Shopping for the bridesmaids, Diy Bridesmaid Boxes

Hey guys !
Today i had to run errands to get some things for the girls ( bridesmaids ) for tomorrow. I already ordered there shirts off etsy and wanted to add some things to make a personalized box.
All is budget friendly and built to where everyones things can be personalized in a different unique way.

The shirts i got from etsy- – –
purchased from – thewhiteinvitegifts ( 16.00) each

Necklaces – Kohls , Lauren Conrad Brand normally ranges around 18 dollars got for (8 – 9 ) each

Hankerchiefs- Thrifted ( each bundle was 3.99)

Boxes – each box ranged from 7-8 dollars ) ( Thanks to hobby lobbys 50 percent off )

Personalized letter stationary ( marshalls set of 14 for 3.99)

Each bridesmaids Gift was budgeted around 35 Each.
Depending on your budget you can modify how you would like.

Bridesmaid dress shopping is tomorrow !!
As well as the welcoming of baby kynlee