Most Expensive Rings

The Most Expensive Ring In The World

New York City is one of the most expensive cities in the United States to buy real estate. Where the average price of an apartment in Manhattan brings you $ 865,000. In this case, the most expensive ring in the world is worth 82 Manhattan apartments. The ring set a new record as the most expensive ring in the world in April 2017 at Sotheby’s in Hong Kong at $ 71.2 million.

What is the most expensive ring in the world?

Pink stars are currently the most expensive rings in the world. The stone is a chic 59.60 carat pink diamond and a platinum ring with two white diamonds. When it was auctioned in 2013, it hit a record € 63 million (€ 12 million more than 2017-2017). But the buyer Isaac Wolf couldn’t afford to spend the full amount and therefore never paid for the diamond. Its intent was to rename it “The Pink Dream” but instead it stayed with The Sotheby’s as The Pink Star until it was bought and paid for in 2017.

According to the American Gemological Institute, these are the largest, most flawless, bright pink diamonds of all time. De Bear Steinmetz discovered diamonds in South Africa in 1999 and spent 20 months cutting the diamond before the epidemic broke out in Monaco in May 2003.

About Pink Star:

  • Carat weight: 59.60 ct
  • Color: fancy pink
  • Size: oval
  • Dimensions: 2.69 cm x 2.06 cm
  • Source: South Africa
  • The year it was excavated: 1999
  • Price: 0.2 71.2 million
  • Previous official name: Steinmetz Pink
  • Current official name: CTF Pink

Why is Pink Star the most expensive ring in the world?

The pink star is truly extraordinary and incredibly rare as it is the largest flawed, fancy, vivid, pink diamond in the world. Although large diamonds are rare, such as flawless diamonds and fancy bright pink diamonds, the combination of the three factors provides significant and ultimate care for the stone. Although the ring itself is made from expensive materials, the absolute rarity and value of the diamond lies in the fact that the Pink Star is the most expensive ring in the world.

How does a diamond work?

Like the pink star, the total value of a ring does not depend on a single factor. Indeed, determining the value of a diamond ring is a complex and delicate process that takes a multitude of factors into account. Your perception of value may or may not be accurate depending on when your ring was purchased and how you acquired it.

Here are some key factors in determining the value of a ring:

  1. Diamond Certificate: You have the time to purchase a Diamond Certificate issued by a Jahur Evaluation or Diamond Assessment Laboratory (e.g. GIA). You don’t need a diamond certificate to sell your diamond ring, but it will definitely help you get an initial price quote as it describes all of the key features of the stone. While some labs are more reliable than others at grading, GIA offers the most reliable labs and the most accurate grades in the industry.
  2. How Much Was It Originally Bought: Knowing how much your ring was bought can give you a rough idea of ​​its second price. Most diamonds sell for around 20% to 50% of the original retail price. This depends on how the diamond was marked in retail stores.
  3. Center Stone: While the center stone is not the only defining feature, it will be the most valuable part of the ring. It is important that your ring has a center stone to determine its position along with any type of stone (gemstone or diamond).
  4. Metal: It is important to know what material your ring is made of, but it is important to note that the value of the metal will fluctuate depending on the day and market conditions. However, some precious metals such as gold and platinum are usually valuable.
  5. Age of the ring: your ring can be wine or antique which in some cases can add value to your ring. The quality of vintage and antique rings is best rated by experts as it varies widely.
    How you decide to sell your ring: If you want to sell your own ring, the way you plan to sell it can have a huge impact on the price.

What’s the Best Way to Sell a Diamond Ring?

Have you decided to sell your ring and need some advice on best selling jewelry? Your auction may be tempting to sell on an online auction site or in a pond. However, in order to sell your ring at the best and best price quickly and safely, you should sell it to jewelry experts who can give you the right price for the ring.

Whether your ring is antique, diamond or designer, WP Diamonds offers you the best possible price. Whether you’re selling online or by appointment, the entire process is careful, secure, and can take less than 24 hours. Most importantly, there is no price or hidden fee and no obligation to sell. Our GIA trained gemologists are on the front lines in determining the value of your ring and we can offer you the most competitive price possible.


The 20 Most Expensive Engagement Rings In the World

Weddings are something to celebrate and appreciate. What better way to mark your love for someone than with an expensive piece of jewelry? That is, expensive and then expensive !! You will see an expensive end to $ 10 million! Here is a list of the 20 Most Expensive Busy Rings in the World .

20 Most Expensive Busy Rings In The World

Below is a list of engagement rings and statistics compiled from various sources on the internet such as: B. Elite Readers, Hello Magazine, and Brides.

These are the top 20 most expensive busy rings in the world:

20. Cardi B-, 000 500,000

The first expensive engagement ring on the list belongs to American rapper Cardi B.

An 8-carat pear-shaped engagement ring would cost Cardie’s fiancé a whopping 5,000,000!

If you think of dropping 500,000 on an engagement ring, keep reading that they keep getting more and more expensive!

19. Kate Middleton -, 000,500,000

The Duchess of Cambridge’s engagement ring has a 12-carat sapphire set with diamonds.

The ring has a much more delicate value than any normal engagement ring, as previously worn by his late mother-in-law Princess Diana.

Princess Diana was loved and cherished by many so it is a great chance to be lucky enough to wear her ring.

18. Lady Gaga -, 000 500,000

Next we have Lady Gaga’s engagement ring.

If you know anything about the actor, you will know that he likes to do something very bright and big!
So it’s no wonder that so much money was spent on her engagement ring. The ring is a unique heart-shaped solitaire diamond, approximately 6 carats, made by Lauren Schwartz.

And to give it a more personal touch, the ring also features the couple’s initials engraved on the platinum band.

17. Iggy Azalia -, 000 500,000

When you step into your own hip hop, you know who Iggy Azalia is.

The rapper / singer-songwriter has many hits such as “Fancy, Action and Black Widow”.

All of these hits got a lot of attention, and he was so much like a special NBA star Nick Young in her that he eventually offered her up.

He opted for a 10.43-carat diamond ring with a chic, cushion-cut yellow center stone of 8.15 carats.

The stone is surrounded by white diamonds and the entire ring is set in 18k white gold.

16. Gabriel Union – 1 million.

In sixteenth place, we receive an engagement ring in Gabriel Union.

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The NBA star duo Wade suggested him a cushion-cut diamond of 8.5 carats in a platinum solitaire setting by Jason Arsoben.

This simple, minimal and elegant design allows the focus to pull straight into the main focus – the pillow cut diamond!


15. Angelina Jolie – 1 million

When Brad Pitt made a suggestion to Angelina Jolie in 2012, he did so in a way.

The ring features emerald cut diamonds of approximately c carats and tapered baguette diamonds around the entire ring.

It weighs a total of around 16 carats and is set in 18 carat yellow gold.

The ring was expertly designed by Brad Jeweler Robert Procop to make it more delicate.

14. Jennifer Aniston – £ 1 million

Jennifer Aniston’s latest engagement ring from Justin Theroux is a classic rose-cut solitaire cushion diamond in 18-karat yellow gold.

It weighs about 10 carats and was designed by Jennifer Mayer, Jennifer’s friend.

You’re likely to see one of the most interesting engagement rings because even if you can’t help but notice the huge solitaire diamond!

13. Kate Upton – 1.5 million

Model and actress Kate Upton owns the 13th most expensive engagement ring in the world.

The $ 1.5 million engagement ring is quite large, and almost the size of Justin Verlander’s World Series ring!

This is definitely something of a show stopper.

12. Black Lively – 2.5 million

Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds shocked his fiancé with this 2.5 2.5 million engagement ring.

Designed by Lauren Schwartz, it features a 12-carat solitaire oval-cut diamond set in 18-carat rose gold.

The ring stays spot on when it comes to the trend, adding a tiny micro-pav diamond to the band.


11. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis – 0.6 2.6 million

Greek billionaire Aristotle Onassis offered Jacqueline Kennedy this exciting $ 2.6 million engagement.

The ring was made by Harry Winston and contains 40.42 carats of marquee cut diamonds.

It really deserves its place out of this world and among the world’s most expensive bustling rings.

10. Melania Trump – Million

In the top ten, Melania Trump’s 25-carat emerald-cut diamond fastener ring is broken at 25-carats worth $ 3 million.

The graph diamond ring is very simple and retains a sense of class.

After starting the first speculations about paying for the real man’s ring, I’m sure she is happy with it now!

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9. Jennifer Lopez – 5 4.5 million

When Mark Anthony suggested to Jennifer Lopez in 2004, he must have done it with style!

Received a rare 8.5 carat blue diamond ring from singer, songwriter and actress Mark valued at approximately 4.5 million!

Unfortunately, the marriage did not last, but due to the bond with the legendary actor, the engagement likely kept or increased its value.

8. Grace Kelly – 6 4.6 million

In 1995, Prince Rainier III struck. Monaco Grace Kelly presented a majestic emerald cut diamond ring of 10.47.

The ring has received a lot of attention over the years and is an incredible piece of jewelry with a unique history.

If you are in the market for an engagement ring and you have around 5 to 5 million to spend, use it as a reference point and you can’t go wrong!

7. Paris Hilton – 4.7 million

Then we have Paris Hilton’s engagement ring, who gives her Paris Latsis from ex-finance.

The Canarian diamond ring, valued at 0.7 4.7 million 24 carats, came up for auction to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina when the couple decided to tie the knot.

At least something good came out of it. $ 4.7 million can go a long way in times of need

6. Beyonc – – 5 million.

The J-Z suggested to Beyonc দিয়ে a flawless emerald-cut diamond of 18 carats that sits on a split shaft band.

The platinum band contains micro pave diamonds and was designed by Lauren Schwartz. Since its inception, it has also inspired other celebrity engagement rings, some of which are on our list!

Overall, the ring is delicate, exquisite and attractive at the same time.

5. Anna Kaunikova – 4 5.4 million

Former tennis player Anna Kournikova received beautiful 11-carat champagne and Kongak pear-shaped diamonds, inspired by a diamond accent from her current husband, Enrique Iglesias.

It’s definitely hard to miss, and I’m sure it helps start a lot of conversations, to say the least.

When thinking of a design for your partner, it might not be a bad idea to use it as inspiration as it is one of the top five most expensive engagements in the world.

But don’t forget the price, it’s 4 5.4 million!

4. Kim Kardashian – £ 8 million

As always, only the best Kim Kardashian will do this.

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Kerry offered Kim a beautiful 15-carat D-colored flawless pillow-cut diamond by Lauren Schwartz.

The diamond itself is set as a solitaire in a thin platinum band with diamonds with micro-plaster.

It really is a formidable example of Bispoke jewelry, and it’s worth enough to be ranked among the most expensive hype rings in the world.

3. Elizabeth Taylor – – 8.8 million

In third place we have Elizabeth Taylor’s engagement ring.

Elizabeth’s ring has been the title of the largest and most expensive celebrity engagement ring of all time for decades.

It was a 33-carat Acher platinum diamond cut as a gift from Richard Burton.

It’s one hell of a big ring that’s for sure!

2. Blue Diamond from Bvlgari – .59.5 million

In second place is this stunning example of a truly unique engagement ring from Bvlgari.

The 5.4-carat diamond ring was bought by Graph Diamond and was once the most expensive engagement ring in the world.

With a million of almost 10 million euros, this ring is definitely only for the super-rich to the super-rich.

1. Mariah Carey – £ 10 million

At the top is Maria Kerry’s $ 10 million engagement ring given to her by former financier, Australian businessman James Packer.

The emerald cut diamond ring is 35 carats in size and contains two finely tapered baguette diamonds. The ring is made of stiff platinum.

Its one focus design diamond really shows its grandeur and majesty!


We hope you enjoyed the list of the 20 Most Expensive Busy Rings in the World.

10 million for an engagement ring! It’s crazy isn’t it? You have to be sure they are or you are $ 10 million for red!

Here’s a quick look at the top 20 most expensive bustling rings in the world:

  1. Mariah Carey – 10 million
  2. Blue Diamond from Bvlgari – .59.5 million
  3. Elizabeth Taylor – 8.8 million
  4. Kim Kardashian – 8 million
  5. Anna Kaunikova – 4 5.4 million
  6. Beyonc – – 5 million.
  7. Paris Hilton – 4.7 million
  8. Grace Kelly – 6 4.6 million
  9. Jennifer Lopez – $ 4.5 million
  10. Melania Trump – 3 million
  11. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis – 0.6 2.6 million
  12. Black Lively – 2.5 million
  13. Kate Upton – 1.5 million
  14. Jennifer Aniston – 1 million
  15. Angelina Jolie – £ 1 million
  16. Gabriel Union – M 1 million
  17. Iggy Azalia -, 000 500,000
  18. Lady Gaga -, 000 500,000
  19. Kate Middleton -, 000,500,000
  20. Cardi B-, 000 500,000