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Hi there, it’s Mike and Ira, the Diamond Pros. Today we’ll be talking about my favorite diamond shape: oval cuts. Round cuts may be the most brilliant and popular cut, but ovals hold a special place in my heart. I love how they manage to pull off a shine and luster similar to a round diamond, but allow for more unique and creative engagement rings given its oblong shape. It seems like the world is starting to come around to my way of thinking, as oval cuts have seen a surge in popularity this year.

I don’t think talking up oval cuts is a great idea Mike. When it comes to picking out a beautiful diamond, oval cuts are among the most difficult to find (with perhaps marquise cuts being the lone exception). Oval cuts have the same difficulties with color and clarity as other diamonds, but they have their own problems as well. First off, you have to focus on the length to width ratio. Too stubby or too long and they end up looking ugly. Try to find an oval cut with a L:W ratio over 1.35

Take a look at this oval diamond from Blue Nile. The color and clarity are fine on the diamond, but the shape looks bizarre. It’s way too stubby for an oval cut. Compare it to this stunning one carat oval cut, also from Blue Nile. Just compare the two of these and you can see how important L:W ratio is. Links for the diamond can be found below if you want to look at them a bit more.

Another issue you have to navigate is the black windowing, also known as the bowtie effect. You will see this manifested in a figure 8 pattern running north to south through an oval cut. You can see bowties on the overwhelming majority of oval cut diamonds. A little bit of a bowtie is no problem, but you have to make sure it isn’t too big or it ruins the brilliance of the diamond.

We can use the same diamond from before as an example. This diamond, like virtually every oval cut, has a bit of a bowtie. But its faint and doesn’t cause any black windowing. Compare it to this and you immediately see a difference.

It is a bit tricky finding the right oval cut. Normally we hit you with a bunch of numbers and percentages when talking about finding the best cut. When it comes to ovals, it’s more of an artform. For color you should stick with an H+ diamond to ensure it looks clear. Feel free to ask one of our diamond experts for some help on this. They have picked out thousands of ovals.

My favorite engagement ring is a three stone oval cut ring with half moon side stones. There is something about it that looks special to me. They also go great in halo and split shank pave rings.

If you have any other questions, or would like some help picking out the perfect diamond ring, feel free to contact us. One of our diamond consultants will be happy to help you find the perfect engagement ring.

Once again, it’s Ira and Mike, the Diamond Pros. Thanks for watching.