Woman Defends Her ‘TINY’ Wedding Ring in POWERFUL Facebook Rant

A Minnesota mother-of-two, Rachel Pedersen, recently took to Facebook to defend the ‘tiny’ size of her engagement ring her husband gave her.

When she posted her engagement ring photo, her friends and family made negative comments regarding the size of the ring, asking her when she was going to get an “upgrade”. Some urged her to keep the original but wear a bigger one when going out so as to not embarrass herself.

Rachel told everyone that the size of the ring does not indicate the happiness of the marriage nor the success of a person.

Instead she reminded everyone that the ring her husband chose is a symbol if their “whirlwind” love story, one that she cherishes.

The post has gone viral and been liked nearly 200,000 times and shared nearly 50,000 times on Facebook since she posted it 2 months ago.

Mike and Dan discuss this heartwarming and romantic gesture.