Katie Holmes Engagement Rings

Katie Holmes’ Engagement Ring

The Katie Holmes engagement ring is very unusual and features an oval Edwardian cut diamond of five carats in the center. Put shiny platinum with rose gold accents and give it a timeless look that ensures it never goes out of style. The wide diamonds shimmer along the legs, adding balance to the overall design.

Although Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are divorced, their romance led Tom to marry Katie over the Eiffel Tower in Paris in June. The couple had an incident that occurred in November 2006 at a Scientology event. Place of true fairy tales: The 15th century Odeskalchi Castle in Bracciano, Italy. The birth of a daughter, Suri, ended in 2012.

Like the Katie Holmes engagement ring, this beautiful design by Brillians features split legs adorned with an oval diamond, rose gold accents and pav diamonds. The setting and diamond complement each other by holding it and creating a look that is happy and timeless at the same time.

Funny facts about Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes was born on December 16, 1988 and was best known for her role as Potter at Dawson’s Creek Zoo from 1997 to 2003. Since then, he has starred in several television shows and films, including Batman Begins and The Ice Storm. Give up and don’t be afraid of the dark. She has also appeared on Broadway and in several guest roles on television shows, including How I Met Your Mother.

Connie, the youngest of five children born into a family in Toledo, Ohio, graduated from the city’s Notre Dame Academy and played roles in school musical instruments and games. At the age of 14 she started taking modeling lessons. This is not at all surprising because her beauty is legendary; He was named one of People’s Magazine’s “50 Most Beautiful People” in 2003.

She has appeared in various commercials including Garnier Lumia Hair Color and clothing retailers such as The Gap, Coach and Miu Miu. She was sixth among the 100 most beautiful people of 2011 and is co-owner and brand ambassador of Altena Hair Care.

Did you know Katie Holmes co-founded a dance scholarship for children? The DG Fit Foundation was founded with the help of Nigel Lithgo, Caria Ann Anba, Adam Shankman and others. Their mission is to support, enhance, and enhance access to dance education in the United States.

Analysis of celebrity jewelry

What would our experts say about Katie Holmes’ engagement ring?

Katie Holmes’ engagement ring is truly enviable. Platinum sets oval 5-carat diamonds with a rose gold-colored accent, diamonds with halo and additional sparklers in the split shafts. This engagement ring is an unusual and one of the most respected celebrity engagement rings ever made by Hollywood jewelers.

Celebrity engagement rings like Tom Cruise’s Katie Holmes usually have a price of six or more. If you want to celebrate your love celebrity style while saving money on the pursuit of life, choose Brilliance. Our experts will help you design custom engagement rings that match the Katie Holmes engagement ring according to your wishes – or whatever else you notice. Celebrity Engagement Ring! You will love how you choose the existing style or create something unique to celebrate the special love you share that adds shine to your life.

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From J.Lo to Katie Holmes, Who Has the Most Expensive Celebrity Engagement Ring?

While Hollywood relationships don’t always last, diamonds last forever. When it comes to celebrity engagement rings, the sky is the limit when it comes to size and price.

From Kate Middleton’s big sapphire to Mariah Carey’s huge $ 10 million rock, here are 20 essentially expensive celebrity engagement rings we can’t stop spinning.

1. Maria Carey: 10 million

We’re not entirely surprised that the Queen of Christmas herself was high on that list. And when the musician / lyricist was involved more than once, it was his betrayal of Australian billionaire James Packer in January 2011 that provided the greatest rock. When Packer suggested, he pulled out all the stops and presented Carrie with an emerald cut diamond of 35 carats set in designer Wilfredo Rosado Platinum. We repeat, 35 carats.

2. Beyonc : million 5 million

If you marry Queen B we are only expecting a royal ring. And J-Z really delivered when he “put a ring on it”.

The private couple never announced their engagement. However, Beyonc’s engagement ring made its stunning red carpet debut at Fashion Rocks at Radio City Music Hall in NYC in September 2008. The emerald cut diamond ring with split shell weighs 18 carats. Pretty impressive.

3. Jennifer Lopez: $ 3 to 5 million

This Bronx block girl has shaken a total of five engagement rings in her lifetime. But outside of the ring group, his youngest cake is considered the most expensive (and most beautiful).

After a two-year relationship, Lopez and Alex Rodriguez got engaged during a romantic trip, and the ring is a must-see scene. The former Yankee asked for her hand at a March 9 wedding with an emerald-cut diamond ring, 10-15 carats.

4. Paris Hilton: 2 million

Paris Hilton may have been involved before, but the diamond of their last relationship was a long time ago.

Fiancée Zilka got engaged to celebrity and businesswoman Chris Zilkar in Aspen, Colorado in January 2018. Fiancée Zilka offered Hilton a 20-carat teardrop diamond on a hill. We wonder if he’ll keep the ring.

5. Kim Kardashian West: 2 million

If Kanye West suggests, we’d expect nothing less than an exaggerated gesture like an engagement ring or two. The rapper upgraded his wife’s first ring with the second 20-carat celebrity jewelry Lauren Schwartz. The flawless Type 2 skirt (called the “perfect cushion-cut diamond” by Schwartz) sits in the center of an emerald-cut diamond reception center in a water band. However, the ring is no longer occupied by Kardashian West. It was one of the many pieces that were stolen when he was kidnapped in Paris.

6. Katie Holmes: 1.5 million

Although Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise were divorced, Dawson’s Creek Alam’s engagement ring (and love story) was one of the books

Cruz suggested to Holmes in Paris that in June 200, on the top of the Eiffel Tower, about five more carats of oval Edwardian cut diamonds should be placed with another six carats of precious diamonds, and although he was no longer Mrs. Tom Cruise, we made this irregularity always wanted

7. Jennifer Aniston: MIL 1 million

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Throx decided to leave after two years of marriage. But we will never forget her engagement ring.

Theorex’s ten-carat engagement ring cost $ 10 million and was so large that it took Aniston some time to get used to. “It’s a stone, I know,” he once admitted. “He moved it. It took me a while to get used to it. I’m not a diamond girl, I do more Indian jewelry and stuff. “”

8. Gabriel Union: 1 million MIL

In 2013, Wade, a professional basketball player, offered her longtime lover, Gabrielle Union, an 8.5-carat, pillow-cut, four-sided engagement ring from the famous Beverly Hills jeweler Jason.

According to TMZ, Wade had spent months searching for the perfect sparkler and had made three trips to Miami to find the right gem for his jeweler. And judging by his answer, it was worth the effort.

9. Live Like: MIL 1 Million

While the couple didn’t reveal many details about the proposal, we know Ryan Reynolds raised this question in 2012 and did a great job in choosing Sparkler.

Former Gossip Girl actress’ accessory watches dropped to a full 12 carats, the same size as Alex Rodriguez’s Jennifer Lopez ring. The engagement ring (also by Lauren Schwartz) features a stunning oval pink diamond and is set in a rose gold band with pavilion details.

10. Sophia Vargara: $ 750,000

Wherever Sophia Vargara goes, Moni doesn’t hesitate to show off Joe Manuello’s glittering gimmick. And we don’t blame him entirely for how the ring looks.

The Magic Mike actor asked this question on Christmas Day 2014. A four to five carat hollow platinum piece in wine style with a large cushion cut diamond. The ring is described by modern day family star Ellen DeGeneres as “a little shiny like me … subtle” (we think we have different definitions of subtle).

11. Lady Gaga: $ 500,000

We almost forgot that Lady Gaga was dating Taylor Kinney. In 2011, Kinney Gaga appeared in a music video and the two immediately got chemistry and started dating each other pretty quickly. Four years later, the actor sat on one knee and put a ring on it, the size of a heart.

The engagement ring was designed (again) by the famous jeweler Lauren Schwartz and was a six carat heart-shaped diamond. However, the following year (2016) the couple called it a relationship breakup.

12. Cardi B: $ 500,000

Cardi is probably the only celebrity on this list to have received three engagement pieces: a ring, a necklace, and a bracelet (we’re not kidding). In September 2017, Comrade Rator Offset Cardick expressed the question with an eight-carat teardrop-shaped diamond. Shortly afterwards he presented his fiancé with a diamond necklace and bracelet. Fun fact: the couple were already secretly married by that time. But hey, the ring made it even more official.

13. Kate Middleton: $400,000

Did you know that Kate Middleton’s engagement ring once featured the late Princess Diana? Yes, long after his mother’s death, Prince William Cate Middleton proposed a white gold setting, designed by Crown Jeweler Gerard with Ceylon Sapphire, “to keep it close to everything,” he explained in 2010. Remember, the 12-carat – Sparkler is a wedding symbol that has not stood the test of time. To ignore the complex story it has to be torn apart, torn to pieces, torn to pieces, torn to pieces, torn to pieces, torn to pieces, torn to pieces, torn to pieces, torn to pieces, torn to pieces, torn to pieces , torn to pieces, torn to pieces. This is this piece by piece by piece by piece by piece.

14. Scarlett Johansson: $ 400 000

Last May, Colin Jost of Night Live suggested the story of the wedding to the actress on Saturday with an oval yellow diamond of 11 carats. The gemstone is attached to a black ribbon and this unusual combination creates a vivid contrast (and makes the stone look even bigger). The designer is still unknown, but many believe that it was the work of James de Givenchy (Hubert de Givenchy’s nephew). We just have to say bravo, Colin.

15. Haile Biber: $ 400 000

Model Hailey Bieber (formerly Baldwin) had a whirlwind romance with pop star and heartbreaker Justin Bieber before she got employed in July.

The young couple, suggested by Solo & Co., a jeweler based in Beaubs, New York, with a giant six to ten carat oval diamond recently got the diamond wedding ring one with their giant jewelry after their wedding in South Carolina 23-year-old models added.

16.Meghan Merkel: $ 350,000

This stunning three stone sparkler from UK jeweler Cleve & Company is not made with the usual gemstones found in your local jar. Not only the five-carat center stone from the South African Botswana that Prince Harry holds dear and does not like, but also the surrounding diamond from the collection of the late Princess Diana after her engagement in 2017, the Duke of Sussex in St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle the following year. And the duchess was married.

17. Rose Huntington-Whitley -, $300,000

British actor Jason Statham asked the question at Huntington-Whitley in January 2016.

The five carat gemstone contains a classic large center stone, which is adorned with diamonds from micro pavilions. According to Editor Choice, Statham Jeweler removed the ring from the Blue Lane archive collection and it is from the early 20th century.

18. Pippa Middleton: $ 230,000

Kate isn’t the only Middleton with expensive balls. Her sister Pipper Mani also brings a huge prize.

A few years after Pippa served as the maid for the Cambridge wedding and the Duke’s wedding chores, she was dating the wealthy businessman James Matthews. The ring is a large 3.5 carat ashtray cut diamond surrounded by a row of smaller diamonds. Kate’s wedding anniversary earrings were designed by Robinson Pelham, who allegedly designed the Pippa engagement ring.

19. Ariana Grande: $100,000

In less than two months, comedian and SNL star Pete Davidson asked Ariana Grande to be his wife. And he surrounded it with a hollow with three carat-shaped pear-shaped diamonds and laid it on a band of pavement. The “Thank You, Next” singer returned in June 2018 to make his debut at the 49th annual Songwriters Hall of Fame dedication. Unfortunately, the two separated four months after their engagement.


After Emily Ratajkowski secretly tied the knot with producer Sebastian Beer-McClord in February 2018, she played a simple gold band on that finger – until she published her official rock on Instagram the following July.

The accessory includes an asymmetrical princess cut stone and a pear-shaped diamond set. According to Katherine Money, vice president of Brilliant Earth Strategy and Merchandising, Ratajkowski’s sparkler is about five carats (two for a princess cut and three for a pear size).

Katie Holmes spreads rumors of an engagement to the left ring

Katie Holmes made no attempt to hide sparklers on her left when she was in New Orleans this week spreading rumors of her engagement. The actress is currently shooting a new movie, The Secret, with Jerry O’Connell and Josh Lucas in Louisiana.

Upon closer inspection, Mad Money appeared to have the solitaire diamond on her pink finger – an unusual place for an engagement ring. The ring was just an offer from the set of the film.

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“The Secret” is based on a 2006 spiritual self-help book about the law of attraction and the power of positive thinking.

The Hamptons were spotted dancing together at a party in August 2013 when Holmes and FoxX spread rumors of an initial relationship. Both deal with their self-confidence when choosing their gaming activities. Before 2015, the pictures were first published by hand. The couple sat next to each other at a pre-Grammy event earlier this year, but a month later, when Foxx was asked in an interview about playing basketball with his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day, FoxX smiled and left the interview.

Katie Holmes spreads rumors of an engagement to a diamond ring

Is he or she Katie Holmes spreads rumors that she might be busy after walking into New Orleans wearing a giant diamond ring on her left hand. And while Belling also says, the 39-year-old actress doesn’t seem ready for the next step just yet.

Holmes, who is currently shooting the upcoming film The Secret, probably only wore skirt for one movie. A representative from Holmes told people that the ring was not an engagement ring.

“Katie’s not busy with anyone but her fictional film fiancé, Jerry O’Connell,” said her rep.

Unsurprisingly, fans have speculated about the status of their relationship: Holmes has been dating actor Jamie Foxx since August 2013, exactly a year after his split from Tom Cruise. Although FoxX and Holmes have kept their relationship largely private, the two have been photographed together more and more over the past year.

In May, a source told the man that the couple were still cautious about meeting.

“Everyone knows they are dating, but they still want to keep it private,” the insider said. “After the beach pictures, they just spent time together at home and were extra careful. But this year they were more social together. They often go to restaurants for dinner or to hang out with friends.

In September, Holmes was spotted filming Just Mercy at FoxX in Georgia, where they were seen riding bikes and going to the gym together.