Engagement Rings Without Diamonds

Unique Engagement Rings Without Diamonds

Would you buy a resistance ring with no diamonds?

After spending countless hours on the phone, many sat together on the sofa watching Netflix with popcorn and traveling around the country in a smart car. The universe has spoken and it is time to take this undeniable connection to the next level. But before you get on one knee, you want to be sure of finding a ring with the person you want to spend your entire life with, as a diamond-free engagement ring may be right for your situation.

Is a Diamond Really Forever?

While stone-less wedding rings are quite common, did you know that diamond-free engagement rings were once ideal too? In the 1900s there was an excess of need to sell the De Beers Company. At the time, society had several options for choosing engagement rings, of which diamonds were not very popular. In 1936, De Beers worked with an advertising agency to run a clever multi-billion dollar marketing campaign to drive demand for gemstones. This campaign will eventually create the “A Diamond Forever” slogan. ‘

In that sense, the idea that diamonds are a symbol of true love, created by the largest New York advertising agency of the largest diamond cartel in history, is true. In fact, diamonds are not forever and they can be broken off, cracked, burned, or broken. Perhaps every woman wants to break this (amazing) modern tradition. Here are some other reasons a woman might prefer an engagement ring other than a diamond:

Strong desire for something rare or unique

There is a strong belief that it is too materialistic or a total misuse of funds to spend an insane amount of money on a mere “stone”.
The way diamonds are mined and brought to market (despite current efforts to keep the diamond dispute free) is overwhelming.

Before going on the informal route, make 100% sure your significant other approves it. If at some point in the relationship you haven’t discussed it, you can seek advice from a family member or close friend he or she believes in. Think about this ring he will show off to all of his friends, colleagues and family. Either way, do your research before you start shopping. Once you’ve confirmed that a diamond-free engagement ring is suitable for your future wife, there are many desirable options. See some examples below.

Stylish engagement ring without diamonds

Rings with diamond alternatives

If your future leader likes the look of a beautiful diamond, take the price off, but diamond options may be the most effective for you. Lab-made diamonds are significantly cheaper than alternative diamonds, but offer the same beautiful look. The most common diamond simulants are dense zirconia (known for its almost “perfect” appearance) and mycenae – an option that has been on the diamond market since 1999. Although there is little room for fine zirconia jewelry, mayonnaise is a nice alternative to diamonds. Almost separated from.

This nifty modern design includes a contemporary appearance. Forever Brilliant Muisanite is superbly housed in a white gold ribbon. Get the look of stars on expenses where you don’t work 60 hours a week for the next five years.

Another eye-catching alternative is the popular oval Mycenae, which is surrounded by a beautiful charming hall made of small mosaic stones. Join Blake Lively, Katie Holmes, Kate Middleton and Princess Diana in this engagement ring style. Customize this ring further by swapping out the mycenae in the well for other gemstones like emerald or ruby. Engagement Ring Hack: When a big stone goes out of your budget, Haloty gives Mosainite the power to make it even bigger.

Sometimes the uniqueness of a busy ring lies in the beauty of the band. A curved rope band paired with a four elongated socket in the style of a sturdy basket secure a pillow made of muisanite with a designer-inspired style.

Regardless of the style of the ring, the diamond option will give you the look of a diamond without feeling like you chose a compelling date or spent too much money on a shiny style.

Rings with precious stones

Some women don’t even like the look of diamonds. For this group, it is best to look for a starving diamond-free engagement ring that uses the center of the colored gemstone. It opens up unlimited possibilities. For a water lover, like aquamarine, their birthstone is a stone associated with a favorite color or characteristic that you believe will suit their personality.

Avoid perfectly shiny bells and replace them with an attractive beautiful but simple pearl engagement ring. Pearls symbolize harmony, humility, purity and worth. Hollywood actress Olivia Wilde’s ring finger is adorned with a ring made from three carat pearls. With its linear design, this popular natural gem stands out in a sea of ​​hands adorned with diamonds. Look for the shell bead for something special, known for its brittle pink color

Marganite is a fine gemstone that alternates between pitch pink and pumpkin orange. This gemstone is known to help distribute energy throughout the body in addition to its dazzling appearance. Marganite is a member of the beryl group, a stone that throughout history was believed to resist evil spirits and demons. It’s about relieving stress and calming your body, mind and spirit. There are additional claims that rare stones inspire and sustain love. Strong stone associations combined with its overall beauty make this rare gem a suitable candidate for a diamond-free engagement ring.

Given the adoption of a ruby ​​with a pop color and many positive properties, the glittering red stone looks at different meanings including increased health, love, wealth and wisdom among different things.

Of course, there is the potential for many more gemstones, from emeralds to topaz to common quartz crystals. Find the most meaningful stone for you and your partner and turn it into a meaningful, uncontrollable engagement ring.

Engagement ring without stone

For an even less traditional one, you can choose a ring that has no stones. These rings will create their details through design. Choose something that speaks to your relationship and has enough symbolism that won’t lose meaning or get confused and you can find engagement rings without other diamonds.

One recognizable style is the Celtic Claddog (pronounced “dhrta da”), named after the village that was first built. The main features of this design include a folded hand, a crown and a heart. Symbol of friendship, loyalty and love. Hands are also believed to symbolize a vow agreement, which makes them the perfect design for the next step in your relationship. Although the heart is often represented by heart-shaped gemstones, this design can easily be made without stones and still retain the fullness of its meaning.

Complete gemstone rings provide the ultimate canvas for creative expression. If this is the right choice for you, go to Custom and create a ring that is truly unique and very personal.

There are finally a number of effective options when you want to buy an engagement ring without diamonds. They have an informal idea that soon you will be a woman or a ring with a very creative bile that is sure to complement their style.


5 Non-Diamond Engagement Rings

1. Artificial diamonds

For women who don’t want natural diamonds but don’t want to stray too far from modern tradition, man-made diamonds are an option.

When most people think of synthetic diamonds, when they think of cubic zirconia, there are actually several different sections under this umbrella.

Similar materials such as zirconia and mosanite are considered diamonds as “simulations”. These look like real diamonds to the naked eye, but consist of a separate substance.

The advantage of “CZ” (and other simulants) is that it is significantly cheaper than real diamonds. However, if your wife does not fully comply with this option, then I would say that it is better to cleanse her. Whenever people admire him as a “diamond”, he’ll think, “It’s a fake,” which is really a romance killer.

Now the second choice in this section is very different – a recently developed option that I didn’t know about until I was researching this article. These are “laboratory” or “Sanskrit” diamonds. It is incorrect to call them “synthetic” as they are created through the process of molecular crystal growth of atoms that mimic the physical, chemical and optical properties of naturally mined diamonds. If one does not use the leading spectrum, it is impossible to distinguish the two. Lab-made diamonds are diamonds in every way.

Because lab-made diamonds can be made ad infinitum, they cost less than natural, mined diamonds, although not as much as you might think. De Beers realized that while these lab-made diamonds might represent the waves of the future, they have already taken steps to control the market and raise prices! They are a good choice for a woman for whom “encouragement with responsibility” does not go too far and who wants to further reduce her ecological footprint.

2. A knot

Ring the bell through the forgiving design. This type of knot works well on an engagement (or wedding ring) ring as it serves as a symbol of everlasting love.

A perfect option for the woman with general taste. What better way to show the woman you are waiting for?

Here is another type of knot that works well on an engagement ring. The ring maker explained the meaning of it: “This particular type, often referred to as the“ true lover’s knot, ”was a popular ring style for sailors to part with their favorite. It is made by connecting two overhand knots in two parallel wires so that each can move flexibly with the other but is forever inseparable. (Oooh!) Another truth about this type of knot: if in the Victorian era it was found that a young couple’s love was going to last, each would tie the knot with a small part of a tree. If the knot is held and continues to grow for about a year, their love will remain true. “”

3. A meaningful jewel

Old opal and pearl engagement ring from the Victorian era.

Beyond diamonds, there is a world of beautiful gemstones, each of which also has a traditional theological meaning. So when you choose a gemstone with a special meaning for you and your girlfriend, a unique ring is created with a built-in layer of money.

Here are some gemstones that can be unique to your unique relationship and the feeling you want to express when suggesting:

  • Agate: truth, protection, strength
  • Apatit: communication and a mix of old and new
  • Aquamarine: courage to overcome fear, safety when traveling
  • Blue topaz: courage to overcome fear and obstacles – involved in loyalty, friendship, humility and integrity
  • Granat: Enthusiastic commitment and commitment
  • Onyx: Involved in determination and perseverance – remembering to reduce the negativity of others
  • Opal: love, passion, lightness, inspiration, creativity and spontaneity
    Pearls (more organic than pearls): harmony, humility, purity, precious
  • Rose quartz: Mild love, peace and quiet – combined with removing negativity and healing sensitive wounds
  • Ruby: friendship, fire, love, kingdom, happiness, opening of the heart
    Turquoise: friendship – related to nature (blue sky and green earth)

Gemstones can of course be placed in different environments and characterized as individual stones or grouped with other gemstones. Here are two unique ideas that we particularly like.

4. Claddog ring

The distinctive Claddog ring is a traditional Irish themed ring rich in history and symbolism. Determined in Roman times, it is included in the European “federation rings”, which get their name from the Italian phrase federation gemstone (“hand [attached to the faith]” or “hand [added to obedience”)). The ring contains two hands, a heart and a crown – symbols of friendship, love and loyalty.

Hands tied represent vows, and Claddog rings were used as engagement and wedding rings in the Middle Ages and Renaissance. They are still the preferred choice for this purpose today – especially for the Irish heritage Tijah Lass.

Condition Usually the ring is attached to the woman’s left hand when she is tied in marriage, to the point where her heart comes to her face and then to her face after marriage.

5. Family inheritance

Who knows … Grammy has an antique 5-carat sapphire ring in their jewelry box. Roger that. She will happily give it to you because you finally “stopped waiting and told this beautiful Jenny to marry you already!”

Before making any serious money on a diamond ring or any of these other options, check with your relatives to see if they are waiting to pass the inheritance formula on. This option may not save you serious money, but the pieces of history are far more poignant and meaningful. Even a diamond ring in the family line became a lot more special than the one bought in Jared. My mother-in-law gave me the diamond ring I had with her grandmother to give to Kate when I suggested it. It fits perfectly and she likes it and doesn’t want anything else.


Non-Diamond Engagement Rings

Engagement rings without diamonds seem to be growing in popularity. This distinctive ring style, which usually has colored gemstones in the center, is a visually appealing way to express your love.

Having a large diamond in the center does not in any way require a beautiful engagement ring. Many brides and grooms prefer colored pops that provide sapphires, emeralds, or other colored gemstones. In a brilliant sense, we would like to offer you a wide range of non-diamond engagement rings that will determine the role of your heart (or your future fiancé).

The most popular non-diamond rings

The most popular are engagement rings without diamonds, which are both beautiful and very suitable for everyday wear. Most brides expect their rings to be worn all the time and are reluctant to remove them, and some gemstones are better suited to everyday wear than others. That’s why we’re usually looking for couples looking for diamond-free engagement rings, especially for women with a very active lifestyle. Sapphire scores very well on the Mohs hardness scale (9 out of 10), which gives the minerals an ability to withstand scratches on the surface. In fact, Sapphire can scratch a diamond (and we can’t even imagine a scene that would happen in your daily life!).

The most popular color of sapphire is the rich royal blue, recently worn by Kate Middleton with the sapphire and diamond engagement ring, originally worn by Diana, mother of Prince William. This traditional permanent blue color is great and flattering on every skin tone. Brilliant Earth has a large collection of rings related to Sapphire. The ring settings for each of our engagements can be set to a round, oval, or pillow cut with the middle blue. If you would rather cut sapphire than our standard offer, e.g. B. Ashtray or Pear, find it in our collection of unique colored gemstones or contact us and we will receive an ethically acidic sapphire that will meet your requirements.

Sapphire comes in a variety of bright colors that go beyond blue – think of yellow, pink, green, teal, peach, and red. Since sapphires come in every color of the rainbow, you can choose the color of your choice, the most flattering tone for her skin, or something that matches her eyes, and create an incredibly personalized engagement ring. With non-diamond mounting rings, the color can make all the difference. These beauties can be romantic and aromatic or luxurious and glamorous, depending on the color chosen. We offer blue-green round sapphires as a standard alternative to our engagement rings, as well as many other colors and shapes in our unique colorful gemstone collections.

Antique rings without diamonds

The synthesis of our wine and antique ornaments is often associated with pearls or colored gemstones such as rubies, emeralds, garnets, aquamarines, topaz and much more. Sapphires and other brightly colored gemstones were often the centerpieces of engagement rings in the Victorian era, and rings from the Art Nouveau era often included dreamy centerpieces such as moonstone, amethyst, citrine, opal, and pearl. Art Deco and retro-era rings often feature diamonds, with many designs from these eras featuring multiple small diamonds arranged in a more centered gemstone rather than a large middle gem. Choosing an antique engagement ring is a great way to find a unique diamond style.

Celebrities with non-diamond rings

While the ideal celebrity engagement ring is still the same as the ice cube shaped diamond, some stylish celebrities wear the less than expected ring style with gorgeous colored gemstones in the center. Ruby, Halle Berry and Joe Saldana both have very nice green emeralds on their fingertips.

Diamond bands as engagement rings

If you like diamonds, you not only want a traditional diamond ring with protruding gemstones in the center, you also want a ring with multiple diamond accents but not a large diamond in the center. Brilliant Earth offers beautiful multi-diamond ribbons, often in unique designs. Although classified as wedding rings, any of these rings would be a nice choice as an engagement ring. The Celest’s Diamond Ring and the Flora Diamond Ring are particularly popular as engagement rings. You can think of a thin eternal diamond band as an engagement ring that you can add to your wedding ring and turn it into a ring stack reminding of future special occasions (anniversaries, kids) with diamond bands.

Non-diamond rings with diamond accents

Colored gemstones are great for many light earth engagement rings and can transform them into completely different but equally vibrant ones. If you like the idea of ​​tucking some diamonds into your engagement ring but want the colored gemstone or pearl as the focal point, pronouncing the middle gemstone with the diamond accents. One example is the style that includes the middle gemstone in a shiny diamond, a powerful way to highlight a sapphire or other central gemstone. Or you can add side diamonds or pavir diamonds to the band. Since diamond prices go up significantly with their size, choosing a setting with lots of tiny diamond accents is a smart way to get lots of insights for one great price.

Saving rings without a diamond

Engagement rings without a diamond are not only a unique choice for an engagement ring, they are also great value for money. Many couples prefer to buy a diamondless ring at a cheaper price, get a bigger gemstone, and look even less! With so many wedding costs along the way, choosing a diamond-free engagement ring can be an especially interesting choice.

The newest thought

What do you think of engagement rings that don’t have diamonds as their central gemstones? Besides diamonds, do you have favorite gemstones in the middle? Let us know what you think on Facebook or Twitter or in the comments section! We’d like to work with you to create your ideal diamond-free fastening ring. Contact us for your convenience and we can help you choose items from our collection or help you create a design that combines various individual elements. And combines points of inspiration.