Ready, Set, Go – Episode 2 (Bridesmaid Gift Bag)

Welcome to Ready, Set, Go, a new series where we put a group of contestants’ DIY skills to the test. In today’s challenge, we ask the contestants to make the perfect bridesmaid gift bag. But there is a catch. First, they’ll only have one minute to decorate the bag and then only ten seconds to sort through a collection of random and fun gift bag items to create the best wedding welcome bag. Finally, they’ll have to explain to the host why they decorated and stuffed their bag they way that they did. Keep on watching to see whose bag will come out on top and which team will take home the grand prize.


Franceska Garza – @franceskax

Annie Tran – @annie.vtrann

Brenna Huckaby – @bren_hucks

Hunter McGrady – @huntermcgrady


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