Engagement Ring Silhouette

Engagement Ring Silhouette

Silhouette ring

This stunning Art Deco ring features five sparkling round diamonds in Milagrade bezels. The triangular sapphire fits into the diamond from a beautiful, quilted piece (approx. 1.41 cm. Approx.).

HF Sloane Silhouette Engagement Ring with Haley Pies White Gold Diamond
Available in Bloomington today! Equal parts are minimal and oh-romantic, these solitaire settings keep your desired front and center diamonds! These engagement ring settings have a sleek design with an everlasting taper and are inspired by Hailey’s Sloane dress. Diamonds dance shoulder to shoulder.

Center stone not included This ring comes with a preset cubic zirconia that allows you to choose the perfect center diamond. This style may possibly accommodate diamonds of different shapes and sizes than those shown. The Bremen jewelry family can order this ring to match your diamond and its finger exactly.

Beaverbrooks has introduced the exclusive diamond silhouette ring concept

The diamond silhouette rings on the two bands are beautifully designed to encase and enhance the engagement rings. Each Silhouette ring is designed slightly differently to complement the different types of engagement rings in the collection.

  • The exclusive 17-piece range includes 11 diamond rings in a variety of designs, including cluster and solitaire styles. There are six new brands to complement them.
  • Both diamond rings and silhouette rings are available in simple platinum bands, set with diamonds or a combination of both. All diamonds are GSI1.
  • Beaornrook’s diamond and wedding ring buyer Lorna Barhouse commented, “Silhouette rings are a new concept for customers in the UK and we are excited to introduce them to our customers.
  • “Beaverbrooks has already built a reputation for engagement, weddings and eternal rings. This unique new collection ensures that we continue to offer our customers the latest in jewelry design.

The rings in the range are really beautiful. Each of them offers a contemporary yet seamless style that appeals to our different customers. However, add a silhouette ring for that extra layer of glamor! You are” hugging “the engagement ring. Diamond rings and The Silhouette rings are literally made for each other. Like a perfect wedding, they have an eternal bond that is truly romantic! We hope the range will be very popular.


How to choose the ideal Silhouette engagement ring

Buying an engagement ring is an irresistible task. This purchase is under a lot of pressure. It is a symbol of your love and your interest in taking your relationship to the next level. Plus, it doesn’t make it easier to think that your love will show the ring to their friends and family.

For many men, buying their daughter’s engagement ring is their first experience in the jewelry world. When you walk into a jewelry store, they immerse themselves in terms and concepts they’ve never heard of before, like the Tiffany Backdrop, the Record, the Eternal Band.

But never be afraid. Milla Nova puts together the ultimate guide to help you buy an engagement ring that will surprise your girlfriend. Let’s get this party started.

Decide if your ring purchase is going to be eye-catching

This is the first thing to consider to make things that much easier! If you are a couple, if you are sure your fiancé needs to know what he knows and if you are sure that he would like to participate in the purchase of his engagement ring, you must do it together. Go shopping, check out her size, and show her what her ideal ring is.

If you and your wife are more traditional theorists, this is an opportunity you must take to remember this step for a lifetime.

Jewelers reported that more and more men came to pick up a ring with their girlfriends. Of course, it will make sure the ring fits and she likes it. But you’re missing out on a lifetime opportunity to show how thoughtful and romantic you are. Imagine what you would achieve in the eyes of your daughter’s friend and future mother-in-law. The most important thing when you make a proposal to her and the ring fits is the surprise for your friend and

Budget planning

Someone once said that an engagement ring requires two months’ salary.
Okay, we can say that wearing a cheaper ring is better, but of course your family should start out debt free.

When choosing a ring with your girlfriend, you need to discuss the right price for you.

In any other case, just make sure the ring is appropriate for their personality (below). You have to choose the best for him.

Talk to the women who are closest to him

Especially: his mother, his sister (s), his friends. If he doesn’t share his dream engagement ring with you, he must have it with his girlfriends. Ask for their advice. Who knows? She can pick the rings her grandmother wore and guide you to the right choice with the perfect match.

Perhaps one of them can go shopping with you.

Create his profile

That is why we offer you different options for drawing your future fiancée in order to choose the best ones. How you collect information is up to you.

When you are with your girlfriend, be aware of the type of jewelry she is wearing. Does he wear a lot of gold? Maybe she’s a silver or platinum woman. Perhaps there is a certain stone that he wears very similar to his birthstone, he prefers more than diamonds. Does he like simple, piecemeal pieces? Or does he like the big, shiny variety?

Think about his personality; Did you know he wants to show his ring to an outgoing girl he meets? Then go for something bigger and sparkling. Is she a woman who doesn’t wear a lot of jewelry at all? Look for rings that are simple yet beautiful.

If she likes romantic jokes, take the opportunity to learn more about her favorite fashion and jewelry styles (especially for wedding-themed films). When looking at art, does he lean towards some subjects and the design era? Her taste for art, fashion, and film could likely translate into her taste for jewelry.

So your decision can be something:

  • If it’s jeans and sneakers, you want a ring that is clean and minimal.
  • If you still see her wearing something other than vintage clothing, think of something inspired by something old.
  • If he has a job where he uses his hands all day, you’ll want a finger ring setting that sits on the bottom of his finger to reduce the risk of stone damage.

Use this smartphone to take pictures on the fly that it normally uses for the type of ring. If she has many solitaire rings in her jewelry box, she can appreciate a single topper for her engagement ring setting. Note the settings for the side stone. He can choose one large center stone surrounded by small large stones or three medium-sized stones.

Go to his Pinterest account

This type of two-way thinking helps you focus on your shopping strategy.

As a social network, Pinterest has become the standard place to keep track of all things like women’s likes and dislikes. It can take you to his favorite newest things and even he has some rings stored there. If you already have a Pinterest account, you know what it is. If you don’t, you can use your Facebook login to get access. Just type in his name when searching, search his account and start scrolling.

Choose the band

The most popular today are rose gold, yellow gold, white gold, platinum and silver. Platinum looks a lot like silver, but its density is higher and it’s expensive and it’s also rare. Some metals scratch more easily than others. So be sure to think about your girlfriend’s lifestyle. You’ll also want to think about putting the stone in the band.

How to choose a diamond

So you’ve chosen a band. We now come to the most important point of the engagement ring: the diamond. To many men, buying a diamond may seem like a black hole, but with a little knowledge, you can walk away from a jewelry store with a stone. Your fiancé will die listening to his friends.

When choosing a diamond, consider “Four Cs”: cut, color, precision, and carat weight. These four factors determine the quality and cost of a diamond.

Cut. Refers to the angles and proportions of the stone being cut and is determined by a cutter. A well-cut diamond reflects light from side to side and projects light through the top of the stone. This is what gives the diamond its shine. Cut diamonds that are too deep or too shallow at the bottom or side of the rock will give the following appearance. Cut is the most important thing. Even if you’re the right color, clarity, and carat, and the cut isn’t right, the diamond won’t have the fiery glow that your fiancé shows his friends.

Colour. The color of the diamond is rated on a scale from D (colorless) to Z (light yellow). Truly colorless diamonds are the rarest and most expensive. White diamonds are the most popular.

Purity. The less imperfection the diamond has, the more obvious and expensive it is. When the jeweler begins to discuss the diamond’s transparency, they will likely be referring to the diamond’s “inclusion”. Inclusion of other minerals in diamonds or small fractions. The fewer supplements the better. As with color, clarity is measured on a scale. SI1 and SI2 are easily included, but you will not see any imperfections with the naked eye. Try to find a diamond in this area. When looking at the diamond, avoid stones with inclusions at the top and center, as this can interfere with light scattering and make it less bright.

Carat weight. Carat refers to the weight of a diamond. The heavier the stone, the more you will pay. However, there is no need to support the weight of the carat. With proper assembly and shaping, a master jeweler can make a diamond larger than its carat weight offers.

Do you know the size

The easiest thing to do is to visit a jewelry store for a professional measurement. However, if you are playing this game by yourself, a close friend or family member may be able to gather ring size information for you. Parents or friends may have bought jewelry from them in the past or have access to their jewelry collection. You may secretly want to know the size of your ring (if it happens when you suggest it).

Remember, you don’t have to ruin your supply plan without knowing the size of the ring. With your best guess, go with the ideas above and when in doubt, choose half the size

The ring can be shaped according to the suggestion. Most diamond sellers change the size of the free ring within a certain period of time to ensure that the free rise time is offered to your respective seller in advance so you don’t miss out on this service.

Take them to the jewelry store

You want to see the clock and invite him to stop by a jewelry store. Let him browse the ring area and make notes of the styles and attitudes he leans towards. You can plan more and hire salespeople by managing the ring sections of the store. He or she can give you a review that your future fiance will like.

If you answer the question successfully, you will become the subject of a conversation between the social circle of your friend and your future mother-in-law. If you decide to turn the engagement ring into a surprise, it will take time, but the investment is well worth it.

Remember, you can’t just buy their jewelry. If you are planning a long and happy wedding, it means that many birthdays and anniversaries will be celebrated. When you know her style now saves so much time in future gift purchase decisions.


10 Tips for Buying Silhouette Engagement Ring

Not so long ago, there were only a few questions required to choose an engagement ring: princess or emerald? White gold or yellow? Today there are many more things to consider when deciding when, where, and how to buy an engagement ring. Here are the best tips on buying this monument.

1. Don’t get caught up in a trend.

An engagement ring should be a timeless, best symbol of your love that will last forever. Hence, the goal should be to look at the current jewelry to see what matches your style of matching stone for your future fiancé. Are they gold or platinum people? Do you wear statement jewelry or do you choose minimal pieces instead? Take cues from their current style to let them know how to choose the outfit they will want to wear every day for a lifetime.

2. A stone doesn’t have to be perfect on paper.

Diamond professionals frequently visit Four CS (also known as Color, Cut, Precision and Carat) websites. However, the classification of certificates should be one of the many factors in your decision-making. You don’t need flawless stones to create a beautiful ring. It is better to gauge the feeling the stone gives you than the GIA rating (diamonds are rated D through Z by the American Gemological Institute). Grades can serve as a starting point, but shouldn’t be the only determining factor.

3. Size only matters if you (or your future fiancé) think about it.

Growing up or going home shouldn’t be a mantra unless you think it’s the most important thing for your future wife. In this case, you should consider your options. Perhaps it is worth putting more emphasis on size and less than color and clarity.

Even those in the jewelry industry who noticed this trend have, “Los Angeles-based jewelry line J. Hannah says,” I think there is now less pressure to wear decorative rings. “Now the ring is more about spreading personal style, and sometimes it means choosing ‘bling’ on purpose. I love that women go against the traditional jewelry store [mold] to feel stronger and something find something to talk about. ” I love it on a personal level. It feels like a feminist choice.

4. Find out where the stone came from.

According to Page Neal, a jewelry designer and co-founder of Barrio Neal, customers value jewelry with a backstory – especially when those backstories are ethically sour gems. Neil is constantly looking for mines and suppliers who can prove their diamonds, metals and gemstones – and are perfectly searchable from the mines to the market. Neil says, “I think people really want to know where their jewelry is coming from.” “People really like us looking for stones for their custom pieces. Remove every detail to share with your future fiancé.

5. Attitude shouldn’t be a thought.

Once you’ve fallen in love with a stone, the next step is to decide what to put around it. “My fiancé worked with one of my best friends, Montana Cody, on my ring design,” said Cynthia Smith, the wedding stylist at Cynthia Cook Brides. “His suggestion was to think of the center stone as a work of art and a frame. You can be bold and do something different and unique, but it’s important to find an expert you can count on to reflect the style of the ring that They wear. Give them an idea of ​​what they want and guide them in the right direction.

6. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and choose a completely unique ring.

Millennials want anything they buy for special purchases and weave a ring that suits them. It is becoming more and more common for women to eschew diamonds and traditional theme settings entirely, opting for something personal, unique and unexpected. “People strive to get something different. They want something that they think is ‘fashionable’ and relevant, but timeless basic isn’t easy, annoying or presumptuous. They come to us for a ring that is unusual, but still it’s clear.

7. Work directly with a jeweler.

Hannah explains, “Custom feels special than just walking into a store and picking something up.” In general, a lot of people now want something that is somewhere between wine and modernity. Do you want more quality than size or a unique shape? And a lot of people dig diamonds all together. I made a really nice ring with alexandrite, a color changing stone that is greenish blue in daylight and purple in incandescent light.

8. Don’t go alone.

Engagement ring shopping can be a daunting task that with a little help from your friends you can figure out. Ask those hired for jewelry recommendations and call someone who knows you and your future spouse and whose tastes you love and who respect their opinions on aesthetics. The person you are buying for has an idea of ​​what they want ten to nine times and has it expressed as a friend (or attached to a Pinterest forum).

9. Not obliged.

Contrary to the marital obligation you expected, try to avoid a binding agreement with the jeweler. Worst-case scenario, if what you bring hates its purpose, you can trade it in for something else. They want your future spouse to love you and the jewelry you bought forever.

10. It’s not about price tags.

In a campaign that made Don Drug proud, De Beers desperately began running an ad forcing men to pay a monthly salary if men wanted to be “responsible” for their advertising talent. In the 1980s it had grown to two months. Nowadays the rule of thumb is often mentioned that one should deduct at least three months’ salary when buying this eternal piece of jewelry. All of this is just clever marketing. How much to spend on an engagement ring and there really is no exact science and some women prefer fewer, less expensive diamonds (or want to leave the diamond entirely). Someone is walking a vintage or second-hand route (the eBay ring market has grown 58 percent). And some choose the simple band La Amanda Shepherd. The ring that is suitable for the woman does not get the ring, the price of which corresponds to a voluntary algorithm.