Engagement Rings & Buying Diamonds online for Women. How to Affordable Price Guide Tutorial Review

*Diamond Finder Website*: http://goo.gl/6goze8

-Make sure you search GIA diamonds from these websites

Buying Diamonds Online & Engagement Rings for Women. How to Affordable Price Guide Tutorial Review

The best place to buy diamond engagement rings is online. For four main reasons that I will go over with you.

You normally save thousands buying diamonds online.
For example: lets take Kay Jewelers. I went to buy this Neil Lane ring for 15000 dollars. When I called them they told me the band was around 3,500. So the price of the center diamond is 11,500. But when I was online I noticed the specs of the diamond were 1.5 carats but the it was as shade I which isn’t that great and a Clarity of I1. Which is terrible! I plugged specifications into a diamond finder on the website I linked to below. And found one that was 7,000. That is 4,500 savings for a better diamond. WOW.

Certification GIA-
Sound to good to be true. That leads me to my second point. The GIA certification. Which means the diamond is what jeweler says it is and it will give you a predicatble diamond. Buying in a store they trick you with fancy lights that make the diamond sparkle more to cover its flaws. After you buy it and compare it to others you find out it isnt’t as good as if you would have just went with the GIA certification. Any diamond that doesn’t use this specific certification will bend the results to make it seem better.

Ability to Compare-
I mentioned Comparing. The reason why I love the specific website in the description is its ability to compare diamonds. Better than an a jeweler including online jewelers. For example you can see that this diamond is whiter than this one. Which you’d expect as it explains below the diamond specifications. Thanks to their lighting you will see that this diamond here has a flaw. Where as this one is flawless to the eye even when magnified. If you go to a jeweler they may compare 2 or 3 diamonds out of the showcase. Here you can compare as many as you want.

My favorite – No pressure or lies from Sales People… You can set the price and it will give you the best ring for that price. Which means no inflated prices because of commission or being upsold. If you buy a center diamond online first then you can always take to a jeweler and put it in a band you like.

Best Place to Buy Diamonds & Engagement Rings for Women. Online Affordable Price Guide Buying Review

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