Blush Engagement Rings

Blush Engagement Ring – Why To Pick A Colored Stone

Do you like a blushing engagement ring? Colorful engagement rings are making a big wave right now – and one particular ring has completely captured us! Today we’re interviewing Laura Darth, a talented Nordic goldsmith who specializes in colorful stone and wine-inspired pieces with Scandinavian minimalism and feminine romance. We spoke to Laura about the colorful engagement ring, personal style and her dream ring.

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The blushing engagement ring is absolutely # Wedding Tender2020 and that’s why we sat down with goldsmith Laura Darth to chat about it. We both met Laura when we presented our collection at Paris Fashion Week Autumn 2018 L Laura. We are connected with a love for flowers and gardens and because our brands are equally inspired by the simplicity and soft femininity of Scandinavia.

Since then, Laura Darth’s gems have been part of several tribes of our wedding and we have attended two wedding fairs together. We felt like he was the one who spoke perfectly about the engagement ring and wedding jewels on our blog! All Laura gemstones are designed and manufactured in Helsinki, Finland. He put the bespoke piece.

If you fall in love with the “Print in Pink” ring – the ring that is a shame below – please take a moment and go to the link “Voden Kaunin Sharmas (The most beautiful ring of the year) 2019” here! Voting ends on October 31, 2019 so be quick

Blush Engagement Ring ‘Pink Beautiful’

Let’s talk about the ring! Your ring competes for the Finnish title “The most beautiful ring of 2019”. What inspires Pink Beautiful?

  • I have to admit that I designed the ring of my dreams when I was doing “Print in Pink”. The size of the ring shows my love for vintage style. This is really my perfect dream ring that I wore myself.
  • The blushing engagement ring is very different from the clean diamond that became very popular only about a year later. How did you finish the delicate pink style?
  • I like pink and blush year after year so choosing morganite stones over soft pink was an easy choice.
  • Any advice for people thinking in the ring style of traditional and personal engagement?
  • A lot of people are scared of colors because they think they will get upset about it, but I think if you really like a certain color and year, then suddenly you won’t hate it.
  • I would say be brave and choose who you are instead of compromising out of fear. It is also good to remember that in the future you can change the stone if you want.

You can get a statement ring on a budget by choosing something other than clear diamonds as the center stone.

“I would say be brave and choose who you are instead of compromising out of fear.”

Engagement ring with colored stones

Why do you think colored stones are so special?

I like the color! Colored stones have many details – each colored stone has its own personality. You can make your rings or other gemstones look the same as yours by choosing magical deep glitter in them and a colored stone among the colors.

Is a blushing engagement ring just a passing trend? What kind of future do you see with colorful engagement rings?

Engagement rings with colored stones are a growing trend. When I was practically working in a jewelry store 10 years ago, no one wanted to see a brightly colored engagement ring. Nowadays people are better informed and I believe there will be more colored stones to be seen in the future.

Is clear diamond better to wear or is it just another urban legend?

It is true that colored stones are not too hard like clear diamonds, but it is good to remember that either diamond is not indestructible or forever. Once the surface is scratched, some of the stones will burn over time. For colored stones, this can happen a little earlier, so if you can replace the stone in the future. It depends on how good your ring is to take care of.

How can you keep your ring in top shape for as long as possible?

The best way to keep a ring in good condition is to soak a handful of soap in water or to regularly clean it at home with a goldsmith. Even if you clean your own ring at home, it is best to have it professionally cleaned from time to time. You should avoid hard activities with rings: sports, gardening, baking, showering, sana – metal and stone do not like extreme temperatures, mechanical loads or foreign substances. This is why you shouldn’t apply creams, hairsprays or perfumes when wearing jewelry. For your own protection, you should never put jewels in bed as they can get stuck, block blood flow, or cause suffocation.

Sustainability is a big thing and most of us really want to make our lives more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Do you have any suggestions on how to make sustainable choices with gemstones?

The first step is to buy your ring locally or from a local goldsmith. For example, you can use recyclable gold (100% recyclable jewelry gold from Finland) whether it comes from your old gemstones or other sources. Gold Smiths really use any scrap material, so practically nothing is left. If you choose a ring that has been made and designed for you, you are likely to find a quality piece that can be repaired or disassembled and fully recycled in the future if it is made from precious metals. You can get more information about the origin of the stone, but these days it is really difficult to get 100% verification with diamonds. You can also give me old rings and jewelry to make new jewelry.

What is the difference between an engagement ring bought from a chain store and a goldsmith?

Yes, there is a difference – especially if you choose a cheap ring that is somewhere far away. Different countries have different standards of craftsmen and materials. In the worst case, the metals used in mass production can trigger allergies. Due to the poor quality of the settings, you will have to lose the stone that you will have to replace, which can cost a lot of money. This may not be possible if at some point you want to redesign the ring. Working with Sonar Smith in person you can always ask about the quality of the material and receive a ring that will best suit your lifestyle. Quality rings with high quality workmanship can be repaired and redesigned or reused at any time.

What creates a beautiful piece of wedding jewelry for you that can be passed on to the next generation?

I think what defines an inherited piece in the truest sense of the word is not its financial value, but its sensitive value. The prices for a ring or necklace can range from $ 300, $ 300, and $ 30,000, and it doesn’t make much of a difference. Wearing gemstones, caring for them and keeping them for future generations is a legacy.


Pink Engagement Rings

Looking for a unique pink engagement ring? Find out more about the different options available to you, from our rose gold ring settings to our ethically acidic pink diamonds and sapphires.

Rose gold engagement rings

There are many reasons to be interested in this red capped metal. Its pink color flatters almost every skin tone and blends seamlessly with other metallic types. Rose gold has a unique ability to feel modern and vintage. The elaborate mix of gold and copper makes a clear choice when it comes to setting diamond mounting rings. Whether in classic solitaire designs, wine-inspired rings or impressive holo settings – rose gold diamond rings stand out from the rest.

Marganite engagement rings

Morganites are valued for their seductive sheen of clarity and high brightness, as well as for their beautiful warm colors. The subtle shades of pink, blush and peach in morganites are created more subtle when paired with a subtle rose gold setting. Marganite is a semi-calming gemstone with a warm pink color and sparkling clarity that suffocates in rose gold. The two complement each other naturally, with their lovely blushes and bewitching glitters that make the rose gold morganite engagement a popular choice. Rose gold adds glitzy accent diamonds to create some contrast in the engagement ring settings. The solitaire style has a visually appealing all-rose look that draws attention to the marganite gemstones.

Pink sapphire engagement rings

The word “sapphire” is often associated with the deep blue gemstone, but sapphire comes in many colors, including all shades of pink. Pink sapphires come in various romantic colors and they fascinate and fascinate femininity. These homogeneous gemstones look great in a variety of settings. For example, if you are looking for a unique engagement ring, pink sapphire is a great choice in a hollow setting. The combination of a rich pink gem in the center surrounded by bright, shiny diamonds is truly stunning. A classic setting is the way to show pink sapphire on its own. Simple solitaires with bezel or prongs put the focus directly on the lively colors. Simple metal bands made of platinum, white gold, or yellow gold are the perfect background for any pink sapphire.

Rings with pink diamonds

Pink Diamond is a kind of fancy colored diamond. Colored diamonds are a good choice for an engagement ring because they are tough and durable like colorless diamonds, while also offering a striking pop of color. Our selection of natural, ethically acidic colored diamonds includes pink diamonds of surprising color and intensity. Pink diamonds made in both our natural and our laboratory show unique beauty and color. Lab-made diamonds offer the high quality and brightness of natural diamonds, and no mining is required. This makes them a nice and environmentally friendly alternative to pink diamond rings.


Pink Blush Diamond Engagement Rings to Inspire Your Sparkler

Colorless diamonds can be w A pink diamond is romantic and its pink color is glamorous. Before investing, you probably want to know all about pink diamonds and gemstones. Here we explain the basics as well as our favorite pink engagement rings.

What does the pink diamond symbolize?

The color pink itself synthesizes images of love and tenderness. Without saying that this work goes down in history, the pink diamond is considered a symbol of passion, strength and power.

Is pink diamond more expensive?

Sometimes! According to the GIA (Gemological Institute of America), pink diamonds are very rare worldwide. They make up about 1% of the world’s diamond production and are therefore in many cases more expensive than other diamonds. But it depends. Diamonds are rated in carats based on color, clarity, cut, and weight. Usually white diamonds are usually more precious than lack of color, but pink diamonds have more color, the stone is usually more expensive – the same precision, cut, and carat weight as others, of course. In other words, the intensity of the pink color in your diamond will help determine its cost, but it’s not the only factor.

Which celebrity is bad for a pink diamond engagement?

Many celebrities wear pink diamond engagement rings. The Blake Lively engagement ring was designed by Lauren Schwartz and presented to her by Ryan Reynolds. It consists of a large, light pink oval diamond center stone. Anna Konikikova received the 11 carat pear-shaped engagement ring with pink diamonds from Enrique Iglesias. Victoria Beckham is said to have worn a separate engagement ring (14 to be exact!) That was given to her by her husband David for several years, and at least two of them had a pink diamond center stone.

And some celebrities’ relationships didn’t last, but their epic redness is worth noting! Jennifer Lopez wore a chic pink light-cut diamond in 2002 when she worked with Ben Affleck, adorned with obvious platinum baguettes.

Pink diamond against morganite and other stones

Like the pink look? Pink diamonds are difficult to find and often come at a high price. Fortunately, your engagement ring also has other pink gemstones to consider.

  1. Marganite: Best known for its peach color, marganite can also be available in pink, rose and salmon. Like emeralds, it can create a variety of barrels and a beautiful ring center stone.
  2. Pink Sapphire: When you hear sapphire you probably think blue, but this timeless stone comes in a variety of shades of pink. (Another interesting fact? If the stone is dark enough to be classified as red, then it is classified as a ruby.) Also, it has a value of 9.0 on the Mohs hardness scale, which makes it stand out after everyday wear.
  3. Pink Topaz: Pink Topaz is one of the many colors. It’s an 8.0 for durability, but it doesn’t stand up to the chipping and cracking as well as some popular pink gemstones.
    Pink Tourmaline: Several tourmalines are available in a variety of shades of pink (as well as almost all rainbow colors!). Be careful with tourmaline rings as heat can damage the stone.
  4. Kunjite: This gemstone is usually found in light colors from light pink to lavender and comes in very large sizes.

The best pink ring style diamond you can buy right now

Ready for a feast for the eyes? We are ashamed of these engagement rings made of pink diamonds and other pink gemstones!

What a great start! In this delicate ring, six white diamonds form a fancy, intense pink, round diamond.

Cappuccino Pink Diamond Engagement Ring, 1,650,

We are considering pink thanks to this natural pink diamond with a recess of white diamond.

Ilanis Diamond Pink Diamond 14K white gold engagement ring, 6,950,

This is a total show stopper! The octagonal pink diamond is surrounded by tiny pink diamonds and two tones of gold: rose gold and platinum from

Platinum Le Vian pink diamond ring and 18k white strawberry gold, 160,000,

Here a brightly cut pink diamond is accentuated by white diamonds and set in a platinum band. We think we are in love.

JR Right Pink Diamond Ring Platinum, 42,500,

This ring is an eclectic mix of pink sapphire baguettes and white diamonds.

Poly Wales Anna dragon ring, 3,080,

The Eternal Ribbon is a lovely way to showcase your everlasting love and it’s wrapped in a sparkling pink diamond.

Sethi Couture wide pink diamond ring Pavak in rose gold, 2,300,


Blush Engagement Rings

Blushing | The Georgian style holly with 14 two tone roses and a pink diamond in the center of the white gold ring.

In the middle there is a beautiful pink SI1 diamond of 0.34 ct, surrounded by 12 diamonds of different millimeters, set in white gold with additional milligrade details. All are handcrafted with a beautifully textured 14k rose gold band with hand-carved side details. This unique Georgia-inspired ring is apparently a floating center set with highly polished pink diamonds. This uninterrupted and one-of-a-kind wedding ring features Striking Baguette diamond features covered in natural GHSI light cut diamonds, complimenting a variety of bustling ring styles!

This ring comes in an embossed handcrafted yellow cedar box that has been made and crafted from beautiful, durable wood. Each box supports the regenerative initiative.

Special mention

The total weight of 14 carat roses and white gold is 4.2 grams
Size 6 1/4 (can be one size or larger at no extra charge *)
Nails 0.34 ct delicate pink SI1 diamond set
4 x D-F 1.9-2.1 mm rosette cut
Place the 8 x 1.4 mm light cut Meli diamond around the hazel
Stock # RW1011

Ring gauge

Size 1 / 1/4 (can be one size or higher at no extra charge *)
Shank width: 2.42mm at the base of the ring cutter 1.6mm next to the setting
Weighing Thickness: 2.3mm Base of the nearest ring cutter with a setting of 1.76mm
Clear dimensions: 12.4 x 9.7 mm
Diamond and the height of the placement: 4 mm

Sizes and changes

In the case of a ring, if you need the size or size of the bottom, it will take another seven working days (if the band is simple) or another 10-14 working days (if the band needs to be milled and / or engraved that needs to be touched). The size or below may take longer than the full size. For example, if you would like further changes, please contact us. You may need to create a new ring to ensure a perfect fit.