Yellow Gold Antique Engagement Rings

Yellow Gold Antique Engagement Rings : What You Need to Know

If you are looking for a stunning and unique engagement ring, a vintage or vintage style might be the perfect choice. With options ranging from floral designs to cathedral settings, vintage engagement rings can be designed to match the style of the person of your choice. Read our full guide below to learn more about vintage settings and what to know before you buy.

Our main recommendation for buying vintage engagement rings is to buy an engagement ring from a very reputable seller. Achieve the quality and value you deserve by choosing blue diamonds, James Allen or Brian Gavin diamonds

What is a vintage or real engagement ring setting?

The vintage engagement ring is an antique style ring inspired by the Victorian, Edwardian or Art Deco periods. Wine settings are often very complex. Feature Milgram and Filigree are two popular techniques used to create additional details in the settings.

Millgren carving is an ornament that gives the ring an “antique” look, with small metal balls decorating the sides of the band and the crown of the ring. For example, this infinite holo-ring has Millergreen on the edges of the holo.

Filigree is another type of delicate metal art that has metal beads or bent metal threads all over the area. The antique engagement ring below shows examples of filigree ornaments made of yellow gold around the diamond set with shaft and bezel.

For more examples of vintage-style settings, see the recently purchased diamond mounting rings from our top rated retailers

Why choose a vintage style engagement ring?

Antique engagement rings are attractive because of the unconventional design, intricate details, and classic colors. As an endless piece of jewelry, a wine engagement ring is well cared for and often goes on for generations.

  1. You can even customize vintage engagement rings to suit the style and desires of the wearer. Simply put, they stand out from the crowd.
  2. The fancy millgreen design options of a gorgeous floral starburst are truly endless. Older rings can also be made from any precious metal: yellow gold, white gold, platinum, or rose gold.
  3. What does a vintage engagement ring cost?

  1. Depending on your attitude, your diamond and its 4C vintage engagement rings will cost $ 900-20,000, and a lot more depending on your attitude. The prices for a wine engagement ring are the same as any other engagement ring, but more complex designs can result in higher prices.
  2. For example, this regular setting of the frame engagement ring costs 1,080. The total cost of the ring is $ 4,170 when paired with a great HSI1 round cut diamond of 0.90 carat.
  3. As another example, this vintage cathedral Milagrin Diamond engagement ring setting is priced at $ 1,150. The total cost of the ring when the 0.61 carat round diamond is made with eye color and VS2 clarity is $ 2,470.
  4. Antique engagement rings aren’t as cheap as other rings and in general you can find vintage styles in every price range. This is because many factors affect the price of an engagement ring, including the setting, center diamond, and side stone.

The average couple spends between 5,000 and 7,500 on an engagement ring. Choosing a vintage engagement ring is more about the choice of style than about offering less.

Learn how to buy real vintage and accessory settings

You might want to buy an original vintage ring that is decades old. While this can be a unique and stunning ring with a special story, buying an old ring is a risky approach here and why.

  1. First, real antique rings rarely come with a valid GIA or AGS certification, so you don’t have any real legitimacy about the quality of the diamond. The seller may have promised that this is a great cut with G color and VS2 clarity, but they often have no way to prove it.
  2. Second, it is difficult to understand the real status of the settings. Is It Safe To Hold The Diamond? Will it get worse over time? Again, it is almost impossible to understand what quality you are assuming without providing evidence of the materials used and the manufacturer of the ring.
  3. Third, when it comes to spending, an original wine ring may not offer the best value. Are you only paying for that 40 year old fact? Are you paying for 18k gold when the setting is actually 14k gold? The uncertainty with a real wine ring is certainly real.

For this reason, we recommend buying a new wine or antique style from a trusted seller. Many high-quality suppliers offer dazzling rings in these motifs, such as hexagonal fastening rings and these filigree white gold rings. You can get the same beautiful vintage look without worrying about a real antique.

You can buy an old engagement ring, even from a property sale, auction, from a friend or family member. If possible, we recommend that you receive a certificate with your engagement ring. You can check what you are buying. You can shop at Abe Moore for a beautiful reusable diamond engagement ring. Abe Moore is a trusted provider that many of our readers have worked with.

Vintage diamonds are usually no more expensive than newly cut diamonds and are of the same value or slightly less. Antique diamonds are becoming increasingly rare and environmentally friendly, so they are often warm in color. This can reduce their value by up to 20% compared to modern diamonds of the same type.

The value of a diamond is based on a combination of color, cut quality, precision and carat weight. By evaluating a diamond in a wine diamond, you can determine its value and worth. The evaluator should consider aspects such as craftsmanship, rarity, and condition.

Where to Buy Vintage and Accessories Hirad Engagement Rings

Since you want to buy your ring, antique or vintage, from a very reputable seller, the most important thing is to choose a jewelry company. During our years in the diamond industry, we have studied vendors carefully to identify the best and most reliable in the industry.

The following diamond dealers are highly regarded. They offer a wide variety of gorgeous diamond and vintage style settings. All diamonds come with an AGS or GIA certificate which gives you confidence in what they are selling you.

For a vintage setting and cons

A vintage style ring offers infinite beauty and unique details. Before you buy, check out the Political Aspects and Cons to see if this is the right option for you.


  • Offers exceptional beauty and character
  • When well designed, it enhances the center stone’s reputation
  • Matches the preferences of a period or personal style
  • Unique and elaborately built
  • Disadvantage
  • Due to the complex details and cravings, further cleaning and maintenance may be required
  • The setting can detract from the beauty and shine of the stone (if poorly designed)
  • An original wine setting (unlike a new wine rock ring) requires additional time and skill to ensure that the
  • Diamond is well cared for and safely preserved.
  • Precise and vintage setting for the most popular curses

Vintage style settings can be created for any diamond shape due to their classic design and the ability to customize the setting. Popular diamond shapes for vintage rings are round brilliant, princess cut, cushion cut and oval.

Examples of antique and burgundy engagement rings:

Engagement ring settings for a round cut:

  1. Round Square Halors Engagement Ring
  2. Victorian Hello Diamond Involved Ring
  3. Gig Dome Double Hello Split Shank Engagement Ring
  4. Hexagon baguette diamond engagement ring
  5. Open Lace Pav Diamond Hello Engagement Ring

Engagement ring settings for Princess Cut:

  1. Set the Pav antique bezel and engagement ring
  2. Princess Cut Bezel Set Hello Engagement Ring
  3. Art Deco Geometric Diamond Involved Ring
  4. Millgreen Cathedral side stone diamond involved ring
  5. Wine-inspired bouquet engagement ring

Engagement ring settings for pillow cutting:

  1. Jack Posen Square Halo Diamond Engagement Ring
  2. Pavé antique clover engagement ring
  3. Bella Vaughan Empire Pillow Halo Hand Carved Ring
  4. Paisley surprise engagement ring
  5. Millgreen Lace Pav Engagement Ring

Engagement ring settings for oval cut:

  1. Oval Vintage Baguette Hello Diamond Ring
  2. Razor Edge Cathedral Diamond Engagement Ring
  3. Three stone hello ring set with oval and pink diamonds
  4. Oval bezel diamond ring
  5. Beak marquise shape oval east-west ring

Rate a diamond ring for beauty and value

Make sure you choose the most beautiful engagement ring for your budget.

Check our Diamond Pro resources to choose the perfect ring for you.

  1. Diamond cut: cut for the meaning of many false diamond shapes. Cut refers to the quality of the proportions, angles, directions, and finishing details of the diamond. The cut affects the beauty of a diamond and is shinier than any other aspect.
  2. Diamond Shape: The diamond shape refers to the outline or shape of a diamond. Diamond shapes include pear, round brilliant, princess cut, and emerald cut. Choose your size based on personal preference and style
  3. Diamond Clarity: Your diamond should be eye clean of flaws and blends. Check diamonds carefully and get help from an expert.
  4. Diamond Color: Determine if the diamond looks white to the naked eye (i.e. no noticeable marks). Also, make sure that the diamond appears colorless in its setting.


Yellow Gold Antique Engagement Rings For Every Budget & Style

The yellow gold engagement rings have a kind of revival from the shiny style to the matte finish. Probably the result of the trend in gold jewelry in the market from pendants to stackable rings and hoop earrings. Platinum and white gold rings are certainly still popular choices, although many modern couples buy yellow gold engagement rings to blend in with their everyday jewelry. Even if your jewelry box is heavy on the silver side, a yellow gold ring is perfect for the fashion-conscious couple to immerse themselves in the allo-metallic trend.

The trend towards yellow gold started in the engagement ring market for a revival of unique wine and retro style. You can set up an artistically crafted band with an accent from a micro pavilion, a classic round cut diamond in a narrow gold band, or an elegant emerald cut ring with side beauties that looks great with a stone Midas touch.

For classic aromas, pear, oval, emerald and cushion cut diamonds in yellow gold settings are spectacular. Pearls are a diamond option that is equally classic in yellow gold settings. Take the yellow gold engagement ring one step further and choose colored stones. In a yellow gold setting, the effect is a complete wine with an old look that suits your taste if you are considering a raw, rustic, or raw diamond.

If the contemporary ring is down your alley, consider a modern setting, e.g. B. an east-west setting, a bi-stone ring, a hexagonal shape or a trillion cut diamond. Each of these styles are perfect for the modern couple who want a low cookie cutter attachment ring

CZ by Kenneth J. Lane pillow royal engagement ring

This classic pillow cut style feels like a regal dress inspired by Meghan Merkel’s engagement ring. The dense zirconium oxide stones are made of 18-carat yellow gold-plated brass with an elongated setting.

Shen Ko. Vintage cathedral knife-edge engagement ring

The complex details of the mansion adorn it in otherwise cathedral settings. The 14 carat yellow gold band measures two millimeters with a knife edge. This list is for setting only, but the center stone preview lets you see what different stones can look like with the ribbon.

Barbella Diamond Nico Ring

A fine, structured band made of 14 carat yellow gold is a perfect alternative to a minimal mounting ring. A round diamond is set in a bezel setting to complete the solitaire silhouette.

J. Hannah Demi Signet (Diamond)

The description of their signature collection point says: “Historically, Senate jewelry is a physical sign of identity.” The aim of their line is “a modern reinterpretation of the concept in classic shapes with a small unique detail” for this colorful engagement ring made of 14 carat yellow gold, the meaning of which is a round, brightly cut white diamond.

Effie Bouquet 14 Karat Yellow Gold Diamond Cluster Ring

The shiny 14 carat gold band opens up a unique basket setting with a collection of round diamonds. Supports a heart-shaped stone that is only visible from the profile of the basket.

Diamant Nexus Sand Classic pear-cut engagement ring

A pear-shaped diamond substitute stone is set in breathtaking loops in a lotus setting that the brand compares to trellis architecture. The 14 karat gold ring has a slim profile and a variety of matching options for wedding rings.

Wwake Nestled Rose Cut Diamond Ring

The thin hard gold band contains two white rose-cut diamonds in a unique modern design. The sleek and beautiful nature of this piece makes for a lovely stack of rings.

Lori McLean Fine Jewelry Old solitaire ring made of diamond in European cut

This solitaire diamond beauty is handcrafted and features a simple, tapered 14 karat gold band. The stone is wine-inspired with old European cuts.

Silhouette Wave Ring in Kavant and Short Tall

The wave ring is inspired by organic sea manure. A pear-shaped diamond of 0.03 ct is the curve of the 18-carat gold ribbon.

Aprise Jewelry Stella Ring Setting (Pillow)

This simple gold ring setting can be made for any medium stone size or type (stones are sold individually). The low seat basket is available with points or nail pins.

ILA Pietro Marquez cut diamond ring

Marquise-cut diamond rings are the perfect choice for the super petite and minimalist. The slim band is made of 14 carat durable gold and can be stacked or worn individually.

La Kaiser 14 Karat Gold Diamond Angels Drop Ring

A beautiful pear-shaped diamond in the center is complemented by small round diamonds that are placed along a thin gold band. The Angels Ring is a suitable candidate for contour bands with unique shapes and compositions so it can be stacked both above and below the center diamond.

Michelle oh autumn ring

The sharp ring is organic in nature. The diamond leaves in its natural irregular shape and sits in an unrefined 18k gold band for a raw finish.

Explanation of the pyramid on the Maria-Kanal-Weißachatring

The band of this ring is all that is half an inch by 18 kg of gold in width. The solid base carries a 3D pyramid made of carved white agate with a brightly cut solitaire diamond on top.

Takorili Takori ring made of 18 carat gold

The oval diamond in east-west setting looks modern and unique in an elegant diamond-tipped frame. The 18-karat yellow gold band features complex profile details and small diamond accents that are visible in the profile view.

Celine Kent Luna Ring

Celine Kent’s Luna Ring is transformed into jewelry with moon motifs in a unique way. A crescent-shaped diamond extends from a typical square band of 14 karat yellow gold.

Charles and Colvard forever a light colorless Moisanite East-West 14K with yellow gold side accents engagement ring

Three types of Mycenaean stone adorn this 14 carat gold band made of limestone. The stone in the middle of the east-west lighting section is a basket set made of 1.7 mm round mayonite stone piles. Even small round stones extend from the main attraction that sits in the band.

Nora Kogan Missia Ring

The Misia ring is nothing traditional. A conflict-free marquee diamond is set in an east-west style with 14 carat yellow gold bands that are hand-painted with white or black enamel.

18 Karat Gold David Yurman DY Delaun Petite Engagement Ring

An emerald-cut diamond with a brush finish looks stunning in this geometric band of 18k gold. Dwayne Delaunai modeled his wife’s engagement ring from a design by David Urman.

Jesse VE Glory Fatale ‘Siren’ Ring

‘Siren’ is a double finger ring in Fame Fatal. The stone in the middle of a peach tourmaline is attached between the fingers and is located under the 18-carat gold diamond band.

Bruder The Signature bezel emerald

A razor-sharp bezel lets light flood and reflect in all directions so that the emerald-cut diamond shines as well as possible. The design has been designed to be flush with the wedding ring while sitting under your finger to draw attention to the diamond.

Luna Sky 14 Karat Gold and Diamond Solitaire Oval White Sapphire Eternal Ring

An oval white sapphire set adorned with witch diamonds, set in a thin 14-carat gold band. This beauty can be created as a full or half eternity, but note that the full eternity bands cannot be resized. We like how this statement looks with a series of contour bands.

Jackie Aiche trillion diamond ring

This Jackie Aich engagement ring has a major trillion cut diamond on a bezel. The groove consists of a carefully placed small round diamond with 14 bands of banana yellow gold.

Anita Co on the side pear and diamond plaster ring

A dainty pear diamond is given a new look in the east-west style. The creation of Anita Co is based on the diamond band set with 18 carat gold, a perfect alternative to the eye for a beautiful eye for modern minimalism.

Alurez Diagonal Diamond Hello East West Bridal Set 14 Karat Yellow Gold

This set matches the 14-karat gold engagement ring and wedding ring. The engagement ring features a diagonal pillow cut diamond halo, while the Pav Wedding Band is adorned with 17 long diamonds.

Joe Chicco 14K Pav and Pear Shape Diamond Wide Flat Band Ring

Flat band horizon ring head gymnast. The eight millimeter wide 14 carat gold band contains a relatively dendritic pear diamond on a bezel and a large selection of round diamonds at its ends.

Margaret rings the doorbell on Ashley’s thigh

The double escar cut diamond design is inspired by the French “Toi at Moi” or “I and You” style engagement rings and features two stones that form a single engagement ring. The focus stones are accentuated by tapered baguettes with diamonds in a round, square 14 kg gold band.

Highlight the Jillian Round Brilliant Ring

Inspired by the designer’s own engagement ring, Jillian rings play with different shapes and sizes. A large, round, brightly cut white diamond centered on a 14 carat gold band with two trillion-cut diamond accents.

Sophia Cannon Ital signet ring

The declaration guarantees that the Senate ring will turn its head. The outer edge lined with diamonds and the matte finish are surprised by the structured band and the diamond star motif and are made of 18 carat yellow gold, a kind of statement jewel.

Wait Horizon: V131 ring

With low-set center stones, the horizon ring is minimal in design and uninterruptedly simple. The 14 carat gold band can be customized with accent stones and is available in square, semicircular or razor sharp designs.

Lauren B Cushion Cut Diamond Hidden Halo Engagement Ring

If you can’t get enough diamonds then this 2.25 carat Lauren B design is for you. A large, pillow-cut center stone that is wrapped in two rows of halo and bare at the bottom of the diamond is known as a “hidden halo”. The three-row cathedral ribbon is bound all around by bright diamonds.

Yellow diamond engagement ring in a quet ashar cut

The characteristic quilt setting is “open and airless”. Yellow diamonds allow maximum light to shine and make stones appear almost floating. The solitaire engagement ring is clean and simple, but the colored stones add a modern twist.