Double Band Engagement Ring

Double Band Engagement Ring

Cushion cut double band diamond ring

A pillow cut diamond ring with 4.54 carats in a double band that is really attractive from all angles.

This engagement ring is handcrafted from platinum and features a remarkable cushion-cut diamond center that adds an infinite amount of glitter

  1. It is a beautiful pillow-shaped seamless holo and made with 88 diamonds in a double band. This piece has incredible style and wow factor.
  2. A diamond of this size and beauty, combined with the diamond accent of the dream and a delicate silhouette, make it the perfect symbol of love.
  3. Make your dreams come true with our double-band pillow cut diamond ring.
  4. This ring design can be made from 18k rose gold, white gold, or yellow gold.

If you are interested in diamonds of a specific size, shape, or colored stone, please contact us for prices.

Emerald cut diamond engagement ring with double band

This stunning and unique modern emerald cut diamond engagement ring features an attractive emerald cut diamond in a lighted hall of tiny gemstones pressed between double bands. Framed by perfectly fine frames, the middle diamond gives the glamorous composition a great finish.

Double-width halo diamond ring

This custom engagement ring features a confusing pear shaped diamond in a stunning halo setting. A fully split double band and multiple rows of Pova diamonds make this setting really unique. One hundred and sixty round diamond accents make a great piece.

We can customize a reproduction or something similar. Custom orders start at 2,000.

Double wedding band 1 city up to 10 carat white gold

These Diamond Wedding Rings Choke and Striking 10K are made from white gold, each of which is adorned with rows of individual, beautiful looking round cut diamonds. Ribbons are designed to complement their diamond engagement ring (sold separately) and create a hug and attractive look on one side of each ring. The total diamond size of Diamond Wedding Bands now and always weighs 1 carat from the wedding collection.

Subject to printing error correction. Product has been enlarged to show details and may not always look exactly as shown. Specials, prices, styles and availability may vary in-store and online.

The total weight of the diamond is approximate.
Stone (s)
Total weight (CT.T.W.)

Stone shape


  • Stone carat ranges from 1/2 to 1
  • Stone class is natural
  • Lay stones
  • Just not hired
  • Metals (noun)
  • Metal type


  • The metallic color is white
  • Gold karate


  • Ring design
  • Ring style wedding
  • Standard ring size 7.0

Double Band Brilliant Cut Solitaire Antigant Ring White Gold

Create this unique design in 10 carat gold double band, light cut solitaire engagement ring, white, yellow or rose gold. 2.00ct diamond simulations.

Complete the look with this matching ribbon

Pink brilliant

The most popular stone shape is the round light that was created about 60 years ago. It’s a variation on the light cut that was made in the early 18th century and remains the most popular cut to this day. It makes absolutely every woman fit with her refined brilliance and fire.

Only the tallest stone

Secrets Signature Diamond Simulants are the most perfect diamond simulants that are virtually indistinguishable from diamonds with the naked eye. They are cut using the latest technology to the exact proportions and standards required by the diamond industry to ensure that each stone has the maximum brightness and fire.

Double Pave Band Engagement Ring

This unique double band engagement ring is plated with platinum. This ring style can set the center stone of any size / quality to meet your desired budget.

* As shown, the center stone is 3 carats.
* All rings are available in platinum, 14k white, yellow and rose gold.
* Please contact SGFJ to learn more about this ring or to request specific issues that you may recall.

Gold double band diamond circle ring on 18 carat nuts in the lesson

Andrew’s inspiration for Tess’ bespoke engagement ring was his love for chunky jewelry, so he wanted to commission a unique design to reflect it. Handcrafted from 18-karat yellow gold by Fairtrade, the double-band engagement ring by Tess was designed with the idea that your wedding ring would ultimately fit perfectly between the two strands. The statement ring consists of four central nail sets with round brilliant cut diamonds of 1.88 carats and twenty bright cut diamonds. Each band has a scallop set of 0.8 caps total. The coordinated wedding ring was made from Fairtrade 18k yellow gold with the same width and profile as the engagement ring. The striking set was polished to complement the shiny diamond.

Pier double band ring

We maintain our brand commitment to honor personal travel by inviting our customers to celebrate one of the greatest milestones of their lives. The wedding collection takes inspiration from the decay of the newly created Roaring 20 by making the decor silhouettes in minimalist designs for 2020.

Renewed as one of the most popular stone shapes of the 1920s, this bright pear diamond is a semi-bezel with bright round diamonds in a double band and two asymmetrical baguettes with a bar set. The round stones around both bands are 3/4 of the way with shovels. The tape measures 8.4 mm over a wide area.

Metals: 14 karat yellow gold, 14 karat gold, 14 karat white gold, 18 karat yellow gold and platinum

Stone Stone: White Diamond 0.84 Carat | SI1-VS1 precision | GH color

Middle Stone: The choice of the middle stone. Our goal is a VS1-VS2 precision and a very good + polish / symmetry. Natural diamonds come with a GIA certificate and cultured diamonds with an IGI or GCL certificate.

  • Figure 1.75 carat pear.
  • The base price reflects a refined / 1 carat / I-J colored diamond.
  • Band width: 1.9 mm each

Double halo engagement ring

Gabriel & Cong’s Double Hall engagement ring features a second holo of diamonds that surrounds the first, making the center stone appear larger and brighter. Since marriage is one of the most important milestones in life, the ring you want to remember on this occasion will definitely reflect the beauty of the moment.


Should I Consider an Engagement Ring With a Double Band?

The styles of engagement rings are many and the choices can be dazzling, but go ahead and add a little more complexity to the mix: a matching band. One more ring you say Yes and no – we will expand.

There are many reasons to choose a suitable wedding ring and of course there are several reasons not to. We start by saying “yes” to the band.

When the match is counted

The easiest way to match an engagement ring and a wedding ring is to buy a set that will go together. This “wedding set” is available in many jewelry stores. A wedding set on the ring finger looks thoughtful, finished and elegant. For a combo look with the groom, consider “sets of three,” which include a matching engagement ring and wedding band for him, as well as a complementary band for him.

  • You can perfectly combine a wedding ring with an engagement ring without buying a matching design set. It seems a little smart.
  • One of the easiest ways to create a match is to find a suitable style with an engagement ring:
  • A vintage-inspired wedding ring goes well with a vintage-inspired engagement ring.
    A classic solitaire ring with a classic band.
    Probably a knife edge band with a contemporary ring.
  • The key is that the ribbons can be the same width. Large wedding rings can reverse a small engagement ring. Think of rings in proportion.
  • If it is engraved on the engagement ring, you want the same engraving style, be it the same or not the same. Nobody may collide with the engagement ring with a different engraving style.

If you want colored diamonds and / or gemstones in your wedding ring, make sure that they match the color of the stones or stones in the engagement ring. A pink and yellow diamond wedding ring won’t work with white diamonds and tanzanite engagement rings. Trust us!

Matching metal

There’s another way of thinking about matching bands in metallic terms, and there’s no other way of putting it: metals and colors must be the same. Platinum and platinum. Rose gold and rose gold. Of course, some rings are made of an alloy and look absolutely beautiful because they are designed that way. However, if you have a two-tone band in your engagement ring, look for a two-tone wedding ring to complement it.

It grows

If you’ve bought a small solitaire stone or a clarity stone with a short sheen, an “enhancement ring” might be the right addition to add to the “bling factor” of the engagement ring. And you can’t – you might want to buy a wedding ring afterward.

A reinforcement ring complements the additional stones (diamonds and / or precious stones) to enhance the beauty of an engagement ring, enlarge the ring and change its appearance. Augmentations are usually bent to fit around the stone in the center of your engagement ring, making them look like they form both sides of another two-sided augmentation accent ring. The engagement ring will usually slide towards an opening in this magnifying glass so that it appears as a complete ring.

We agreed, but the rings did not match

Not everyone wants to match their rings. It is a personal choice and it can be yours.

Some people just don’t go together. Perhaps the bride-to-be was a second-class girl, wearing crazy pink and green socks and orange, blue, and black diamond sweaters. This style may have evolved, but it doesn’t include what he sarcastically includes in the word “match”. If there is no match, it is not what is happening, but what is going on in the bride’s finger

And just because an engagement ring and a wedding ring are worn on the same finger doesn’t mean they are always worn together. Many women wear their engagement ring only during their engagement or for several years of their marriage.

Life is busy and complicated, and hands (and rings) can beat. Perhaps your fiance has a job that could jeopardize her ring. Or she can hand in her engagement ring to keep it safe. Just take it out for a special occasion or “dress up” yourself. Her wedding ring became “everyday clothing”. Choose “good china” and what you do with everyday dishes. If this is how your future wife’s lifestyle works, you don’t really have to match the style of the engagement ring and band.

Like almost everything in the “getting married” process, not being able to or not being able to agree is a personal question. You now have a few ideas to help you plan your approach. When you look at mills, think of proportions, think of metals, think of styles, think of sets. And if you aren’t, then you don’t have to worry about it.


28 Double Band Engagement Rings

When Joe Jonas put a ring on it with Sophie Turner, we were seriously surprised to see the stunning pear-shaped sparkler. The megawatt diamond accented with the pavu stone doesn’t matter how you shake it, but the setting of the double band engagement ring really won us over – it determines how the teardrop diamond looks as unique as it used to be (and costs a really nice one Boots).

Clean and modern, we’re obsessed with double-band engagement rings that are similar to Turner’s. Designers range from simple to ornate in a range of prices ranging from aesthetics to market aesthetics.

The beauty of this ribbon style is that it perfectly shows the shape of a stone, whether you have a square emerald or ashtray, a traditional thimble oval or pear (like a sofa), or a wine-inspired shape like a marquee or a bunch of stones Cut. Another way to stand out from a double band is to choose stones without diamonds – gemstones look fresh and unique, a moonstone looks great cool and modern (both incredibly affordable, too good), and even a pearl when centered between two Looks like a thin tape of plaster

Now not all double bands are created equal. Some stones appear between the ribbons at the top and bottom, creating pressure between the two. Others sit on a split shaft to make the space around the stone the same size, and the bands are joined behind the ring. If you want to keep modern things modern there is also the option of a more traditional double band ring sun center stone with a touch of conventionality – we prefer it for minimal brides or not for big ballers. The look is set with small diamonds in two bands and is just as attractive.

More fun in the double band ring? If you don’t wear more than one ring after your wedding, it can serve as both an engagement ring and a wedding ring. Modern brides (and those on budget) will love it. If you are the type of a ring pile, the double band will find your home.

Do you think you are on board with a double band? Scroll here through our selection options available in different stones, silhouettes and metals. Besides, two is better than one, isn’t it?

  1. WHO Bernbach 1.15 carat total marquise diamond frame ring
  2. J. J. Burnbach 1.57 carat GIA E VVS 2 antique diamond platinum ring
  3. Mark Browmond 1.98 carat pear shape diamond engagement ring
  4. Platinum ring at Harry Coulter Arabs
  5. Anna Sheffield Atlas Ring Yellow Gold and White Diamond Ring
  6. McTeague and McClelland Diamond Thread Asset Cut diamond ring in platinum
  7. Double band ring made of diamond and tanzanite white gold
  8. Serene emerald cut diamond engagement ring
  9. Lucky pumpkin illuminated ring
  10. Erica Courtney Emily Ann ring in platinum
  11. Just Fares Opal Rhombus Ring
  12. Diamond ring of the cat Kim Pierre Duo
  13. Rebecca Overman Rose Cut Marquis Pav Platinum Ring
  14. ILA Phoenix 14 carat white gold and diamond ring
  15. Allurez Round Diamond Split Shank Engagement Ring 14 Karat Yellow Gold
  16. Gemvara Samantha ring emerald cut diamond
  17. Reposi Certi Tune video module ring in white gold
  18. 14 Karat White Gold Diamond Stephen Round SI Diamond Seedstone Engagement Ring ing
  19. The emerald beatrice ring cutting emerald
  20. Blanca Monars Gomez Vena Amoris Ring
  21. Nikos Coolis yellow gold ring with white diamonds
  22. L’Amour Criscott diamond ring


The ring is a symbol of commitment
A ring is given when a man agrees to marry a woman
Give a ring and wear it as a sign of engagement
In Western culture in particular, an engagement ring is a ring that indicates that the person wearing it is engaged in order to be married. In the UK and North America, engagement rings are only worn by women and the rings are decorated with precious stones.
Engagement Ring (B? Xt Uzu) The plot of a full-length Azerbaijani comedy film released in 1991 is based on a novel by the Azerbaijani author Vagif Samadoglu of the same title.
Double band
Double (pronounced du-bla) was a Swiss musical duo most memorable for the 1966 hit single “The Captain of Heart”.