Crossover Engagement Ring

Crossover engagement rings

This style of ring first became popular in the times of Edwardian and Bell Pak. Jewelry was usually extremely elegant during this period. The introduction of platinum in jewelry around the turn of the century allowed artisans to work with a more pronounced taste and softness. Together, the Art Nouveau movement was inspired by nature to promote flowing lines and soft curves. The resulting designs flowed directly into the jewelry of the time.

Typically, a crossover ring consists of a combination of two central stones placed side by side, decorated with slightly curved, gently rolling shoulders. Often times the stones were diamonds next to a colored stone, for example a ruby, emerald or sapphire. Additional diamonds can also be set on the shoulder or around the original stone. A ring can have more than two central stones, but usually has stylistic carvings or crossover shoulders.

The idea of ​​two central stones is particularly romantic for an engagement ring. This style is sometimes called the “toi at moi” ring and combines the symbols of both stones into one. For example, a diamond can symbolize both ruby ​​and strength, purity and beauty as a symbol of eternal romantic love. It also represents the union of two people – a romantic idea for part of an engagement. The popularity of this style continued over the centuries in the various jewelry periods. In 1910, the famous American jeweler Simon Shopps gave his wife a drug and a diamond and gave her a crossover ring to mark their engagement. In 1953, John F. Kennedy gave Jacqueline Onassis an emerald and diamond crossover ring to Vac Cliff & Arpels.

In Burgundy, our crossover engagement rings are all handcrafted and unique. We have some examples signed by famous jewelers such as Oscar Heyman Brothers and Tiffany & Co. in the 20th century. Each piece is set with natural, unbleached stone to make a beautiful antique or vintage engagement ring.

Ring with crossover diamonds

14-karat white gold crossover diamond attachment ring from the Race Nichols collection. The ring features 44 round light cut diamonds weighing 25 CTW. The ring is constructed in such a way that it holds the diamond in a round center of 1 cm. The center’s diamonds were sold separately. Stock 6 is now in stock. Please call or email for size and availability information.

Real romance diamond crossover engagement ring

A popular design The RM1431 is available in a metallic color as well as in two colors. The total weight of the diamonds in the engagement ring is 1.25 carats. It is best to keep a 0.75 ct – 1.25 ct medium diamond.

True Romance is a collection of affordable diamond wedding rings and jewelry that echo classic American design. The classic style of true romance has evolved to reflect the preferences of today’s discerning conjugal consumers and their budget.

Crossover shaft with Miller Detail Pav? Diamond engagement ring

This pav from the quilted collection? The diamond engagement ring has a crossover shaft and millgreen details for an extra unique touch.

Metal type 18k white gold
Early stone diamonds
Carat weight 0.26

Platinum, round DY crossover engagement ring

Product description

Just as two lives are intertwined in a wedding, only two signature ribbons merge into this DY crossover® design. Where they will meet, individual, large diamonds are set that seal the promise of love.

Center diamonds start at 0.70 carats
With GIA assessment report
Conflict-free diamond policy. Learn more
Custom orders available

* Depending on availablity. Price center based on stone cut, color, precision and carat. The center stone pictured can be digitally enlarged to show a larger carat weight. For more information, see Engagement Pricing and Financing on us

Diamond Crossover Engagement Ring 1 / 3ctw in Sterling Silver

Make a lifelong commitment with this passionate sterling silver engagement ring. Total weight of 1-10 carats. In the middle of the four-curve setting is a round cut diamond in a hall with small round cut diamonds, which enhances the shine of this beautiful ring. The regular look of this piece is complemented by the more complex split shaft that makes it look like your new trip forever.

Real romance diamond crossover engagement ring

A popular design The RM1431 is available in a metallic color as well as in two colors. The total weight of the diamonds in the engagement ring is 1.25 carats. It is best to keep a 0.75 ct – 1.25 ct medium diamond.

Product description
Name Diamond Crossover Engagement Ring
Order number RM1431TT-M85
Department of Marriage and Engagement
Enter the engagement ring
Material 14 carat gold, platinum

A. Crossover Pavir Diamond Involved Ring from Jaff

An elegant variant of the classic with a band on the crossover shaft and a ring with the Milgreen Detail Pav Diamond, which first splits, then finally cuts the crosscross and then comes back together to pin the solitaire diamond in the middle. In addition to the large size, the precious metal is adorned with more intricate zamindar details and enlarged with diamonds. Love is a real show stopper from the collection of love. A.F.F.F.E.F.T. Internal quilts are specifically designed to create airflow and prevent bending for ease of wearing. Thanks to this luxurious quilted interior, the ring will feel right at home wrapped around your finger. Total Carat Weight: 0.26 ctw.

Marisha crossover diamond engagement ring

The Marisha diamond fastening ring has a round diamond in the center with a light cut and a pillow-shaped diamond hello. The shaft is a crossover style with a fist set around a bright diamond. Our studio was designed and customized by JM Edwards Jewelry and is located in Rayleigh, NC.

Rotate the rope rope crossover engagement ring setting for a round downtown 1.0, 0.45 CT total diamond

Metallic type: rose gold
Rose gold
Yellow gold
Rhodium-plated white gold

Ring size:
This setting includes a round diamond sidestone, GH, VS2-SI1, 0.45 CT total. Round center almost in the picture. The setting is approximately 6.5 mm wide. The ring width is up to 6 mm. The center stone does not contain diamonds. Set the ring vessels as shown with a cube zirconia center. Extra size center stone settings available.
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Diamond set platinum crossover ring

A platinum ring with three fluid, overlapping curves that glitter with 54 stepped diamonds and are less than half a carat in total. This sleek, modern ring can be worn as a dress ring or as an alternative to a traditional engagement ring. The ‘crossover’ ring is available with one, two or three curved lines as well as diamonds.

A platinum ring with three fluid, overlapping curves that glitter with 54 stepped diamonds and are less than half a carat in total. This sleek, modern ring can be worn as a dress ring or as an alternative to a traditional engagement ring. The crossover ring is available with one, two or three curves and set pivot diamonds.


Everything You Need to Know Crossover Cable Engagement Ring

In each of the major standards, David Urman simply picks the diamond at the top of the spectrum. Oh yes, it’s a summer Friday – almost a summer Saturday! Scouring incredibly large diamonds is no longer the best day to perfect some time. Today, as part of our week of weddings here, we bring you David Yurman’s largest, boldest, and most expensive diamond engagement ring – like the crossover engagement ring above from 7,500. All David Yurman rings are tailored for the bride-to-be. Therefore, note that prices vary depending on the carat weight and precious metal. All rings shown here are made of platinum (unless they are publicly yellow gold, in which case they are 18k). This gallery simply starts at £ 10,000 for the engagement ring. We want to see what it looks like to be conservative and real, but underneath is a stealth band of pavement diamonds – the secret luxury! This halo engagement ring starts at 6,000,000. A simple, single-band diamond ring with a David Uerman twist – the wire band is literally the signature of the jewelry house.

Do not you think?

This type of ring gives something extra, don’t you think so? From left: Pav Solitaire will be available in fall 2011 (price not yet set); Double cable engagement ring; The single wire engagement ring starts at 5,100. The diamond crossover engagement ring starts at 11,500. Like the ring above – with its huge double wire band made of stone and Chris-Cross with diamond accents for extra glamor. David Yurman [Official Site] Marriage brought two lives together. The DY Crossover 6 collection symbolizes the endless connection with the two cable ties, which are pillow-cut diamonds. Also available in 18-carat yellow or rose gold. If you are thinking of embarking on a moment in your life, you are probably at least concerned about how much to pay for a potential traitor ring, even though there is no set amount. When it comes to ring cost there are many rules and rules The expectation is that it can become irresistible, confusing, and completely desperate (especially for the person making the purchase).

You must know

We are here to help! We were able to collect as many different engagement ring price suggestions as possible and leave them for you to navigate and understand. The engagement season (also known as the full month of December) depends on us and when you and your significant other will thank us both for biting platinum, gold or silver balls. The buyer should spend around three full monthly salaries in the ring. However, this is another rule. If the person who bought the ring is “too heavily in debt or worried about job security,” they want to take a step back. Rule # 2: One Month “Salary” You may have heard the more general rule of thumb that a person should spend about a month on a “salary ring”. And you have diamond maker Debears thanking you for this little knot of knowledge. During the time of American desperation, Debiers launched an advertising campaign to allow men to spend a month’s salary on the ring to save money, and the idea persisted.

Some rules

Rule # 1: Divide the Difference If three months seem like an extension to your wife but a month seems a bit inconvenient, there are some timely methods that suggest you compromise and spend two months’ salary on the stone. This can be a great option if you want to spend a small fortune without potentially damaging your finances.

Rule # 2: Spend the Average Ring on a Ring According to a recent 2013 America Jewelers report, couples spent an average of $ 4,000 on an engagement ring in 2012. You always have the option to introduce your potential fiancé on this average spend. This is a fair number, but keep in mind that it has nothing to do with your personal financial situation.

Rule # 3: Forget the rules in our minds – and we remind many reluctant American Americans that the amount spent on an engagement ring should be 100 percent of the person who buys it. Of course, input of the purpose is always welcome. But at the end of the day, if you aren’t really buying that person, it’s not really up to you.

Setting of the crossover engagement ring

“Make a personal decision based on the importance of this ring to the fiancé.” Keep scrolling to shop for 19 gorgeous engagement rings at great prices! Want to participate? These coveted rings are sure to put a big smile on your face – and cost no more than 10,000! Faster shipping for Ink Circle on David R. Designer Rings Shop the latest selection of top designer clothes at Neyman Marcus. If you are looking for an engagement ring, you need to learn about David Euerman engagement rings. David Euermann is a jewelry, perfume and glasses designer who is known for his timeless and classic style. His engagement rings are known for their unique detail and superior quality. Most David Yurman engagement rings have an unusual crossover-style band with a large, centered diamond. Crossover pavé engagement ring only. This engagement ring features a signature cut diamond by David Euermans. The crossover wire band is a full diamond band in each cable with signature cut diamonds on the corners of the cables.


The crossover cable is also available in Pav’s engagement ring platinum and yellow gold. If you like different types of diamonds, this David Urman ring is also available with a round, light cut. Crossover cable fastening ring with oval diamond. This David Euerman engagement ring features a crossover cable pattern made from intricately woven gold bands (that do not contain diamonds). There are oval diamonds on the corner of the crossover. The David Urman crossover cable engagement ring with a platinum or yellow gold band is available. The oval diamond can be replaced by a David Euerman signature cut diamond. Controlled cable engagement ring with pav side and signature cut David Euerman diamond. This David Euerman engagement ring has a thick band next to the pavilion. The sides of the patch form the outline of the gold, the wire being worn, and are combined with the signature cut diamond. Contour is only available in platinum and yellow gold engagement rings. Diamond engagement rings with round brilliant cut diamonds only.