Wedding Dress Colors and Their Differences

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Did you know the tradition of wearing a white wedding dress started with Queen Victoria? Before her marriage to Prince Albert in 1840, wedding dress colors varied from brown, to blue, to red! Designer wedding gowns come in plenty of colors— even black! Whatever color gown you choose, just remember to find one that you love, even if it strays from tradition. In this video, Brittany will walk you through the most popular wedding dress colors: ivory, diamond white, and pure white.

Most wedding dresses are not pure white anymore. The most popular color of designer wedding gowns is ivory. The Wedding Shoppe loves ivory bridal gowns because of how elegant they are. They also photograph beautifully and are complimentary to any skin tone. White dresses are capable of washing out a bride, and ivory bridal gowns are very flattering in photos. Another reason we love ivory bridal gowns? Beading and details stand out beautifully!

Diamond white designer wedding gowns are also a popular choice. Diamond white dresses are lighter than ivory bridal gowns and darker than pure white. This color has less of a tendency to wash out a bride’s complexion.

The more traditional choice of wedding dress colors is white, or pure white. Although not a trendy option for designer wedding gowns, pure white dresses are sure to come back. Wedding trends always do! The negatives of white wedding dresses are that they tend to wash out a bride and could possibly photograph with a blue or purple hue. However, some brides still opt for gorgeous, white designer wedding gowns, and we understand why!

We hope this video helps you with your wedding dress shopping experience!

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