DIY Makeovers on a Budget Video: Bridesmaid Gift Boxes

I made these for a friend’s wedding. She used the boxes to give her bridesmaids a thank you note,earrings,glass and shirt on her wedding day. Here’s a look at the project in progress + completion! IG: Shayla’s Creative Side

Shayla’s Creative Side uses ordinary finds to create unexpected treasures on a budget. Whether repurposing a salvaged CD Holder into a coffee stand or transforming a salvaged cabinet into a bench, Shayla’s Creative Side offers a range of projects and ideas for turning old stuff into new gems.


Thanks so much for checking out Shayla’s Creative Side! I have always had an interest in creative writing and my creative interests are expanding. As a writer, I have always learned people remember how a story or an experience makes them feel. As a DIY lover, I like to repurpose, upcycle, salvage, redesign and redecorate to create positive memories in physical spaces. I want people to feel like a space is worth returning to visit or memories of the space find you smiling.

My videos show you how to revamp the “eye sores” in the back of your closet into “I need this” items around the home. The videos incorporate thrift store, salvage, clearance, discount and other inexpensive store discoveries. Sometimes the magic starts in your closet or nearest thrift store. Redesigning a space can be as simple as rethinking items you already own.

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