What Does A Cushion Cut Diamond Look Like?


What is the Cushion Diamond?

The cushion diamond has been available for over a century, which would qualify it as an “Antique Style” cut diamond shape. This unique shape of diamond has been compared to other diamond shapes including the oval diamond and the Old Mine Cut diamonds from long ago. However we feel that this beautiful shape is in a category all it’s own.

Cushion Cut Diamonds

Known for having 58, larger than average facets, you should consider paying extra attention to the clarity grade of this diamond shape. With it’s extra large facets, spotting inclusions in the diamond may be somewhat easier than many other shapes. Although the large facets demand extra attention in regards to the clarity grade, these large surfaces will also give “Cushion Diamonds” a very unique and bright sparkle.

Cushion Diamonds Summed Up

*Cushion diamonds look best in perspective. Go bigger in carat weight to the thickness of your finger.

*Keep the depth and table percentage between 61 – 67% for the most brilliance and sparkle.

*The closer the two number %’s (depth and table) are together the more breathtaking it will be.

*Keep the clarity in 1 carat or higher cushion diamonds to SI1 and Higher

*Keep the clarity in .50 carat or lower cushion diamonds to SI2 and Higher

*Unless you’re looking for yellow tint, keep the diamond color to H or Higher

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