R5817 Classic Three-Stone Engagement Ring by Leon Megé

Leon Megé makes the finest custom made bespoke jewelry.
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Classic three-stone ring, featuring 1.69 carat round diamond.

Image Number: r5817
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For over 20 years Leon Megé has been America’s iconic designer of fine jewelry.

Leon Megé jewelers is dedicated to providing affluent clientele with sophisticated and prestigious handcrafted jewelry.

The finest commission free diamonds and gemstones are offered for examination in our elegant Midtown showroom. We are at your service for a worry-free diamond shopping experience and professional advice.

All work is done on our premises without any use of computer modeling or molds — only painstaking work by master jewelers turning raw platinum plate and wire into beautiful works of art. Our one of a kind pieces are made to order according to our client’s desires and wishes.

Immerse yourself in the fabulous world of Leon Megé jewelry. Our vast online portfolio contains hundreds of styles available for browsing 24/7. You can purchase a stock piece or ask for a custom quote. Our exclusive diamond cuts include True Antique™ line of cushions and French cuts, The “Ultimate” H&A round brilliant cut, Dynasty™ cushion cut and much more! From Kashmir sapphires to Burmese rubies Leon Megé is the place to get your jewelry directly from the manufacturer.

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