Turquoise Diamond Engagement Ring

The Hidden Meaning Behind Turquoise Engagement Rings

While it’s not as shiny as many gemstones, turquoise can just be the most expressive stone in an engagement ring. Often associated with the American Southwest, turquoise actually has a rich history that spans the globe. The blue-green stone, which was recognized immediately, came to Europe on a trade route through Turkey and called the turquoise “Turkish stone”. Ancient cultures such as the Egyptians, Aztecs, Persians, Mesopotamians and Chinese have been known to wear turquoise as one of the oldest recorded minerals. Turquoise is used in virtually all types of jewelry, from necklaces to bracelets, brooches, and earrings. It is available in different shapes and sizes. But when it sounds like it, many do not associate turquoise with the big, body-hugging, dark statement piece by piece, piece by piece, piece by piece, piece by piece, piece by piece, piece by piece. Contrary to popular belief, turquoise engagement rings can easily adopt these traditional thematic features, and the stone itself has a deeper meaning that is more than appropriate for the most iconic pieces of jewelry.

Hidden money

Behind every turquoise stone hides the meaning of luck, wealth and loyalty. Each couple hopes that the three will become part of their life together. The most important meaning behind turquoise when it comes to engagement is a trusting relationship. Every wedding must be based on trust, and turquoise engagement rings represent that belief and can be a constant reminder throughout your wedding.

Another well-known meaning behind turquoise is that the stone promotes happiness. While there are ups and downs in a marriage, happiness can always be key. Good luck comes from proposal to proposal and over all milestones in life. But through trials and difficulties, every couple must be reminded of the happiness they share, and turquoise engagement rings can be a memory.

Turquoise and horn to turquoise

Many turquoise rocks contain dark spots or veins called the matrix. This matrix can often be the reason the stone is usually not attached to the engagement ring. However, it is possible to have turquoise stones that are free and clean of the matrix. These particular stones are often very valuable and can be very valuable. This type of stone can be seen in our Victorian-era navette style in the 14k yellow gold Laguna engagement ring, which features a marquis-shaped cabchon turquoise surrounded by 18 old European cut diamonds. This beautiful ring is a perfect example of how the remarkable meaning of turquoise can be used in all of those beautiful, elegant engagement rings.


Everything You Need to Know About Turquoise Engagement Rings

It may be difficult to give up the idea that all engagement rings should have a diamond center stone. However, if you welcome the opportunity to take an unconventional approach, you will discover a vast world of beautiful, historic gemstones to choose from. This is one of the options that gives it a compact look. Is turquoise.

What is turquoise

Turquoise is an opaque gemstone known for its attractive colors. It comes in various shades of blue and green, although the most valuable robin is egg-blue (or sky blue).

History of the turquoise gemstones

This fascinating jewel is a thousand years old; Perhaps most notably, Turkish jewelry was found around 5000 BC. Was discovered in ancient Egyptian tombs in the El-Kwa region. It is currently mined primarily in Iran, China, and the American Southwest. The name turquoise is derived from the French expression Pierre Turks (Turkish stone), which means that it came to Europe from the Turkish territory (although its original source is believed to be) from Iran. ).

What to look for in a turquoise ring

Turquoise occurs in relatively rare and arid regions that have copper-rich groundwater. The higher the density of the copper, the sharper the blue turquoise appears. Another element of turquoise is its matrix if you look at the spider-like veins above the stone (as opposed to a solid color). Of course, the matrix as compared to any matrix depends on your personal preferences when choosing your stone.

Jeweler Grace Lee explains to Brides, “Smooth cabchon cuts seem to be the most common cut for turquoise. Since turquoise is 5 – on the Mohs scale (meaning softer than some other gemstones) it is easier to cut and engrave. Unfortunately This means it can be scratched or cracked too.

Grace Lee is a fine jewelry designer who founded her name collection in 2007. The piece is made using the Kimberley process by vendors in Los Angeles and Lee.

When considering a turquoise engagement ring, Lee notes that it’s important to think about both settings and cuts. “Personally, I think long-term settings work best so you don’t put too much pressure on the turquoise,” he says. “However, it is often set as a bezel and even an inertia.”

The American Institute of Gemology says turquoise is judged by three primary quality factors: color, texture, and the presence or absence of a matrix. Lee also noted that the initial cost would be the gem itself, as well as the “price and settings of the metal used” as described in the complex and detailed description. Many turquoise engagement ring options include other stones in the design, including diamond halos and other complementary side stones. Turquoise weighs carats like diamonds.

How to take care of your turquoise ring

Lee recommends avoiding harsh chemicals or high heat when cleaning your turquoise jewelry (the former can affect the color of your gemstones).

Scroll through the stunning turquoise rings below.

Michelle Fantasy diamond and turquoise octagon rings

The stone in the center of this ring has “Persian Turquoise” which is consistent with the history of this beautiful gemstone.

E Collection Turquoise and Diamond Eo Ring

The stunning turquoise center stone on this ring is further stimulated by a glittering diamond halo.

Ella Felicia turquoise and diamond ring

Proof that several beautiful stones can be better than one statement diamond.

Grace Lee Maman Crown Bezel Turquoise Ring

This ring has a set of turquoise rose cut stones with a 14 karat gold crown bezel.

Effie yellow gold turquoise diamond ring

Serious Royalty is a kind of engagement ring that stops the mood.

Retrovi triple-coil mini compass ring

This handcrafted ring features a unique turquoise Bach design that is perfect for future brides who want to work with their hands and not want to accidentally throw the stone.

Dru jewelry Halor signet ring

This modern turquoise ring is surrounded by 34 brilliant white diamonds

Victorian Old Mine Cushion Cut and Turquoise Ring

A turquoise engagement ring with a fine old mine-cut diamond.

Samantha Tea Lalun Ring Percy’s turquoise ring

This bold ring is made from 18k rose gold with Persian turquoise and 0.20ct gray diamond.

Shahla Karimi Mini Loss Ring

If you’re looking for a low key engagement ring with a turquoise center stone, all you need to do is look for the option of a favorite iconic jewelry designer.

Gemologica diamond and oval turquoise yellow gold ring

This matrix of turquoise stone is antique thanks to the small diamond recess.

The last line is turquoise and gold heart ring

Although delicate, this heart-shaped turquoise stone tastes and feels romantic.

Tamara Kamoli Big Button Ring made of yellow gold and turquoise

Although this 18-karat gold design ring is minimal, it features a dominant turquoise center stone that is timeless

Melissa Joy Manning Milkway Ring

Is it much more dreamy than turquoise, moonstone and tourmaline? An engagement ring for the lover of natural splendor.

David Yurman Chitline with turquoise ring diamonds

Turquoise is the star of this statement piece, the wide diamond of which is tied in 18 gold ribbons in each nail.


9 Turquoise Engagement Rings

Like turquoise? These turquoise engagement rings are beautiful and unique and will complement your relationship with your new fiancé perfectly.

Square cut ring

If you want a unique focal point like your own ring, why not go for the bold, square cut?

Turquoise leaves

Add interest to your ring by choosing one of these turquoise engagement rings with a diamond leaf band.

Turquoise and diamond

When looking for turquoise roy don’t think you have to leave diamonds in your hopes to include turquoise. A turquoise and diamond ring can be the perfect compromise.

Turquoise white diamond

Why not find white gold diamond and turquoise gemstone engagement rings in memory of your love? This choice is ideal for a traditional bride who likes the color turquoise but still wants a classic ring.

Vintage rings

When looking at turquoise engagement rings, don’t skip the samples. Combine this vintage turquoise color to give yourself a timeless look.

Raindrop ring

If you’re going to take such a flashy stone, why not make a cut where it looks more like it? This raindrop ring is the perfect statement.

Turquoise halo

When looking for turquoise engagement rings, the temptation is to look subtle instead of adding a glitter setting. This is the best way to add extra sparkle to your engagement ring.

Minimalist ring

Are you looking for turquoise engagement rings by approaching your minimum partner? This cropped, short sleeved look is the perfect and lovely way to show that you know your partner’s personal style.

Turquoise and black gold

The most striking thing about turquoise is its dramatic color. Combining it with a black gold setting is a beautiful and bold way to differentiate your ring.


Turquoise Engagement Ring – Good or Bad Idea?

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There is a shift towards trendy and funky engagement rings as more and more couples choose alternative designs to show off their personality and style. As a result, semi-precious stones such as turquoise are increasingly sought for rings to be used.

There is no doubt that turquoise looks great when assembled efficiently in the correct ring setting. Indeed, it could blow your mind! But beauty is one thing. Durability is another. Let’s take a look at a turquoise engagement ring is a good idea.

Pro of turquoise engagement rings

There are a number of reasons that make Firoza Bagdan a great idea:

  1. One of the main reasons is that the turquoise ring is really unique. Turquoise is a special gemstone and there is no comparable stone. When n cabchon is polished, turquoise has an attractive smooth finish and really stands out.
  2. Turquoise highlights its color. Once worn on the finger, turquoise adds a blue color which is very attractive. Because of this, the little turquoise comes a long way. So if you have minimalist designs, you can choose a small turquoise stone that is still clearly visible.
  3. Turquoise is the birthmark of December. For anyone born in December or with a special tie this month, a turquoise engagement ring can mean extra money. For example, if you meet your other half or they propose to you in December, you can probably celebrate that month by filling it with stones.
  4. High-quality turquoise is not necessarily cheap, but it is much cheaper than diamonds, sapphires or rubies. This makes the cost of a turquoise engagement a viable alternative. Of course, the quality of the setting and age, brand and other details must be taken into account as this will add significantly to the price of the overall ring. In general, however, it is safe to say that turquoise is a much cheaper alternative to the most valuable gemstones.
  5. A turquoise ring goes well with different design styles. In a yellow gold setting, turquoise rings look very refined, luxurious and can give a vintage charm. When the stone is set on top of white metals such as white gold or platinum, it takes on a modern look by creating an interesting contrast with the blue and silver tones.

Disadvantages of turquoise engagement rings

Every story has two sides and unfortunately, like other gemstones, turquoise is also here, it also has disadvantages. Here are some cons of the turquoise engagement ring:

  1. Turquoise is the main flexibility. Turquoise is not a very hard stone, Mohs is 5-6 on the scale. This means that things with a higher hardness can easily scratch the gemstone. To keep track of things, silica that is present in the dust is also perforated in No. 7 turquoise. It is important that your turquoise engagement ring is mounted in a safe environment like a bezel or hollow setting.
  2. Turquoise can change color and fade over time if it is of low or medium quality. It can be further enhanced by exposure to body oils and oils. To avoid this, you need to buy the highest quality natural turquoise that has not been treated. These are not known to change color.
  3. Turquoise requires additional maintenance and care to extend the life of the ring. These include avoiding harsh chemicals, immersion in water for long periods of time, removing the ring during physical activity, wearing in a careful environment, etc.

Tips for including turquoise in your engagement ring

If you really want turquoise in your engagement ring but are not sure whether it is suitable for maintenance, you can try incorporating turquoise elements into your overall ring design instead of making your center stone.

  1. Use turquoise on accent stones to add color to center stones like diamond or mayonite. You can choose turquoise to decorate the center stone like a hollow or to decorate the trunk of the ring.
  2. Another idea is to use turquoise in the ring protector. This is a unique way to incorporate the turquoise color into the engagement ring and protect the center diamond from bumps.
  3. For your ring, choose turquoise insects over turquoise stones. A safe and inexpensive way to bring turquoise into your ring design is with turquoise water. There are some separate room styles where the shredded turquoise eels and turquoise glasses set two accents. Both have a unique look. So take the look that appeals to you.

So there you have it. The principles and disadvantages of turquoise involvement are some of the ways you can get your color on the formwork without making gems. If you’re in love with the idea of a turquoise engagement ring then go for it! After all, you have a ring like no other.