Rarest Engagement Rings

7 Rare Colored Gemstone Engagement Rings Every Alternative Bride Will Love

When the days get shorter and cooler, feel the romance in the air. No wonder winter is the most popular time of year for people who want to get involved.

Maybe you plan to spend most of the engagement season doing some preparation? But when you feel like a regular diamond, do you just need more color when you can’t express your love for your good half? Enter the high quality colored gemstones! Only these rare stones have the quality to stand the test of time and expressive beauty to capture the heart of your experiment.

Whether your upbeat future bride (or groom!) Chooses brightly colored pieces, more fashionable looks, or a jewelry metaphor that appeals to a glamor, alternative brides and grooms want their engagement ring to be unmatched for anything else. The other half of you want a ring that reveals your unique style while being wearable every day.

To help you, we just found love in your exceptionally colorful gemstone engagement rings. From electric blue to rose red and light green to light peach pink – for your special day and later again and again with colored stones.

1. Enthusiastic corundum

The gemstone type “corundum” may not be known. But you must have heard of the two most famous varieties: the rare blue sapphire and the red ruby.

These top gemstones are famous for having emperors, kings and queens decorated for thousands of years. This is not only because of its amazing beauty and fantastic durability – you can wear it every day and like a diamond for any occasion – but also because only a handful of stones are made around the world every day. These stones are extremely rare. Their deep blues and reds are more of a classic ladies’ look, but check out their designs and see how versatile these historic historic stones can be.

2. Stan with spinel

Spinel, a wonderful gemstone you’ve never heard of, has often been mistaken for ruby ​​throughout history and is considered one of the crown jewels of Europe. Even the “Ruby” set of the Imperial State Crown of England and the Black Prince is on display in the Tower of London, it’s a red spinel!

Marked by Christian Dyer, Louis Vuitton and Harry Winston’s unique high-end jewelry, this stone is easy to wear every day, has an excellent brilliance and is available in extraordinary colors ranging from light red, pink or pink-orange to winter, such as B. Snow blue, glamorous gray and lavender blue and pink. In our opinion, the color is suitable for the fashion-conscious woman.

3. Viable Savarwe Garnet

Lucius green tesovarite is often a higher quality combination but is often confused with emerald. There is a tendency to be much “cleaner” in the hearty garnet, and there is a natural sheen that an emerald can only dream of.

Its name comes from the place where the stone was first discovered: the Sovo National Park in Tanzania. This is another stone to wear every day – at work or during a party – but be careful because this bright green stone will attract some noticeable attention!

4. Rich rhodolite garnet

“Garnet” reminds most of us of those dark red gemstones in antique jewelry. This strain is indeed the lowest quality garnet out there! Garnets are a group that combine a wide variety of minerals in stunning colors, such as: B. this deep pink or pinkish reddish rhodolite garnet.

Coupled with the green tiverwrite garnet on top, this stone has a gorgeous sheen and can effortlessly transform your everyday style and feminine-chic stones for the elegant woman forever.

5. Tanzanite cocktail hour

Purple-blue tanzanite is almost considered to be. It’s 1000 times rarer than most diamonds, and its blue is cheaper and can rival fine blue sapphires. Very few people know that it was Tiffany who introduced this beautiful stone to the world after it was discovered in Tanzania in 1968.

Since the durability of this gemstone is a little more delicate than that of the previous stone, it is better to wear it as a cocktail ring, which makes it suitable for a woman who glows after dark. (Remember, all gemstones have some instructions for use – diamonds too – and this stone is stunning). If you want to wear it every day, try protecting the stone with small stones – like in this gorgeous Tiffany design.

6. Electric Pariba Tomline

An extremely rare beauty: For every 10,000 diamonds mined you will find 1 Paraiba Tourline in gem quality! Because of this, a good quality Paraiba can easily provide five images per carat.

When these stones were discovered in Brazil in 1969, they caused a stir in the market because gem dealers fell for this incredibly transparent blue, turquoise, or green stone – which seems to burn from within. This stunning stone can be spotted on high jewelry lines and for the benefit of a woman who likes an event guard look.

Like tanzanite, this stone should be worn as a cocktail ring or, like other interesting designs, surrounded by other stones.

7. Sweet peach marganite

Morganite belongs to the same family as light blue aquamarine and emerald and is the lesser known variety in this family. The stone has a nice soft blush or peach pink color and is suitable for a softer and more feminine look.
Marganite crystals can be huge, and so you can find some amazingly large marganite rocks out there (just for the rock stars among us).


Rare Engagement Ring Stones that Won’t Break the Bank

Are you feeling the cost of a fortune on all rare gemstones? Sometimes beautiful but rare gemstones are seldom known, but there is not much consumer demand to raise prices. A welcome combination of shopping for rings to win a pair of simple gemstones at great prices. These 10 rare engagement ring stones are perfect for almost any budget.


Natural spins are quite rare, which keeps their price low. Since these are not in abundance, they are not stored in the average jewelry store, so most customers do not know about them.

Spinels come in a dazzling array of vibrant colors such as red, orange, purple, blue, and green. They have also been mistaken for other gemstones throughout history. For example, the Black Prince’s ruby ​​and the Timur’s ruby, both in the British Imperial State Crown, are actually red spinel. Red and pink spinels are the most valuable. Red spinels can be a transparent and shiny color like rubies for a fraction of the price. Lavender and blue spinel are also popular.

Spinels appear in shapes under two carats. They create great, durable ring stones with heavy spreads or “fires” that add extra shine to them.


What kind of love can you get out of this world? How about an extroverted glass from asteroid impact a million and a half years ago? The asteroid hit at such a high speed that it is now melting and falling in Austria, the Czech Republic and Germany. There is no time to give crystals to materials that have cooled down so quickly

These yellow-green to green-brown gemstones are popular both as exhibits and as gemstones. Like other glass, Moldvite can be a bit brittle, both natural and synthetic. Therefore, if a ring is worn as a stone, protect it with a bezel setting or a special design to protect that strange viewer.

Buyers watch out! Some unscrupulous traders may copy “Modavite” from green glass bottles.


Tanzanite was discovered by the Mashai tribe in Tanzania in the 1960s and is a newcomer compared to the gemstone scene. When first formed on earth, tanzanites appear brown. However, when heated, they turn light blue-purple in color. (Presumably a bush fire led to the search for tanzanite first). Tanzanite occurs only within a radius of 4 km around the Merelani Mountains in Tanzania. A thousand times rarer than diamonds, the supply of tanzanite could end in the next few decades.

Tanzanites have become very popular. They have a distinctive tricycle color. This means that they can display three different colors depending on your viewing angle – blue or purple, purple or red and green-brown. Some gemstone lovers see this rich blue stone with high clarity as an alternative to affordable sapphire. Others appreciate these gemstones in their own terms for the clear sparkle of purple and the distinctive glow.

Please note that Tanzanites have a tendency to break or split. So be especially careful when placing and carrying these stones.

In the key

Are you looking for an engagement ring stone that could represent tenderness? There is a lovely light pink in the key from lavender to lavender. The most valuable ones have a lot of saturation, or “intensity”. There are different types of spodumine and kunjites in Afghanistan, Brazil, Madagascar and California. Collectors from the USA and Japan award prizes as part of their exhibitions. These gemstones can also create stunning pieces of jewelry.

But the kunjits are really very beautiful. Their colors cannot withstand daylight. Known as the “midnight stone”, the keys have a tendency to fade as soon as they come in contact with intense light or heat. These gemstones also have cleavage surfaces on either side, making them notorious for their disguise and requiring special care as ring stones.

Kunjits prefer a large, rare engagement ring stone for couples enjoying the evening out.

Spacerite garnet

The colors of spacerite garnets (also known as spacer stones) range from bright yellow-orange and bright orange to dark brown red. Their colors are sometimes compared to the wings of a royal butterfly. The bright orange cramp is known as mandarin garnet and is beautiful to look at. The “aurora red” colors with a medium to medium hue, red-orange to orange color are probably the most valuable variety.

California and Virginia make spacerite, though not in large quantities. Currently the main sources are Nigeria and Brazil. Saving up to 40 carats in Brazilian size was found!

Collectors prefer these stones as minerals, but many jewelers love them too. A spacerite is a great stone for an eye-catching engagement ring.


Although found in Arkansas and Japan, in California benitoite only appears as a good value for money ingredient. Unfortunately, the only gem source closed in 2005, giving the existing material a premium.

Named San Benito County, these gemstones are usually blue in color and resemble sapphires. It usually comes in small sizes under two carats.

Since benitoites have a Mohs hardness of 6, household dust can scratch them. As gemstones, they require special care, but for Californians and couples who take pride in them, this gemstone can be the engagement ring stone they are looking for.

Imperial topaz

The Urals in Russia were once the main source of imperial topaz. Jars liked the stone so much that only the royal family could own it. Hence the name “imperialist”.

However, in modern times there are different opinions about how to make an imperial topaz. Some gem dealers believe that a royal topaz must have a color from medium red-orange to orange-red. Others extend this range to include yellow-orange, orange-yellow or reddish colored pyelochromia. Even pink is sometimes included as a royal color. Less than half a percent of all gem quality topaz contained in red topaz is make-up!

Topaz as a reptile needs special care because it has cracks. Also, keep them away from heat and light, otherwise they may fade. Even so, the license fee seems limited at some point and the shop appears to be owned!

Cats I I moonstone

The full moon leaf may resemble the back of a moonstone cloud. These different feldspar species create a soft, billable glow with light scattering. The ancient Romans believed that the moonstones were moonbills, hence their name. Moonstone can come in a variety of body colors, including light brown, yellow, pink, blue, and white. Glow or Shine is usually white, blue, or blue orange.

As if this gem wasn’t magical enough, some cats show off cat’s eyes and other rare breastfeeding or even star effects. The cat’s eye is a soft, bright white band that hovers over the body color and shiny top. Layering these different colors can create a nice three-dimensional effect.

Some gemstones are more attractive than a cat’s-eye moonstone. The soft glow of the light and the ever-sliding band will make you play with this ring stone under the light.

Black opal

Black opals are the rarest and most valuable type of opal. With darker body colors, black opals have the most distinct play-off color of all types of precious alpals.

The most desired lightning color for black opal is red, and a harlequin is one of the most desired patterns. In this pattern, the wide diamond-shaped lightning bolts are arranged in a checkerboard or quilt-like format. Harlequin black opals are expensive and black opium in general not very cheap. Even so, you can still find affordable black opals in engagement ring shape.

Opal requires more care and maintenance than other gemstones. However, if you treat your opal engagement ring properly, you will have had rare jewelry for many, many years.

Nakshatra sapphire

When you have a sapphire, you don’t have to wish for stars. These cabchon-cut stones have intersecting bands of light that form a star shape. The inclusion of needle-like crystals stuck in the blue, microscopic gemstones creates this effect. Sapphires have a sufficient number of these needles, then they reflect light like a silk spool. As a rule, three bands of light form six-star stars that surround the rock as it rotates.


Which Diamonds Are the Rarest?: Engagement and Wedding Ring Options

Are you looking for the best and most valuable engagement ring to show off for the love of your life?

No matter where you are, there are plenty to choose from. From classic engagement rings to wine rings to Vancouver, there are modern options that you can also order online. However, if you are looking for the best, then you can consider the rare diamond as an engagement ring option.

What is the rarest diamond?

It is common to see white diamonds. These are the most common and the clarity of the stone can tell its quality too. However, there are other rare types of colored diamonds – and are therefore more expensive than ordinary white diamonds.

If you can find and afford these rare diamonds, your wife must have the best and most unique ring to convey your love.

According to statistics, colored diamonds are incredibly rare as they use less than 0.1% of the world’s diamonds mined.

Red diamond

The “red” diamond is rare. Pure reds have not yet been found, but purple and brownish red diamonds have been discovered. Other high quality CS diamonds with a red color make it one of the most valuable stones in the world.

These diamonds can be difficult to cross, but when you do, they can transform into one of the most precious rings in the world.

Blue diamonds

Blue diamonds are the second rarest diamond in the world. Hop Diamond is one of the most expensive and memorable pieces of jewelry in the world.

Again, some argue that pink diamonds are in second place, but it appears that pink diamonds are more common than blue. That said, both of them are pretty hard to find and it can cost you a fortune, especially if they are high quality.

Pink Diamond

The good thing about pink diamonds is that they are more common than blue and red diamonds. However, they often have higher values ​​than ordinary white or even yellow diamonds.

After all, it looks like more women today are drowning in pink diamonds and stones for their engagement ears. And why not? Not only are pink diamonds precious and rare, they can also symbolize something vibrant and clearly sensual love.


Rare diamonds are hard to find – especially if you are looking for natural stones. However, if you are determined to give your partner a one-of-a-kind engagement or wedding ring, keep your eyes and wallet in search of this beautiful rare diamond.