Pear Shaped Engagement Ring Meaning

Pear Shaped Engagement Ring Meaning

Grandchildren shaped diamonds are a great option if you are looking for an engagement ring that is both elegant and pleasantly unusual. An engagement ring leaning against a pear-shaped center stone is the perfect choice for any woman with a fascinating idea of ​​any style. Learn about the importance of pear-shaped engagement rings and discover the incredible pear cut style from the Victor Bourbon collection!

Perfect symmetry

Pearl-shaped diamonds have a distinctive shape that mimics the teardrop. Rounded on one end and tapped on the other, it effectively combines the presence of round and marquee cuts in one style.

A proper pear cut should have an interesting symmetry. The point of the tapered edge should line up perfectly with the center of the entire rounded edge and the curve on each side of the stone should be the same. Pear diamonds don’t have a width to width ratio, but ideally they should be 50% longer than the width of a piece to look gorgeous.

A rich history

The first pear-cut diamond debuted in 1475 when Lodwick jeweler introduced the Van Burken style to the public. Van Burken is no stranger to diamonds and invented the tool that could be used to precisely cut and polish shapes in diamonds. Since dimensions were what caused the gem to diffuse light, its tool revolutionized the diamond industry and literally changed the way people viewed gemstones. The pear cut diamond is usually cut with 58 fursets and maintains such a bright look and an absolutely brilliant shine!

Pear-shaped engagement rings have a long and glamorous history. In fact, one of the most legendary diamonds in history has this elusive cut. The Taylor-Burton Diamond is a 69-carat pear-shaped stone that actress Elizabeth Taylor bought for her then-husband Richard Burton. Valued at around 20 to 20 million, this caustic diamond was worn around the neck of the famous canvas star when several red carpets appeared!

Incredibly glamorous

Pear diamonds aren’t Elizabeth Taylor’s only choice. Famous fashionable women such as Victoria Beckham, Anna Kounikova and Princess Charlene of Monaco have also worn the pear-cut engagement ring. You just can’t go wrong with this style!

Special meaning

In a world where everything is instantly photographed and shared, standing out from the crowd is more important than ever – and more difficult. Women who like to stand out and don’t want the ring like everyone else will appreciate the pear cut style.

The diamond’s teardrop shape is said to symbolize tears of joy, while the style itself is a testimony to a woman who is brave and walks in the flow of her own drums. This style is perfect for an empowered woman with a flair for romance and elegance.

Find the perfect peer cut engagement ring

There is a certain regularity and mystery that surrounds this shimmering, teardrop-shaped rock. Victor Bourbon is proud to offer us a collection of wine cut engagement rings as well as many other styles.


4 Things You Didn’t Know About Pear Shaped Engagement Rings

One of the trends in engagement rings is pear-shaped diamonds. Sometimes known as teardrop diamonds, this style is preferred for its gorgeous silhouette that combines sharp edges with rounded curves, although they are still extremely bright.

Do you think a pear-shaped engagement ring might be a suitable option? Something trendy and unique from him? Here’s what you need to know about this new love trend from our customers:

Their price is lower than that of round diamonds

What would you say if we told you that you could get a pear shaped diamond weighing the same carat as a diamond with the same carat weight, cut, color, and clarity, but costing a round diamond 25% less would? We say sign up!

Pear-shaped diamonds are almost as shiny as round diamonds, but almost always cost less than comparatively round diamonds. Round diamonds are the most popular, they are expensive diamond shapes. Round cut diamonds not only increase their price, but also require more raw materials to cut round cut diamonds than other fancy forms of diamonds. Pearl diamonds use very little waste material when cut by diamond experts, so they are usually low from carat to carat. This makes the pear-shaped diamond engagement a trend that both you and your notable others can get.

The pear-shaped diamond is extremely bright

The size of each diamond falls on an informal spectrum, starting with the lightest, where the round diamond dominates, to the least bright. Pear-shaped diamonds can fall into extremely bright sections in the right proportions! This is due to their 58 aspects, which reflect the light that shines on the diamond and returns in the form of brightness, which affects the vibration of the diamond.

We love to see pear-shaped diamonds, especially when a band is set with other small diamonds, which adds to the brightness of the center stone. The granddaughter-shaped diamond can be just as attractive as the almost rounded diamond when cut to the ideal size. So, if you are looking for a diamond engagement ring that will still grab everyone’s attention in the house, you want a style that will set you apart. The pear shaped trend is the way to go.

They have a thematic look with a modern look

Pear-shaped diamonds have been around for almost a century. The Bruges Flemish diamond cutter was invented in the 15th century by Lodevic van Berkem, who also invented the diamond polishing wheel. The modern shape that you came to know and love was refined with the advent of modern diamond cutting tools in the 1900s. Pear diamonds were popular in vintage jewelry and engagement rings, adding a touch of the romance of yesteryear while still being perfectly cut to today’s standards. Add your pear-shaped diamond with a vintage-style (no pang intent) layout for a sleek look that will pass the time.

Pear diamonds give you a distinctive, distinctive style

We like pear-shaped diamonds not only because the shape elongates your finger and creates a noticeable line, but also because it’s particularly pronounced. This is the perfect way to give your engagement ring some sort of look without choosing elements like a colored stone. The pear shape combines the perfect symmetry with the character of the Marquis Shape Diamond of the round cut diamond, which creates an interesting but subtle change in movement compared to any other round diamond. While pear diamonds can still be the ultimate shine and have a classic look with a little cat, you will definitely like the way your pear shaped diamond creates a completely unique look. In the best pear shape, which they call the “even shoulder” or full round base, you can find pear shapes with more elongated pear shapes, which gives them a more unique look.


Pear Shaped Diamonds – A Complete Guide

The modified pear-shaped diamond in light cut is a combination of a round shape with a tapered tip at one end and a marquee shape. The diamond is always worn on the narrow end that points to the wearer’s hand. Like marquise and oval cuts, there are pear-shaped diamonds in a variety of thin to wide strokes, with the added benefit of making the wearer’s fingers longer and thinner.

Ideally, a pear-shaped diamond should have great or very good symmetry. The point should be lined with the top of the rounded edge. The shoulders and wings (upper and lower curve to the right and left of the diamond) should form a smooth, symmetrical curve with no straight edges. The rounded top does not appear narrow or squat, but as a semicircle. In a confusing attempt to add weight to a diamond (with more rough stone going into the final cut), the knives can give the diamond a diamond-enclosed case near the tip or top, giving the diamond a square or Scottish look.

While the ratio of width to width of classic pear-shaped diamonds is 1.40 to 1.70, personal preference in turn indicates preference. The choice of size can also be influenced by the final setting of the diamond: a narrow pear diamond is ideal for dangling earrings, while a larger size can be chosen for a solitaire ring. Each Lumina diamond has accurate measurements, as well as a length to width ratio, so you know the exact size of the pear shaped diamond you are considering.

Pear-shaped diamonds have a slight bow tie that disappears up close. The visibility of the binding effect of an arch cannot be determined by checking the diamond certificate or diamond dimensions, but only after a visual inspection. If you would like to buy pear cut diamonds but would like to test them first, please contact a diamond advisor who can rate diamonds in your favor.

A pear diamond should always be set on the point – the most likely location for a pear cut diamond to chip is because that point was once closest to the outer edge of the rough stone. This is where errors such as natural, additional dimensions, and other underlying locations can be found. Since the point is covered by stretching, these errors disappear once the diamond is set. The only concern is whether the defects are significant enough to affect the diamond’s durability (although this is extremely rare).

The following table is used as a general guideline for evaluating a pear-shaped diamond cut.

Pear Shaped Diamond – Cutting Instructions

Determination of the color value of pear diamonds. Keep in mind that many buyers actually prefer slightly warmer colors than GH diamonds than the cool colorlessness of a DF diamond. In fact, most pear-shaped diamond prices on the higher end of the color spectrum are determined by premium supply and demand. Customers want D-F color grades and agree to pay a premium to receive them. In a world with no diamond color rating, the premium for higher prices is much lower because the actual color differences are difficult to understand.

Larger pear diamonds (more than 1 carat) may have a slightly darker color at this point. Because of this, buyers may prefer to remove a color class compared to other diamond sizes. The following color chart provides a general guide to color grading for pear-shaped diamonds.

Pear-shaped diamond color guide

Excellent very good good pore

  • <.50 City D – GH – IJ – KL – M> M.
  • .51-1.0 city. D – FGH – IJ – K> K.
  • 1.0-2.0 city. D – F G – H I – J> J.
  • > 2.0 CTD – FGH – I> I.

Nobody is pale – Med Strong is very strong

Pear pearls, like color, are subjective for judging clarity. GIA offers excellent support with its precision qualities. However, it is important to understand that every customer has a unique standard for clarity. Some may be perfectly satisfied with the simple picture taken unless they can easily see it. Others may insist on a technically sound presence. The following transparency table provides a general guide on how to evaluate transparency in pear shaped diamonds.

Pear-Shaped Diamond Precision Instructions

Excellent very good good pore

  • <.50 City FL – VS2 SI1 – SI2I1I2> I2
  • .51-1.0 city. FL – VS1 VS2 – SI1S2I1 – I2> I2
  • 1.0-2.0 city. FL – VVS2 VS1 – VS2 SI1 – SI2I1> I1
  • > 2.0 City FL – VVS2 VS1 – VS2 SI SI2> SI2


Discover Pear Shaped Diamonds

The pear-shaped diamond is a stunning combination of permanent round, bright and marquise-shaped diamonds.

Marquise-shaped diamonds are oval-shaped diamonds that appear at a point above and below. When you combine the cut of a ball with the cut of a marquee, the stunning result is a diamond with a rounded edge and a pointed edge, creating a stunning shape also known as a teardrop.

Why are pear-shaped diamonds so unique?

This sleek diamond shape is perfect for an engagement ring for so many reasons! Here are a few:

  1. The teardrop engagement ring is an incredibly unique design – you know the only pear shaped diamond!
  2. Like oval cut engagement rings, the pear shape elongates your fingers.
  3. The pear shape is a modified round, bright diamond, which means that it is the 58 most popular sparkling aspects in diamond cut!
  4. Pear-shaped diamonds are versatile: they can serve as a center stone or as a beautiful diamond accent.

What to look for in a pear shaped diamond

When looking for the perfect pear-shaped gemstone, there are a few key features to keep in mind! Don’t forget to look …

Even the shoulders and the symmetry

If you are looking at a pear shaped diamond from above, the rounded edge of the diamond should be the same. If one side of the edge is more opaque than the other, the value of the diamond will decrease. Likewise, the point of the tear must be read directly between the two rounded edges. In other words, if you fold the diamond in half the length, the point of the diamond should be to the right of the fold line, as shown.

Adequate sparkle

Since these diamonds are modified into round brilliant cut diamonds, they should preserve the splendor and majesty of round bright diamonds. Occasionally a dark fly will appear in the center of a diamond-shaped half. Make sure your teardrop diamond doesn’t have this flaw!

The length to width ratio is good

The ratio of length to width refers to how much width a diamond is compared to. If the width of your pear shaped diamond is 1, it is commonly agreed that the ideal length is about 1.4 to 1.7 times. This ratio makes it the perfect size for your engagement ring! To illustrate this idea, note that the ideal round bright diamond has a width ratio of length.

How to wear a pear shaped diamond

Many newly hired women receive a pear-shaped diamond attachment ring and do not know how to wear it. Would you wear it with the tip of a pear pointing at or away from you? Technically, you can wear the ring so that most often it is worn with a diamond tip pointing towards your fingernails. When you reach out your hand to look at the diamond, it should look like a falling tear. Wearing such diamonds will help lengthen your fingers!

Recommended settings for a pear cut diamond

Grandchildren’s pear-shaped diamond rings must have an angled bite that protects the diamond tip tip. If you’re looking for a setting that shows off the diamond’s unique shape, a simple solitaire is a good choice. This setting has six prong functions that gently protect your diamond. An authentic, simple precious metal band puts your diamond in the spotlight.

  • If you’re looking for something a little more dazzling, many of the six length settings include Hajj diamond accents and elegant details.
  • If you prefer a modern style, consider a pear-shaped ring with a bezel. This setting is great for the teardrop diamond as the bezel is a solid strip of precious metal that is wrapped around the diamond to protect it. We love this mix of a unique diamond in an authentic, flowing environment.

However, if you prefer a glamorous style, set your pear diamond in a stunning, fancy halo. Diamond accents in this style are characterized by a beautiful halo that creates a ring of authentic light around the center gemstone. Hello looks particularly spectacular with fancy diamonds!

Pear-shaped colored gemstones

To make your teardrop engagement ring even more special, choose a pear shaped gem! Every color of the rainbow can be found in the stunning pear-shaped blue throat!

Pear-shaped diamond accents

Pear-shaped diamonds are beautiful gemstones in the center, but can also be used as unique diamond accents! Set a pair of shaped diamonds on either side of your center gemstone for a beautiful, unique setting (remove the tips away from the center). Inspired by our beautiful, individually designed rings with pear and diamond accents. This style has become regal: Princess Maxima of the Netherlands has received a beautiful engagement ring with two pear-shaped diamond-shaped orange diamonds on either side from William-Alexander.

Famous pear-shaped rings

Princess Maxima isn’t the only famous woman to have received a tearful engagement ring! Diamond Diva herself received a pear-shaped diamond of 69.42 carats from Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton. The ring was so big that even Liz couldn’t touch it alone! But she couldn’t let go, so she turned this stunning gem into a pear-shaped diamond necklace and continued to show it off.

Historic A historically famous ring (which recently auctioned off for about £ 1 million) also features a pear-shaped diamond. In the late 1800s, Napoleon Bonaparte presented his love Josephine with a stunning sapphire and diamond attachment ring. The two pear-shaped stones face each other and create a breathtaking sense of symmetry. If you love this beautiful part of the story, consider a bespoke replica!

The newest thought

Pear-shaped engagement rings are characterized by breathtaking elegance and lasting style. Do you like pear shaped diamonds?