Three Stone Antique Engagement Rings

Three Stone Antique Engagement Ring Meaning

The three stone ring is one of the most popular engagement rings due to its rich cultural history. In contrast to the single stone solitaire ring, the Holy Trinity has three. The rings with the traditional bachelorette have three stones of the same size, the contemporary three stone rings range from adjacent stones of different sizes to stacked stones of the same size.

The tri-stone attachment ring (also known as a trinity or trilogy ring) stands for friendship, love and loyalty or past, present and future. If you’ve checked out our three stone engagement rings, Michelle MA, here’s our guide on how to embellish the story behind them and some of our favorite styles.

The past is the present future

The three stone engagement ring symbolizes the full past, present and future. The center stone always represents the present. The largest little stones sit on either side of the center and represent the past and the future, respectively.

The three stones can also symbolize love, loyalty and friendship. These rings are often referred to as the Trinity Rings. An overview of this great style is not only the start of a perfect conversation, but the symbolism behind the three stones also makes your engagement ring more meaningful.

Different types of three stone engagement rings

There are three different types of stone engagement rings to choose from. The style has the conventional undergraduate, somewhat undergraduate and the same size.

A diamond of the same size has three stones equal to the weight of one carat. The graduation fastening ring applies the center diamond to the diamond with two equivalent weights. For example, if the center diamond weighs about half a carat, the two outer diamonds are each a quarter carat.

If you like something from a low-level bachelor in diamonds, then a bit of bachelor-style might be what you want. These engagement rings have slightly larger center stones, but the size difference between the center stones and the side stones is different from the rings.

Make a statement

If your significant other likes to stand out from the crowd or be the center of attention at a party, this type of engagement ring can bring their story to life.

The three stone engagement ring gives you a creative edge at a dinner party and there are many styles that will throw you off your feet. For example, some people prefer diamonds for three stones while others prefer other types of stones.

If your other significant other is crazy about zircon, sapphire, or blue, they can use it as a side stone too. To create more meaningful alternatives, you can use the significant other of the two of you and the birthplace of both of you for the side stones.


If you are on a budget, the three stone fastener ring is a great option for you. Instead of choosing diamonds, you can choose gemstones as the surrounding stone. It would certainly be a cheaper choice than using three diamonds in one engagement ring. Just because you choose to use gemstones doesn’t mean your ring will be any less impressive.

Another idea is to use a combination of gemstones and diamonds to create a great, elegant ring with unique and creative flavors. One essential aspect to consider when using a three stone engagement ring is the idea of ​​your significant other’s style. They want a ring that reflects both their style and personality, to show how much you know them and that you are ready to take the relationship to the next level.

3 stone engagement ring on royalty

The most exciting thing about these engagement rings is that they are associated with kings. Megan Merkel has a three stone engagement ring designed by her partner Prince Harry.

Prince Harry used diamonds embedded in his late mother Princess Diana along with the main Botswana stone. Botswana is an important place for both Megan and Harry. This wedding ring expresses an extremely sensitive value that symbolizes the love Megan and Harry have for each other.

Another meaning of the three stone ring

When it comes to the meaning of the three stone engagement ring, it has different meanings, such as the special bond that exists between the parent and child, as the three stones represent mother, father and child.

Other people can use the ring to represent a three year anniversary or three special people in their life. Some people want to be unique and creative, that’s why they designed their own meaning with the help of stones.

This unique engagement ring has a lot of meaning. You can follow tradition and use it for these values ​​above, or you can make your own money that is just your significant other and you can cherish it for a lifetime.

Design your diamond ring from three stones

Three stone engagement rings can range from simple to intricate designs, each of which can be personally engraved on the band to convey a special message to the love of your life. Find out how to customize your tri-stone engagement ring.

These amazing engagement rings often show that the princess is cut as a round bright diamond or center stone.

With that in mind, the possibilities with three stone engagement rings are endless.

Talk home message about the importance of three stone engagement rings

The next step in your life can be an exciting and breathtaking adventure. You want your engagement ring to be unique and to be remembered by your significant other for a lifetime.

Fortunately, the three stone ring is the right way to tell her how your love begins in the past, develops in the present, and continues to grow in the future.

You can also design the ring to match your bride’s style and personality, as well as elements and stone designs to suit your budget.


Everything You Should Know About Three Stone Antique Engagement Rings

There are three stone engagement rings everywhere. Here is the most important information about the setting.

The three stone engagement rings deliver even bigger styles with even bigger symbols

  1. Each engagement ring is a symbol of a couple’s love for one another. However, a three stone engagement ring takes this symbolism to the next level.
  2. Historically, the diamond on either side represents the past and the present. The middle diamond, which is usually the largest diamond, symbolizes the couple’s brilliant future together.
  3. However, three stones can also cost extra money. For some, the three stones can represent friendship, love, and loyalty – all important elements of a healthy relationship.
  4. For spiritualists, the three stones can also embody the Holy Trinity.
  5. For the more literal buyer, the three stones can only represent three stunning gems.

Three stone engagement rings may be more expensive than solid solitaire settings

Because the price of a diamond is based on its rarity, large diamonds are usually more expensive than their smaller, less rare pieces. The three stone engagement rings combine three small diamonds to create a bigger look and effectively double your potential carat weight. This means that you can only get a 3-carat glitter look if you pay for three 1-carat diamonds.

Three stone engagement rings flash

According to the American Gemological Institute, three stone styles can add more shine than a single stone engagement ring. When you compare a single solitaire with three stones of the same cut, it is easier to understand why more diamonds shine brighter.

Diamond shapes can have a profound effect on the overall appearance of the ring

Since this setting contains three diamonds, there is three ways to change it in relation to the size of the diamond. Choosing a three-round diamond in the center could give Meghan Merkel a bold and unobtrusive look like an engagement ring. In contrast, the two fancy post-graduate diamonds create a chic and sophisticated style. Some of these graduated sizes are tapered baguettes, pear-shaped diamonds, and trapezoidal.

Three stone engagement rings invite you to add a pop of color

The three stone engagement rings offer an ideal option for a color combination in your wedding ring color without leaving a completely conventional white look.

Price 1,215, middle without diamonds

The possibilities are endless

The three stone engagement ring styles are seamlessly versatile. Whether you prefer engagement, solitaire, or even bypass engagement ring settings, you can take advantage of both options by incorporating these setting styles into your three stone designs.


Three Stone Engagement Ring Guide (Past, Present & Future)

If you are looking for an engagement ring that symbolizes your past memories, the present moment of your relationship, and a future full of joy and laughter, a three stone engagement ring might be for you.

In this article, you will see the importance of the three stone diamond ring, what it looks like, the best design on the market, and where to buy it. So if you are still opting for the ring design or looking for more research, this is the place for you.

3 What is the stone engagement ring and what does it mean?

A 3 stone ring (also known as a trilogy ring) consists of a bundle of 3 gemstones mounted next to each other. The center stone is usually larger than two flanking stones and usually taller to make it stand out.

In addition, the three stones each symbolize the past, present and future of your relationship. However, a diamond ring made of three stones (e.g. for an anniversary gift) can also represent the friendship, love and loyalty that you show your partner at the wedding.

The advantage of a 3 stone engagement ring

The main advantage of choosing the Trilogy diamond ring lies in the symbolic meaning it has compared to other settlers. These rings can be further customized and personalized to give special meaning beyond past, present and future representations.

For example, if your recipient prefers red, you can use ruby ​​seed stone on the ring. If she likes indigo, use sapphires instead. You can also use birthmarks in similar notes to mark special occasions (weddings / birthdays) or dates that are important to you.

Since three stone rings are less visible, they can make a fashion statement and make your recipient stand out from the crowd. In addition to modern looking designs, you can choose from a wide variety of styles (e.g. vintage) to suit your tastes and preferences.

Another benefit of the three stone ring is that it adds several layers of gloss due to the additional side stones. Indeed, a well-made 3 stone ring will turn your head and easily make it the center of attention.

White Flash are vendors offering 3 stone lock ring settings at competitive prices. Feel free to check out their lovely designs for more ideas!

Proposal to buy three stone engagement rings

When purchasing a 3 stone engagement ring there are a few specific details to look out for.

First, the size of the diamond in the center has a huge impact on the presence of the ring. 3 The stone style is best for symmetrical shapes like round or princess cut diamonds.

3 The stone style is best for symmetrical shapes like round or princess cut diamonds.

If your center stone is asymmetrical in shape (e.g. heart, pear) then you need to be careful with your ring design as it may not fit in the wrong direction. As a general guideline, unfinished center stones go well with unfinished seed stones.

Ring designs with fancy seed stones work better with unfinished center stones.

The size of the side stones used in the three-stone diamond ring is comparatively larger than that of the center stones and roughly corresponds to their quality. Jewelers usually have a number of specifications such as total carat weight, color, and clarity.

If the average color of the side stones is F-G, then buying a medium diamond with 1 color difference (e.g. E, F, G, H) is perfectly fine. If the average color of the side stones is H-1, ideally you should choose a center stone within this range: G, H, I, J.

The key here lies in the experience of the bank jeweler and the quality of the technology.

Are you inspired by Meghan Merkel’s Royal Engagement Ring?

It’s no secret that one of the most talked about in the Ring of Kings is Prince Harry’s fiance Meghan Merkel. The custom-made three-stone encrusted ring with its 4-carat cushion-cut diamond in yellow gold has caught the world’s attention.

And if you’re wondering how to recreate Meghan Merkel’s engagement ring with a similar looking design, you’ve come to the right place. Check out some of these replica designs that are very similar to real rings!

“The Megan” is a presentation of Brian Gavin’s famous license ring. One of your favorite features is the option to adjust the value of the gemstones and choose the Cherry Super Ideal Cut Diamond from Brian Gavin’s list.

With a unique handcrafted mesh basket, this yellow gold ring design adds a subtle touch to the classic design. If you want to recreate Meghan Merkel’s three stone engraved rings, combine this selection with a pillow-shaped diamond of your choice.

Best designer 3-stone engagement ring

If you are looking for a similar design, you can consider designer rings. Here are some of my favorite designs that are intricately crafted and simply compelling.

Halos surround each stone to create a bouquet-like effect in the Simon G-ring on the left. The look is just amazing and the ring has a multi-dimensional look.

On the right there is a profile of the Virgio ring, which is very complex and full of craftsmanship details. This is a spectacular sight for the casual observer.

3 vintage inspired styles for stone rings

Vintage style rings are a popular choice for people looking to explode from the past. These 2 rings by James Allen are very popular for their stylish and great details. To see more details, click on the images and interact with the video list!

Summary – Let’s finish things off with 3 stone rings

The three stone rings have very meaningful and amazing designs that are suitable for different budgets. In fact, there are no hard and fast rules or details to buy as you need to be free to choose the size, shape, style, and even the feel you want to convey.

In this article, we have published useful tips for buying a 3 stone ring and introduced some amazing designs that are available in the market. This could be of great help later. So make sure you bookmark this page for reference.