Downtown Los Angeles Diamond Engagement Ring Jeweler – Ideal Cut /Loose Diamonds

Metropolitan Fine Diamond Jewelers, located in the prestigious 550 S. Hill Street building in the heart of the Downtown Los Angeles Jewelry District. 213 489 4857

Visit our downtown showroom for professional 1-on-1 advice from Owen.

“I make buying diamonds easy and affordable.
Furthermore, I take the time to explain the process and show you options you never knew were possible!”

We continue to adhere to our founders inspiration… “simplicity in form forge beauty.”
Our design team continues to innovate and design fine diamond engagement rings of the Highest Standard, driven toward perfection.
Using the latest Cad-cam technology, our jewelry is designed on computers but, still handcrafted.
Every ring is a hand-worked piece of art. Made of 14K, 18K, and PLATINUM our design goals continue to adhere to perfection.