‘Big Fan’ Recap Kim Kardashian Flubs Engagement Ring’s Carat Count, Reveals Which of Her Projects..

Who knows her best? Kim Kardashian’s episode of ABC’s new obsession-based game show Big Fan aired on Monday, January 16. It gave us all the LOLs and made us remember how much we love seeing the Keeping Up With the Kardashians mainstay on our TVs.

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The point of the show is to have celebrities compete with their fans to find out who is more knowledgable about the star, and these contestants had clearly done their homework. Here are the top 5 moments from Kim’s episode of Big Fan, which was filmed before her traumatic Paris robbery that took place in October.

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1. Kim Wore Nicole Brown Simpson’s Choker

When Kim strutted on stage in her all black ensemble, she simply radiated. Donning an all black cape and a tight ankle length black dress, the wardrobe piece that stood out the most was her famous choker with a cross on it — the very one that was given to Kris Jenner as a gift from the late Nicole Brown Simpson in 1988. Eerie.

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2. Kim Was Mortified by Her Death Scene in Disaster Movie

Spoiler alert! One of the questions asked to Kim’s fans was about how Kim died in a film. When the correct answer turned out to be her death by meteorite in Disaster Movie, Kim blushed and said, “I’m mortified, if you have the clip. I can’t watch.” They proceeded to play the clip where Kim gets crushed by a meteor. We died laughing.

3. Kim Forgot How Many Carats Were in Her Engagement Ring

It’s obvious this episode was filmed prior to Kim’s traumatizing robbery, especially considering how many jokes were made about her engagement ring — a topic we assume would be off-limits these days. When host Andy Richter asked Kim and her fan Colt how many carats were in ring, Kim answered, “Twelve?” Andy revealed the correct answer was 16. He proceeded to explain, “We got the information from Kanye, so maybe he upped the number.”

Kim Kardashian West’s millions of followers around the world, three are chosen to battle it out to be crowned her #1 super fan. Nicole Wilder/ABC
4. Kim Said Kanye “Deserved” His 400K Lamborghini

When Andy asked Kim and Colt what kind of car she bought for her husband Kanye West, Colt responded, saying, “A $400K Lamborghini.” When it turned out he was correct, Kim added, “He deserved it.” She also added that in addition to the Lambo, she bought him “ATV spider-motorcycle things.”