pink and white 1/2 carat diamond. This ring is set in 14 carat white gold and has a round, elongated center stone made of pink diamonds.

MDC diamonds

MDC diamonds share several characteristics of pink diamond rings. Although the selection is limited, pink diamonds are mostly used as special accents instead of central stones. One to check out is the rose gold, pink diamond and cushion diamond engagement ring holo set.

Tiffany and Co.

Tiffany & Co has several pink diamond rings that will make every woman happy.

The Fancy Deep Pink Diamond Ring is stunning and elegant. It is set in platinum and has two rows of white diamonds surrounded by a huge center of pink stone.
Another ring from Tiffany is the chic, intense pink diamond ring. This ring has a pear-shaped pink diamond center in platinum and is surrounded by a single row of round, bright white diamonds.
Lauren’s diamond

Lauren, a jeweler from New York’s Diamond District, has a selection of beautiful high-end rings with pink diamonds. Styles include:

Pear Shaped Pink Diamond Ring: This unique ring features a pink central pear shaped diamond surrounded by a white diamond.
Three Stone Pink and Yellow Ring: This stunning piece has a central lighted pink diamond and is mounted in platinum and 18k rose gold.


Surplus wear pink diamond rings of various styles.

The three-diamond 14K white gold ring has three stone settings with two small white diamonds with a pink and pink center. The band consists of perfectly set diamonds and Miller Green.
Another ring to check out is the Sterling Silver Pink Diamond Solitaire. This ring is an affordable option for anyone looking for a simple yet elegant ring. A solitary pink diamond was used for the center and set in shiny sterling silver.

Choose your own pink diamond

Many couples prefer to choose their own stone for the engagement ring without leaving a preset in one. If you want to choose your own stone, check out websites like:

Liveish Co Loose sells pink diamonds that can be used in any ring setting. Browse the diamond selection in different sizes like round, princess, oval, teardrop and emerald.
Another Source for Fancy Pink Diamond Ice Cream Parlors When thinking of a ring setting, browse through the diamond selection that will go best with it.
Amgad has a large inventory of natural pink diamonds in various sizes and prices.

Stone quality

There are a few important things to consider when purchasing a pink diamond ring. The value of a diamond is the key to a beautiful piece of jewelry. Every couple should be familiar with the four cs of diamond quality, the pink diamond has some unique considerations besides the colorless stones.

Diamonds with or without treatment

Some gemstones, like pink diamonds, are treated to change their color or to stabilize. A color-treated diamond has therefore been artificially treated to give it color. There are various advantages here for both colored diamonds and natural diamonds with or without treatment. Naturally colored diamonds are the most valuable – they are the most expensive. A good quality natural colored diamond can be extremely expensive. Color treated diamonds are cheaper and more readily available.


Fallen diamonds are judged on their color intensity rather than their lack of color. Pink diamonds come in shades of light pink, rose, salmon, and almost magenta, but darker colors are rare. Most pink diamonds are only pale pink in color, and they can be difficult to see on a small stone. When choosing a pink diamond engagement ring, check the stone for color consistency to make sure you are purchasing a quality piece.


Because of their rarity, pink diamonds are often larger and more expensive than their colorless cousins. Because of this, a small diamond weighing pink diamonds would be a bigger investment than a heavier traditional wooden stone. In general, the smaller the stone, the less intense the color. However, when it is professionally considered a pink diamond, the color is a higher price factor than the actual carat weight.


The unusual color of the pink diamond is attractive enough with no wide cuts or shapes, although round, marquise, and princess cuts are the most popular choices. Instead of experimenting with unusual cuts, many couples choose a simple pink diamond with a wide setting that draws attention to the stone.


Precision is an important factor in the quality of a diamond, especially colored stones. Although the flaws and inclusions on the clear stones can appear a little cloudy, they can drastically change the color of the chic diamond. When buying pink diamonds, the stone should be of a uniform color that is free of feathers, cracks, dark or light areas, and spots. These flaws are much more visible to the casual observer than conventional diamonds.


An important consideration for a ring with pink diamonds is that the metal is set to highlight the color of the stone. Choose a setting made from white gold or platinum instead of yellow gold. Yellow gold can contain a yellow color on the stone.

The cost of the pink diamond ring

Because of their rarity and growing popularity, pink diamonds are usually more expensive than regular diamonds. However, like any jewelry, a low quality pink diamond is cheaper than a high quality colorless gemstone, and every factor in the price of a diamond can be adjusted and offset to find a stone that is happy without breaking the budget

If you like pink diamonds but don’t want to pay for them, consider cheaper alternatives, such as:

  • Artificial pink diamond
  • Pink sapphire
  • Pink ruby

Diamond color facts

Many consider diamonds to be white gemstones, but these are more precisely colorless. Fancy diamonds are less common than colorless diamonds with different colors like yellow, green, red, orange, brown, and pink. In general, a completely colorless gemstone is more valuable, but diamonds can be valued with color and prices can be higher if they have very high color saturation.

Unexpected beauty

A pink diamond mounting ring is an unexpected twist on a historic diamond. From bright roses to deep magenta, pink diamonds are the bold beauty of a gemstone, adding an ultra-feminine and unique touch to any engagement ring.

What You Need to Know About Black Diamonds

While there are diamonds of different colors, the demand for black diamonds is increasing. The popularity of unconventional engagement rings has increased in recent years, as has the black diamond market. Not only do they provide a stunning contrast to all types of jewelry, but they can also be embellished or embellished, making them more versatile.

Despite the proliferation of black diamonds, there is still a lot of misinformation and misunderstanding. Are you real Are they expensive? Are they inferior? Here you will find answers to this question and much more.

Are there really black diamonds?

These may not be common, but black diamonds are as real as white diamonds. There are two types of black diamonds: true black diamonds that occur naturally and white diamonds that appear to be artificially converted to black are both true, but there is a huge difference between them. And if you are planning on buying one, know that there is a huge difference in price.

Natural black diamond

Natural black diamonds are also known as “chic black diamonds” or “carbonados”. And these only occur in Brazil and Africa, which makes them extremely rare.

Black diamonds are different in color and have the same chemical composition as white diamonds. However, with their polycrystalline structure, they do not reflect light. They have very high inclusions like graphite clusters and amorphous carbon, which makes them look black.

How black diamonds were made, some people say they were made under high pressure on Earth, while others believe they came from space on an asteroid about 2 million years ago.

Black Diamond treatment

White diamonds that have been converted to black diamonds are known as “colorless treated black diamonds” or “black diamonds”. White diamonds that contain high amounts are used to make these types of black diamonds, so they tend to be very cheap.

White diamonds with many combinations turn black or diamonds into black diamonds with the help of heat or radiation treatment. And if you find treated black diamonds in jewelry, they are mostly used as art-quality diamonds that are used for cutting and grinding tools.

Treated black diamonds are more common than natural black diamonds. So, when buying jewelry with black diamonds, keep in mind that there are fake black diamonds.

Are black diamonds expensive and inferior?

Black diamonds are usually cheaper than white diamonds because of their color and texture, especially treated black diamonds. However, they are not inferior stones, nor does the treatment process affect their durability. However, because many of them lie underneath and are perforated, they are more difficult to cut and polish, which can lead to stains and nicks. However, professional tailors can create black diamonds with a smooth and polished surface.

For small black diamonds under 0.50 carats, you can expect 300 to 500 euros per carat. For 5 to 6 carats diamonds, you can likely pay up to $ 700 to $ 800 per carat compared to $ 30,000 per carat which is the size. In some cases, a 1 carat round black diamond with a beautiful finish can cost around 1,1400 to 7,700.

Black diamonds for engagement rings

Black diamonds are often used to make dress rings in combination with white diamonds, earrings and pendants. That said, it will be the craziest time of the year too. The black diamond engagement ring became popular because Mr. Big was placed on Carrie Bradshaw’s finger in Sex and City 2 – a 5-carat black diamond ring set in 18-carat white gold.

If you want to think from the outside as you ring the bell, a black diamond in a white format will look especially good as it sets the stone apart from others. But black diamonds look good, set in silver, platinum, and white gold. For a stronger contrast, try a combination of white diamonds with white black diamonds, as their glitter will further enhance the look of your jewelry.

If you’re worried about straying from the classic style, don’t hesitate to speak to the experts at the Australian diamond broker and you will soon find that a black diamond attachment ring can be just as good as the classic white diamond engagement ring. Indeed, black diamond engagement rings are all the rage! It’s a bold way to show off your style, and black diamonds are chic, mysterious and


Pink And Black Diamond Engagement Rings For Women

Being busy is an exciting time in a woman’s life for many reasons. However, no one can ignore the essential role Diamond plays. It is often discussed at length and the moment of disclosure is always eagerly awaited. What does the ring look like? How big will the diamond be? What is the shape of the stone and does it flash like a dream? The questions could go further.

Although white diamond engagement rings can vary in the metal used, the quality of the diamond, its size, and the general ring design, a diamond cut or precision cannot be seen from a distance. One thing that will make your engagement ring really unique will be the diamond color, which will surprise and will always be remembered!

Pink and Black Diamond and its color

Naturally colored diamonds are quite rare, and therefore in most cases they are mostly unknown. The color diamond family consists of twelve different colors and more than 230 color combinations. By combining colors with energy, passion, desire and love, pink diamonds hold a special place in a woman’s heart. Pink diamond fastening rings are the most popular and sought after after yellow diamond rings. Only these stones are very rare, so the price per carat is usually quite high.

Set to the right for a pink and black diamond

First of all, no two colored diamonds are exactly alike, and it is rare to find a pair to match. Even stones with the same color combination are available in different intensity levels. And looks a little different depending on the style of the ring.

Once you have decided on the perfect pink diamond, half of your work in the full ring style is endless. You can choose solitaire rings or go with more than one key and the design itself can be trendy, vintage, or even a little haute couture. Make sure jewelers have experience with colored diamonds as they need to know the built-in and outputs in order to set colored diamond jewelry.

When it comes to colored diamonds, choosing the right settings is extremely important. For example, the metal used for the mug holds the diamond, which can maximize and enhance the colors of the diamond. While this is less important for colorless diamonds, for colored stones it is important to have a yellow gold cup for a cruciform yellow diamond and a rose gold cup for pink diamonds with the ability of a pink diamond.

Pink and black diamonds forever

In addition to their unique and rare color, pink diamonds are known for their investment potential. Over the past decade, the fancy Sharp Pink diamond has risen 375% from around 0.50 carats! Another example of the incredible rate at which the value of pink diamonds is increasing is a fancy sharp oval pink diamond of 3.8686 carats that sold for 0390,000 per carat in 2000, while a fancy sharp pink pear shaped diamond of 3.58 carats sold in 2003 There is no question that the pink diamond is a wise investment. Not only will you see its value increase, but you will also be able to enjoy its beauty to the fullest.

The glory of the pink and black diamond

It’s hard to notice what celebrities are wearing these days, even if you’re not into gossip columns and magazines. Images of celebrities are tearing their designer clothes and shiny jewelry everywhere. Some celebrities, including movie stars, pop singers, and even royal figures, have been playing with colored diamonds for a while, but it’s hard to avoid. Pink diamonds are found out of fame by Brooke and there is no need to deny the prestige of pink diamonds.

The real symbol

Engagement rings are something special and an expression of infinite true love. Pink Diamond Rings are so precious, precious, unique and breathtakingly beautiful. Since pink is a soft and feminine color, it’s the perfect choice for a colored diamond mounting ring. What else is the symbol of love?