F vs H Diamond Engagement Rings Comparison on Finger

Detailed insights on F and H color:

An F and H color diamond ring has a difference of 2 color grades apart. And if you don’t already know, diamonds are graded by GIA based on the absence of color.

Will you be able to see color tints in the different color grades? Well, the best way to determine this is to see them with your own eyes in unbiased environments.

In this video, we compare a colorless F beside a near colorless H diamond engagement ring. By recording them in this video, you can scrutinize them at your own leisure and pace. There’s no sales person to pressurize you into making a decision or trying to influence your purchase so that they can make money off your ignorance.

So, this is the best way to figure out whether you can see color and are sensitive to the nuances between them. In my opinion, you are likely not able to see any yellow hues to these diamonds as these stones are optimized for light performance and brilliance.

The sparkle and light return makes them white and hides body color. As a result, your eyes will be drawn towards the beautiful appearance instead of the subtle color differences they have.

Watch the video and once you have done so, leave a comment below and let me know whether a H is white enough or whether you need higher color grades for your engagement ring.

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