Ever want to save money for your wedding? Do you want the most affordable Bridesmaid Proposal Box idea? Well, you came to the right video! Today, I made a proposal box for my bridesmaids for just ten dollars! That’s absolutely insane! Hobby Lobby, Dollar Tree, and any Liqueur store worked just great for me! You can make alterations with however you would like, but this is just my favorite! I hope that this diy bridesmaid proposal box inspired a bride and will save you money too! Leave a comment below letting me know if you liked the idea and if you ever end up doing something similar off of my idea, PLEASE tag me in insta or tweet me!!
What I used & the Cost:
Pink Box $1 – Dollar Tree
Nail Polish (X2) $2 – Dollar Tree
White Decorative Shred $1 – Dollar Tree
Pink Rose Petals $1 – Dollar Tree
“Couldn’t Tie the Knot” Earrings $3(they were 50% off) – Hobby Lobby
Mini Alcohol $2-3 – Any Local Liqueur Store
Total = $10-11 WOOHOO

Thank you so much for watching! I am so grateful for each and every one of you who took the time to watch, comment, like, or enjoy my videos!

May All Your Stars Align

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