Oval Moissanite Engagement Ring

15 Best Oval Moissanite Engagement Rings

Mycenae, what’s the ball? The name of this naturally occurring silicon carbide is difficult to pronounce, but it is also very rare and memorable once you know it. The diamond-like substance was first discovered by the French scientist Henry Moisan in 1893, hence the nickname. Mysanite is one of the strongest substances in the world as it lies beneath the diamond of stability. With its light appearance, mayonnaise is a beautiful stone for an engagement ring. People say that the lab-made stone is now more burning; In other words, your ring will shine like everyone else! In addition, mycenae are man-made because they are conflict-free and therefore have little impact on the environment. You can see why Mosanite engagement rings are so popular. Also, beautiful gemstones are cheaper than diamonds, which means you can get a bigger stone. And there is nothing wrong with that! The rings you dream of are available in the Muisanite variety. Read on to discover the many beautiful balls waiting to be arranged for your hand.

15 best mosanite engagement rings

  1. Best Vintage Style Rings: Anobel by Kobeli Diamond Cross-Shank Band
  2. Best sapphire ring: Anelo by Kobeli Round-Cut White Gold Band
  3. Best Splurge Ring: 6-3 / 4 carat brilliant cut three stone band
  4. Best Affordable Rings: Platinum Plated Silver Cushion Cut Ribbon
  5. Best rose gold ring: Miadora Crossover Band
  6. Best pillow-cut rings: Charles and Colvard Hello Band
  7. Best pear-shaped ring: 1.8 carat solitaire
  8. Best solitaire ring: Forever 1-7 / 8 carat white gold band
  9. Best Princess Cut Ring: The Solitaire Ever
  10. Best hello ring: Forever Bright 14k white gold band
  11. Best emerald-cut ring: a 14-carat white gold band forever
  12. Most unique ring: Forever One 14k white gold wide band
  13. Best Yellow Gold Ring: The Oval Band Ever
  14. Best oval cut ring: Charles and Colvard White Gold Band
  15. Best Escher Ring: Clara Pukey Simulated Baguette Solitaire

How do I buy a Mosanite engagement ring?


Buying a Maysanite engagement ring is just like buying a diamond engagement ring. If you like Mycenae, you probably like the burning quality of the stone and how it captures light and creates mega sparkles. Confession: We too! Browse the rings below to see the way your heart gravity cuts and styles. We were inspired by vintage bands to look more modern and have put together a wide variety of rings, from oval to princess. You will get an idea of ​​whether you like style rings, pear cut muisanite, or roses versus white gold. And then it’s time to compare prices and choose your ring!

Ring inspiration with moisanite


Again, a mayanite will cost less than a diamond. Our summaries range from 150 150 to 4,300, including all price points.


A mosanite is therefore not 100 percent colorless. Some people think it can throw a yellow or green color. But others are so fascinated by the rainbow that they don’t notice anything else. We love the way moussanite stones are placed on every metal from roses to yellow gold. Look for a style that looks sapphire as well.


Solitaire, three-stone, vintage, simple, ornate: you can find it here regardless of the style you’re looking for.

Each of our presented products is independently selected and checked by our editorial team. If you shop using the links included, we can earn a commission.

Anello Kobeli Diamond Cross-Shank Band

A pillow cut mayonnaise is just one of the stars in this vintage style engagement ring. Because this band! We gave hearts to the crossover style and the sparkling little stone hollow. The highly polished finish ensures that your finger gives the room maximum light. Always.

14 carat gold
Long sentence
1-2 / 5 carats

Round white gold bracelet by Anello Kobeli

For some of your blue hue, consider this ornate Mosana ring with bluish stone. And the pronunciation of diamonds! The antique-inspired look of this gimmick is unique, beautiful and timeless. We especially like the round cut center stone that can see as far as the eye and the setting that we have not seen before. (And we look at the ring a lot!)

14 carat white gold
Mycenae 9.5 mm
Channel set band
1/4 carat diamond

6-3 / 4 carat brilliant cut three-stone band

If you are a cowboy or a cow house check out this three stone ring that adds a heart-pounding 11x9mm optically cut masonite stone in the center, flanked by an additional 6-3 / 4 glossy carats. If you can’t decide between rounds or emeralds, radioactive cutting is a great option. In the meantime, this bubble is sure to take up some space on your fingertips and turn a lot of heads. We know we will be looking!

14 carat white gold

Platinum-coated silver pillow-cut ribbon

This extremely affordable moissanite engagement ring option still shines like the more expensive option. A 5 x 7 mm pillow cut stone is not one after the other, there are two shiny little stones that are distributed over the shaft. Amazon customers think the ring is good for RPM and like the detailed setting. Oh and the price!

Platinum-coated silver

Miadora crossover band

Rose gold is more popular than ever while the wine trend continues. This beautiful crossover style ring is simple, tasteful and timeless. Around a sufficiently round stone there is a hole made of small stones that resonate in a delicate band. This rose gold bustle bubble looks so gorgeous with a gold gold mosanite look ribbon, or mix things up and match with white gold. In any case, we are jealous!

10 carat gold gold
Long sentence
1 carat
Band width 1.8 mm

Charles and Colvard Hello Band

One is that the pillow cut stone that is just beautiful and surrounded by movement is no exception. Charles and Colvard’s design will never go out of style, instead of its classic, elegant colors. The highly polished finish gives the ring even more shine. We sold; How are you

Center stone 8 mm
14 carat white gold

Anello from Kobeli Forever One Ring

Wow, this pear shaped Mycenae engagement ring is a show stopper. Huge stones measuring 10 x 7 millimeters are sufficient. But then you get the white diamond which is a stunning halo and is included in the wine style millergreen detail. If you are looking for glitter, elegance and timelessness in the jewelry collection, this is the ring for you. Yes, it is the right ring for everyone.

14 carat white gold
1/3 carat diamond

Forever a 1-7 / 8 carat white gold band

Sometimes that’s what you need Just like your love and this stunning solitaire ring made from the Hellesburg diamond. An 8 mm round, colorless mayonnaise is set in 14 carat white gold. That’s it; Simple, timeless, beautiful. We love that this beautiful ring goes with every wedding ring. But now you can just enjoy the shine of your flavourful finger ring

Long sentence

Best Princess Cut Ring: The Solitaire Ever

If it has to be a princess cut pair it with a solitaire that will never go out of style. This princess cut mayonnaise engagement ring has an underlined stone of 5.5 millimeters set in white gold. There is nothing special here; Just flashing, elegance and good taste for a few days.

14 carat white gold

Forever bright 14 carat white gold band

You won’t be able to snap the eye off this 10.94mm round Mosana hi ring. Okay, hopefully you can take your eyes off that surprise long enough to say “yes” to your suggestion. We love how this wine style engagement ring will always be stylish. Okay, call back appreciation!

14 carat white gold
Plated with rhodium

Forever a 14 carat white gold band

Stop what you are doing and appreciate this unique Mayan wine style ring with a 10 x 8 millimeter emerald cut stone. Yes it is big! What makes this ring really unforgettable, however, are the rounded side stones that create a really striking contrast to the emerald-cut, colorless mayonnaise. Notice how the stones are inserted along the ribbon. Are you in love like us

14 carat white gold

Forever a 14 carat white gold wide band

We came across this unique gimmick and had to share it. Check out the size, the stunning oval cut stone and its 90 (yes, 90!) Little ones sparkling friends. This ring has not one but two curved bands that give it a really original look. If you expect your ring to take some time to complete, stop looking. You found one!

Mycenae 9 x 7 mm
14 carat white gold

Forever oval ribbon

Yellow gold looks regular and with lots of oval cut stones from the center of this unique mosanite engagement ring it can easily be mistaken for kings. We worship the halo of round rocks that surround the center of the Moisanites. The contrast with yellow gold is really breathtaking. The hope here is that when you have a yellow gold mosanite engagement ring on your wish list, all of your dreams will come true.

14 carat yellow gold
7 x 5 mm center stone

Charles and Colvard White Gold Band

Princess Beatrice recently got engaged and got a beautiful ring like this one. The oval-cut solitaires by Charles and Colvard are decorated with stones on the side of two tapered baguettes and set in white gold. Elegant, polished, timeless. Congratulations on your regal size.

The center stone is 9 x 7 mm
14 carat white gold

Clara Pukey Simulated Baguette Solitaire

If you’re torn between a round and a princess cut, try the ashtray cut with a round, square, tiered side. This stunning style features a stunning 3.5 carat musanite and two tapered Russian simulated diamond baguet side stones set in white gold. Um, I’m sorry. We have more to say than stare at that sparkling ring.

14 carat white gold
Long sentence


Oval Moissanite Engagement Ring With Thin Band

I recently had a great opportunity to make a custom oval muisanite ring with a thin band.

The oval center stone is beautifully lit by round laboratory diamonds. If you’re new here, it’s no secret that we love this combo!

Thin ribbon

Thin rings have become particularly popular recently. This has encouraged the desire for a ring that is dense and minimal.

This ring was designed with a thin band only 1.5 millimeters thick! The conversion to accent stones works well as I am using the same size stone as the thin ribbon. It’s a smooth transition!

Oval forever a MySnite

The Oval Forever One Masonite is the first completely colorless oval mysanite stone made by Charles and Colvard. In contrast to many colorless diamond alternatives, Forever One Mycenae is not treated or reinforced, but innately colorless. This means that your snow-white stone will stay white, bright and shiny forever. The oval stones have a light twist in the sharp round cut and are suitable for anyone who wants a look at a round stone but wants a more unique shape.

If you prefer a longer, elongated oval, you should select 9 x 6 mm, 10 x 7 mm, or 12 x 8 mm from the drop down menu. These ovaries have a width to width ratio of 1.4 to 1.5.

To assure our customers that they are receiving mussanite of the highest quality, each of our ovals is handcrafted forever by a gemologist from a batch of ten Mycenae stones and each stone is examined and compared side by side. This moisanite comes with a guarantee of authenticity from Charles and Colvard and a limited lifetime warranty.

With CAD we can see what the ring will look like before we fill in metal. When I make custom rings I always use this technology. This way the customer can see the goldsmith and work with him directly.

CAD can be tweeted to make sure you’re okay. Once the final design is approved, the ring becomes a reality!

For all searches, fill out the custom jewelry form!

Mycenaean Good

Not only was this ring made with thin band, but also durable! It starts with stones.

Mysonite is great for wearing any outfit. It’s almost as heavy as a Mycenaean diamond! . Mycenae is an alternative that is very popular with couples.

In addition, mosanite is controversial, friendly, durable and cheaper than diamonds! To learn more, check out our post on the benefits of Mosanite’s engagement ring.

Vintage Oval Moisanite Engagement Ring – Victoria

Tra tihh and Heritage tihh are one of the best criteria for gemstones. It is enough fact to keep its quality, tolerance, and intriguing appeal center stage and to pass them on to every next generation. In the middle of the “Victorian” giant musanite is the magnet container and the stone generator. If you keep an eye on this jewelry you will not get enough eye contact. After all, it is like one of the innumerable long-lost sisters in a queen’s breast.

Oval Mosanite Ring Bezel Solitaire Engagement Ring

Oval cut mysonite This elegant mosanite engagement ring is set in a bezel with a heavy wall setting. The handcrafted solitaire setting blends seamlessly with the shake of the slightly rounded ring.

The gem from the face lab is the handset and the ring is highly polished. The standard belt width is approx. 3 mm. The height above the finger is approximately 6mm, 1/4 “The stone has an amazing luster and fire.

The ring is made to order. The most recent timeframe created can be found in my listed turnaround bar in the footer below.

There are different sizes and types of mycenae to choose from. Please select one. The picture shows an 8×6 mm mayonite ring.

  • Almost colorless moisanites (color GI)
  • Colorless forever a massanite (color D-F)
  • Size: 7 x 5 mm / 0.84 carat, 8 x 6 mm / 1.33 ct, 9 x 7 mm / 1.91 ct.

The carat weight is the actual mass weight and not the equivalent weight of a diamond. Further information on moisanites can be found here.

Available in sizes 4 to 9, larger sizes may vary in price. You can find a suitable wedding ring here. This ring is also offered as a wedding set with a simple wedding ring.

Material options:
Available in white and yellow gold, rose gold and platinum.

Oval Mycenaean locating ring

This 2 – 2.5 mm wide 14 carat gold ribbon has wide sides that are reminiscent of rock formations. The band is satin-finished and a highly polished ring in a stone setting gives a modern organic feel. It is handcrafted from recyclable metal and mosanite. * It’s an affordable and perfect engagement ring.

  • Available in 14 carat white palladium gold (see picture), 14 carat yellow gold or 14 carat gold gold.
  • Mysonite, a laboratory material that should and should mimic some of the properties of a natural diamond. It includes a measure of more fire, brilliance, and brilliance at a fraction of the cost of a diamond.
  • 7 x 5 mm oval (weighs about 0.84 carats, but optically corresponds to an oval diamond of 0.90 ct)
    Evergreen, light Char Moisanite, built by Charles and Colvard

Illa Flatting Oval 1.5 ct MOITANEE Solitaire Engage Ring

The Ella setting combines a traditional solitaire look with modern skills to enhance your custom ring stack over time. The equivalent of about 1.5 carats is a stunning oval mycenae suspended in a modern nail setting in an advanced bridge setting. This ring is designed to stack with many wedding ring styles without any gaps. Shown with the bands Saltis and Mia Diamond.

  • – 8 x 6 mm Forever One ™ colorless (DF) mycenae, equivalent to 1.5 carat diamond

Amalia Moisanite Ring

This shiny diamond ring made of polished 14 carat white gold is permanently bonded to a shiny Mysanite diamond. A set of tines with an oval cut is the focus of the Moissanite, surrounded by a round set of diamond tines with a light cut. Specialize this year’s anniversary or birthday with this nifty ring. Along the gold edge are the details of the Miller grain, the structure of the fire is added and the scintillation shows this beautiful ring made from Mycenae. The diamond is said to be the birthplace of April and also has healing properties. They are also meant to represent love, affection, and committed engagement, making this fragmented ring an ideal choice for engagement.

Oval Mycenae engagement ring, filigree rose ring

This beautiful filigree rose gold engagement ring features six elongated gemstones that are stored in a glossy, complete format of 7mm x 5mm (approx. 75 carats). This oval wedding ring has an unusual aspect of the unique look that captures the wine style with a modern scent. We are happy to create this ring for you in different sizes, stone choices and finishing options!

This filigree 14K ring has a visually appealing, curved filigree that (depending on the desired size) extends halfway around the band. The filigree has a warm heart detail as a symbol of your commitment. The ring is 7mm wide at its widest point and taps the 3mm band at the back for comfort. The low-mount, six-swing bracket is safe and active with your hands and is suitable for those who don’t like jewelry and may not like jewelry. The inside of the band has been smoothed for a snug fit.

The ring shown in this picture has a pretty 7mm x 5mm mycenae, but we offer many other options. A picture of our other available stone options is included in the images above.

Three oval stone moasanite engagement rings


Our three stone ring is beautifully designed to create a classy, ​​low profile for a clean, minimalist look.

Description of the ring

Hard 14 karat gold 1.30mm to 2.00mm bandwidth choice.

We recommend choosing belt widths of 1.75 mm or 2.00 mm for medium stone sizes from 8 x 6 mm to 9 x 7 mm.

Description of the center stone

This ring contains the Charles and Colvard Forever Over Oval Musanite, the size of which is between 0.84 ° C and 1.91 ct.

We offer you different color classes (colorless to colorless in the vicinity) to choose from.

Side stone details

There is an option to customize the side stones in white sapphire (AA rating), festive or pink mycenae (colorless) or diamond (F color, VS precision).

The side stones increase from 2.5 mm to 3.50 mm, so that the middle stones are larger than x x 5 mm.