Celebrity Engagement Rings: Who’s Got the Biggest?

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What’s happening, TV lovahs? I’m Lindsay Dreyer reporting from Wetpaint Entertainment. Kim Kardashian’s recent engagement to NBA’s Kris Humphries came with some major hardware — a 20.5-carat engagement ring, to be exact. Estimated cost? A cool $2 million. Makes sense that heiress Kim would demand a diamond that could double as a paperweight, but how does her bling stack up against other Hollywood fairy tales? Here are a few contenders who have done a pretty good job at squashing their romance competition.

Paris Hilton never does anything half-assed, and that includes getting engaged. When Paris was briefly engaged to Greek shipping heir Paris Latsis, he gave her a whopping 24-carat ring, which cost a reported $4.7 mil — take that, Kim! But when they broke up 10 seconds later, she auctioned off the ring for victims of Hurricane Katrina. Guess Paris really does have a soul!

Mariah Carey’s ring from Nick Cannon weighed in at a diva-worthy 17 carats. We’re guessing that Mariah herself may have helped her hubby with the purchase — seems like $2.5 million would have strained his post-Nickelodeon budget — “All That” was a long time ago.

And it seems that Mariah’s not the only diva who demands double-digit carats. Jay-Z knew how Beyonce felt about the importance of putting a ring on it, which is probably why he finally did it — and he went B-I-G big. The rapper shilled out $5 million for an 18-carat behemoth. B, maybe the halo you can see is just the glare from that boulder.

Real Housewives Lisa Vanderpump started her marriage with a much more modest ring, but when one she got rich, her husband replaced it with a 20-carat stunner. Try as we might to figure out how much this one cost, we can’t, but you know Lisa. She’s a class act and probably kept that price tag under raps. We wonder if the original ring was engraved “IOU.”

And the winner, and still the champ is Elizabeth Taylor with her blinding 69.42-carat Cartier ring from her fifth and sixth husband, actor Richard Burton — and, get this, at the time it only cost Richard $1.1M dollars! Who knows how much a sucker like that would run you today… As far as we know it’s the biggest ring Hollywood’s ever seen, and since no one’s ever loved diamonds as much as Liz Taylor, it seems right to keep it that way. What’s even more astonishing is that Elizabeth makes our celebrity engagement rings list not once, but twice. Her engagement ring from third husband Michael Todd was a stunning 31-carats.

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