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Rose Gold Ruby Engagement Ring

Engagement ring with ruby

Rubies vary from pink to deep red and are often associated with love and luck, making them the perfect choice for a one-of-a-kind engagement ring. As one of the rarest gemstones in the world, a ruby ​​ring is an exclusive look that is tailored to the skin tone and complements everyday life as a symbol of your love and affection. You want to add splashes, but ruby ​​engagement rings are both symbolic and classic silver. Gold is available in three colors or platinum so you can create a unique look that suits your budget.

White gold ruby ​​engagement ring

One of our personal favorite combinations is white gold with a beautiful red ruby. Ruby’s warm tone contrasts well with the cool tone of white gold.

You know that white gold is not even that shade. The shade is achieved by adding a layer of radium. Over time, this rhodium layer will close, which is completely natural. But do you know that we can always add a new layer of radium and your white gold ruby ​​engagement ring can shine more beautifully than the day you gave it to your fiancé.

The rose gold engagement ring with ruby

If your loved one’s tastes lead you to a warm tone, then perhaps you should consider a rose gold ruby ​​engagement ring. Rose gold has become increasingly popular in recent years and the rose’s light gold tone will further enhance the ruby ​​red. Especially when the settings are paired with a white gold accent or a row of stones next to the diamond.

In addition to the color of the precious metal, you also have your own ruby ​​size. Having trouble choosing the right size? Then we’ll help you out by describing our most popular stone cuts for ruby ​​engagement rings.

The best stone size for a ruby ​​red engagement ring

In Diamondswim we love Ruby, the stone suggests. Our most popular stone carving – combined with a round or light cut ruby ​​- you are sure that your wedding proposal will be a great success. For example, if you are level with a ring like Valori 2 or Gene 2, a round ruby ​​engagement ring is best.

And a popular stone shape, the oval ruby. Especially when one or more rows of diamonds are surrounded by side stones. For example, take a look at our engagement ring made of white gold in an oval ruby. The combination of warm and cool colors and designs will burn your loved one’s heart.

But of course there is the heart-shaped ruby. The shape of the heart combined with the red color of the rubies of love is a stunning combination and a deep symbol for this special occasion. With an engagement ring with a heart ruby, your partner can only say yes!

Of course, we offer various other stone shapes for our ruby ​​engagement ring. Define your search by simply selecting the shape of the stone at the top of this page to simplify your page.

Your personal ruby ​​engagement ring

The DiamondsBuy has a wide, beautiful engagement ring with ruby ​​that you can personalize and modify to create a single piece of jewelry that is perfect for your future bride. As one of the most expensive gemstones in the world, the ruby ​​tradition is traditionally associated with kings. This makes them an ideal choice for brides who want to go for a classic style that is a bit unusual. Not only can you set the ruby ​​in one of our awesome engagement ring base designs, but you can also choose precious metals and other stones for complete control over the total price.

Designed to order any of our engagement rings from Ruby so you have the next option for additional tweets for a truly unique feeling. If you like DiamondsY, however, they also offer a Bispoke engagement ring service, where an experienced team of jewelers will work with you to create a completely new ruby ​​ring at an amazingly affordable price.

Any of our ruby ​​rings can be set in place by adding diamonds or other gemstones to really feel the feeling. As an authorized member of the Responsible Jewelry Council, DiamondsY ensures safety and materials of the highest quality by simply sourcing our diamonds and precious metals from reputable sources. After that, we offer an exclusive lifetime warranty program to ensure your ruby ​​engagement ring lasts forever.


Antique & Vintage Ruby Engagement Rings

Deep and passionate red, rubies are the perfect gem to serve as an eternal symbol of your love and commitment. Visit our synthetic collection of antique and vintage ruby ​​red engagement rings that are romantic, happy and positive.

About Ruby Gamestone

Ruby is one of the most popular gemstones. These have been excavated around the world for centuries and favor kings for a wide variety of jewelry. Their popularity has only increased in modern times.

  1. Simply charming. Red rubies have been worshiped throughout history. The ancient people viewed ruby ​​as an amulet of protection and prosperity. Wearing it should avoid illness and encourage peaceful, harmonious, and enthusiastic thinking.
  2. Fascinating color. Somehow corundum rubies get their characteristic red color from the chrome that is present in its crystal structure. Naturally occurring rubies can range in color from purple pink to deep blood red. Ruby must also meet the minimum color saturation requirements to qualify as a “ruby” rather than a “pink sapphire”.
  3. The inner fire gives these stones their red color, the same chrome gives every gemstone an inner fluidity. Rubies have a luminous quality like a flame that brings every stone to life.
  4. Famous variations. The most expensive ruby ​​in the world is the Sunrise ruby. It weighs 25.59 carats and is adorned with diamonds on a magnificent Cartier mount. In 2015, this glowing Burmese ruby ​​sold for 30 to 30 million.
  5. The modern symbol. Today Ruby is the birthplace of July. They are also jewels for the 15th, 40th and 80th wedding anniversary!

Ruby engagement ring design

Due to the popularity and versatility of Rubis, there are numerous elegant engagement ring styles to choose from. For a stylish touch of color, look for a ring connected to a diamond center stone with a ruby ​​red accent. For something truly memorable, choose a style with a heroic holo or a bold ruby ​​stone surrounded by an intricate trash backdrop.

These gemstones were especially popular in the romantic designs of Victorian rings, as well as in the colorful Art Deco rings and retro designs of the 1940s and 1950s.

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Its regular red color makes ruby ​​a popular choice for Valentine’s Day, milestone anniversaries, and engagements. If your loved one is a desperate romantic who values ​​passion and love more than anything, he or she will raise their head with a piece of impeccably designed piece in our Ruby engagement ring collection.


Amazing Antique Ruby Engagement Rings

Ruby has been a precious gem in Eastern and Western cultures for thousands of years. Rubis was valued for their beauty and the belief that they provided wearable health, wealth, knowledge, romantic success, and the ability to live in peace with one’s enemies. Since red has long been associated with love and passion, a ruby ​​is the perfect focal point for an engagement ring. Ruby is also a birthmark for those born in July. It’s a great buy for any July baby in your life!

We do not keep any rubies that come from mining in Burma, a country with a serious history of abuse in gem mining. Although the US government lifted state sanctions on the Burmese ruby ​​in 2001, we believe that appropriate reform will continue as long as the country’s miners are safe for miners and the environment, and do not fund their profits and violence.

At Brilliant Earth we carry old and alcoholic ruby ​​engagement rings from the Victorian era through to the last few decades. In our gallery of unique colored gemstones, we also offer lab-made and ethically acidic rubies that can be used in your preferred setting for light earth rings.

If you’re drawing Ruby, you’re likely to fall for at least one of these suffocating Ruby engagement rings:

Jamie rings the doorbell

This stunning modern property features a recess of 16 brightly cut diamonds that sparkle around brightly colored oval rubies. The band’s lustful 14-carat white gold diamond complements Hello and makes Center Ruby the centerpiece of this ring.

Jade ring

This Victorian ring features the intricate details of its split shaft band in 10k rose gold, starting with its unique concave halo. Delicate seed bead frame approx. 1 cm. Natural ruby ​​in the middle.

Kevina ring

This modern real estate ring is a modern classic and features an open ruby, flanked by light-cut diamonds, set in a thin 14-carat gold band. The three stone ring is a popular choice, especially since Prince Harry gave Meghan Merkel one as an engagement ring for a sensitive symbol of the prince’s past, present and future.

Sherah ring

This regal ring is loaded with stunning details. In the center is a brightly colored pear-shaped ruby, surrounded by bright-cut diamonds and 14-karat yellow gold ribbons.

Nesta ring

This beautiful retro-era engagement ring repeats the vertical rows between 18 bright gold diamonds and 18 ruby ​​bars of yellow gold

Varile ring

This eye-catching retro-edged ring features an oval ruby ​​on a shiny platinum band. Details like decorative prongs, millgreen and single cut diamond accents make this ring truly unique.

Shaw ring

This 1930s Art Deco ring is a common beauty with pink oval rubies in the center of the diamond accents of the two angled baguettes. The Art Deco era was stylized through geometric shapes and white gold ribbons.


Ruby Engagement Rings

We have been dreaming of ruby ​​engagement rings lately. Lately, alternative diamond engagement rings have become a huge trend, and we don’t usually like these, but ruby ​​is a pretty attractive stone. I mean, get real: is there anything more romantic than a deep red stone? (Joke question: the answer is no) Ruby engagement rings are elegant and can be paired with almost any metal, although we’re looking for rose gold ruby ​​engagement rings. Do you charm your partner with the perfect ruby ​​ring? Or are you trying to find the * perfect * engagement ring to send your partner for inspiration? Good luck. Today we’re sharing our favorite ruby ​​engagement rings.

Our favorite ruby ​​instinct is ringing

Oval ruby ​​ring from blue to blue

Remember when we said we were weak on our knees for a ruby ​​and rose gold engagement ring? Okay, that’s why. This oval ruby ​​engagement ring is all about 14 carat rose gold. It’s full of sparks and romance and the details are just beautiful. If your partner is looking for something elegant and inconspicuous, this is the perfect engagement ring for him.

Oval halo ruby ​​and diamond ring in 18k white gold

We love nothing more than a shiny diamond hall … just a ruby ​​stone surrounded by a clear diamond hall! This 18k white gold oval Hello Ruby and James Allen diamond engagement ring shook us. This is the perfect ruby ​​engagement ring!

Dazed cluster rings with ruby ​​and diamonds

Lately we’ve seen a lot more cluster-look engagement rings than one big stone. And we can’t say we are crazy about it! This dazzling collection of rubies and diamonds from blue to blue is absolutely gorgeous! It’s full of ruby ​​stones, diamonds, and the perfect rose gold touch if your partner isn’t just looking for a big stone to be seen but prefers a more general style engagement ring (but filled with lots of detail), but this is the one perfect option for him!

Oval ruby ​​ring in blue to 14 carat white gold

Nobody said to get rid of the diamond completely ;;) This diamond is the way we obsess over how Ruby values ​​the gemstone. This 14k white gold oval ruby ​​engagement ring is stunning! How could you not want a ruby ​​red engagement ring after that?

Three stone engagement rings of ruby ​​and diamond from blue to blue

You know what you know: three stones are better than one! We can no longer agree. This three stone ruby ​​and diamond engagement ring is such a classic! It has diamonds, ruby ​​gemstones and it is rose gold!? What more can we ask for !?

Ruby and diamond ring in 18k yellow gold

Since yellow gold appears to be paired with ruby ​​stones, there is something to it. It’s elegant and classic and absolutely beautiful. This 18k yellow gold ruby ​​and diamond ring with James Allen is simple but detailed which we absolutely love. If your partner doesn’t want anything too glamorous but relies on beautiful ruby ​​gemstones, this is the engagement ring for him.

Ring with ruby ​​and emerald cut diamond

We’re sucking on the emerald cut engagement ring and this engagement ring is no exception! This emerald cut ruby ​​and diamond engagement ring gives the beautiful ruby ​​stone the perfect touch of shine and brings it out with a modern rose gold diamond band like a timeless ruby ​​engagement ring.

Pear-shaped ruby ​​red engagement ring

Soooo, we love this pear shaped ruby ​​red engagement ring ranging from blue to blue. Pear shaped engagement rings are becoming increasingly popular lately and we can’t help but think about it! The ruby ​​gemstone does not use too much energy and is the perfect balance between diamond and ruby.

Oval ruby ​​with 14k rose gold and round diamond halo engagement ring

On the one hand diamonds! There’s a new rock in town! This oval hello engagement ring made of ruby ​​and round diamond from blue to blue is the perfection. If your partner is sure they want the ruby ​​stone to be front and center, this is the ring for them.

Ruby and diamond hi three stone ring in 14k rose gold by blue

These are Ruby’s engagement ring dreams. Seriously কত how dazzling is this Ruby and Diamond Hello three stone engagement ring 14 in rose gold !? If your partner is looking for a unique engagement ring, that gorgeous ruby ​​red stone, and a little holo-pop of diamonds, this is the perfect engagement ring for him.

The newest thought

Do you like ruby ​​red engagement rings? Which of these antiques and wine beauties do you like best?

We hope that after reading this post, you trivialize the idea of ​​buying a Ruby engagement ring. Whether you’re looking for yourself, your partner, or a friend, you can’t go wrong with these gorgeous ruby ​​red engagement ring picks. If you’d like to see more busy ring options, please see our more desirable selections below!