Vintage Estate Diamond Engagement Wedding Ring Circa 1950 eBay Auction

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Description: This is a substantial Art Deco Circa 1950’s Vintage Estate 1.42 carat diamond engagement – wedding ring featuring a large 1.02 carat diamond set into solid 14kt white gold and surrounded by white diamonds. The center diamond is 5.50 mm with a beautiful radiant cut and has a weight of 1.02 carats with SI2 enhanced clarity, meaning very minor inclusions and H-I color (near colorless). There are 74 “old eight cut” accent diamonds (0.40 carats) set around the center diamond and on the sides of the ring shank. These diamonds are graded at “G-H-I” color and “SI1-I1” clarity with excellent brilliance & sparkle. The head of the ring measures 11.70 mm and sits up 6.20 mm off the finger. The ring is a gorgeous 1950’s art deco style with angular bridge-work under the head adding to the design. This is a very rare art deco piece, certainly one of the most substantial pieces you will ever see auctioned at $1 DOLLAR NO RESERVE….get it while you can! All of the beautiful diamonds are genuine and total a very substantial 1.40 carats and the ring is a size 7. This is a very nice ring that anyone has a chance to win because this is a real no reserve auction. It weighs 2.90 grams of solid 14kt white gold, and 1.40 carats of fabulous natural diamonds. Please compare this ring with others of lesser quality at $6,800 USD retail, then make your best bid. Do not miss this beauty as it is very difficult to obtain elsewhere. Highest bidder takes it no matter what the price.

This amazing genuine diamond engagement ring is from a prominent customer who has asked for our assistance in selling her jewelry collection on eBay. We offered her $27,000 for her entire collection which she rejected because it is worth over $40,000. Instead she chose to have us sell it on eBay in hopes of getting more than $40,000 for her collection. Difficult personal and financial times brought her into our store to sell this amazing collection. See The Actual Footage in the video above. The decision to sell at $1.00 No Reserve is based on the urgency and time frame the customer needs to liquidate this asset.

Your purchase is 100% risk-free because of our return policy and our customer satisfaction guarantee. Included with the item is a Certified Jewelry Certification and Appraisal giving the item an appraised value of $6,854.00 because of the quality, overall beauty and uniqueness of the ring. We are offering this exceptional item at $1.00 “No Reserve”, meaning a $1 Dollar starting price without a minimum bid allowing this item to sell to the high bidder regardless of price. We hope that you take advantage of this excellent item and amazing opportunity to buy a quality genuine estate circa 1950’s diamond engagement ring below retail prices.

Our staff GIA gemologist tested and verified every aspect of the diamonds and gold and gave it an A+ for the rarity of the ring, brilliant sparkle and overall appeal. Apparently it was rarely worn and is in MINT condition. It only required minimal polishing & cleaning. The lucky winner of this ring will have a rare treasure for the years to come. Thank You!