Half carat Excellent cut 53 point GVS2 GIA certificated diamond engagement ring in 18ct white gold.

This is an Excellent cut 53 point G VS2 GIA certificated diamond engagement ring in 18ct white gold. Jeremy Hand Made this 18ct white gold ring to the exact measurements of this Excellent cut 53 point G VS2 GIA certificated diamond if you look at the certificate the diamond is stunning and the diamond has no fluorescence so it will not change colour in different lighting conditions. Jeremy bought this diamond because it is absolutely fabulous 53 point G colour VS2 clarity excellent cut so there is no better cut also it has excellent polish and excellent symmetry.
This HD ring is made to display this beautiful diamond perfectly.
The ring takes 2 days to design, file then set, sand and finally polish to this degree.
If you look at most websites selling jewellery or engagement rings they will either have computer generated images or small images, as this degree of perfection takes a lot of work and any imperfections show in the pictures. The ring is designed to show the true colour of the diamond by not having any flat surfaces under or around the diamond so the colour of the platinum does not enter the diamond discolouring it.
This specific design has been registered by Jeremy and all the internal surfaces are polished to a very, very high standard to reflect light and not colour into the diamond, just look at the video or images and you can see the detail you will notice the claws are made perfectly for the size of the diamond and the claws are not bent to accommodate the stone as in a standard ring made of parts bought from wholesalers. When the ring is Hand Made like this the diamond always looks larger because the claws or ring does not take over from the diamond as they do in standard rings.
The GIA certification number is laser engraved onto the girdle of the diamond as it said on the certification so there is no mistaking the diamond.