The Minnesota State Seal and Pumpkins

This video morphs from the largest pumpkin contest held at the Minnesota State Fair in to the history of the Minnesota State Seal. I happened to notice on a badge from the year 1909 for the Superintendent of the Minnesota Agricultural Society ( That society that has hosted the Minnesota Fair since 1859) there was a seal very similar to the Minnesota State Seal with Indian (Two) riders on horse back in the background with a strong presence of an agricultural theme. My guess is that since Governor Henry Sibley was very much part of the military scene to control the Indians locally, Henry Sibley’s symbolism in his design of the state seal may not be what others have conjured the symbolism to mean. Maybe someone in the Minnesota Agricultural Society floated an idea bubble for a new state seal with this medallion badge?
The Minnesota Agricultural Society has been in Minnesota since its inception and has always had powerful political members.