These Are the 7 Best Emerald Rings in the UK

These Are the 7 Best Emerald Rings in the UK

1. The “Emerald Cut” Emerald
It’s a rectangular gem cut which is also known as the “emerald cut”. long ago before diamonds or other coloured gems were carved in this shape, it was use to bring out the unique richness in colour of emeralds.

2. Emerald Diamond Halo
This ring shows the emerald’s exquisite green depths in a timeless setting. The central emerald weighs half a carat and is cover by a halo of diamonds. this piece is finished in pristine 18K white gold.

3. Classic Emerald Ring
this ring has a classic design and has an oval cut emerald in the centre complete with 14 accent diamonds surrounding it. Set by hand in 9K yellow gold, this piece is surely not cheap.

4. Emerald Eternity Ring
This eternity ring is a handcrafted work of art, it has square cut emeralds and diamonds in an 18K white gold channel setting all around the ring.

5. Emerald Trilogy
This emerald three-stone ring is a perfect gift for the most important event, this piece also complete with the trilogy of luscious green gems representing the past, present and future. Set in white gold with white diamonds to contrast the green of the emeralds, this ring’s design is surely eye-catching.

6. Royal Emerald Ring
this piece is in high demand, probably because it has the same design as Prince William and Kate Middleton’s blue sapphire engagement ring. This large oval shaped emerald is from Thailand and is surrounded by twelve H/Si quality diamonds. This ring is can be set in yellow gold or platinum and even a white gold.

7. Emerald With Accent Diamonds
This ring is handcrafted with two sizeable accent diamonds. The claw setting on it lets as much light as possible into the emerald and the diamonds, giving this ring a really luxurious look. the ring can be set in 18K yellow gold or 18K white gold.

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