Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring Meaning

Blue Sapphire Engagement Rings: A Complete Guide

A blue sapphire can look as elegant and stunning as an engagement ring center stone, a rich color that sets it apart from other gemstones.

  1. In general, buying a blue and blue sapphire engagement ring is less technical than buying a ring with diamond center stones. Since clarity and cut are not as important as diamonds, your focus should be on finding blue sapphires with the most impressive and fascinating color.
  2. For this reason, we recommend buying a blue and blue engagement ring from a reputable retailer who can provide high-resolution photos with perfect color representation, such as. B. James Allen or Lebish & Co.
  3. Since sapphire colors (pink, yellow, white, green …) are best known, blue sapphires represent a unique beauty that has made them a favorite of kings for centuries. Recently, this popular wedding jewelry has spread all over the world.
  4. Blue sapphires have been a popular bustling ring center stone for decades with an elegant appearance that has made them a popular alternative to diamonds.
  5. Buying an engagement ring with a diamond is a completely different process when it comes to maximizing the four cs (cut, color, precision, and carat) and buying a blue-blue-blue engagement ring. In general, cut and precision aren’t that important, but color is necessary.
  6. For more examples of what blue and blue engagement rings can look like, check out the recently purchased rings from our top notch retailers.

We’ve covered it in more detail below with actionable tips to help you buy the highest quality blue and blue sapphire engagement ring for your budget.

Blue sapphire engagement ring mining

A bluish-blue sapphire engagement ring represents a unique personal style, a transparent colored gemstone instead of a white diamond. Blue blue blue engagement rings appeal to brides who want color in their ring or an engagement ring that stands out from the crowd.

  • King and other royalty and historical figures wore blue sapphire jewelry, as luck would have it. In fact, blue sapphires have been a precious gemstone for thousands of years. For several religions, the color blue is seen by blue as a representation of the sky.
  • As the birthstone of September, this month that you give a blue sapphire engagement ring is your fiancé’s birthday this month, but it can be a special, meaningful way to make suggestions.
  • Our guide to sapphire goes into more detail about the historical meaning of sapphire and the origin of the name “sapphire”.

In addition to their historical significance, blue sapphires are versatile, long-lasting center stones that are ideal for engagement rings. Sapphires score 9 to 10 on Mohs’ hardness scales, ranking them second after diamonds in terms of scratch resistance and general durability.

Famous blue supplier’s engaged rings

Although blue emerald green engagement rings have become increasingly popular over the past decade, this gorgeous gemstone has been one of the most popular center stones of kings and important personalities for many centuries.

The most famous blue and blue sapphire engagement ring right now is undoubtedly Kate Middlestone’s stunning 12 karat Ceylon oval blue sapphire ring. It was bought by Prince Charles in 1981 and worn by Princess Diana during their wedding.

While Kate Middleton is undoubtedly the most famous royal sapphire ring right now, it is by no means the only historical example. When Napoleon proposed Josephine to his future bride in 1795, he did so with a unique blue sapphire and diamond ring “you and me”.

What to look for in a blue sapphire engagement ring

As we discussed in our guide to the four CS, one of the most important factors in choosing a diamond is buying a diamond, how the cut, color, precision, and carat weight will affect the quality of the diamond, and then the visible factors that go into making it Contribute to the beauty of the diamond.

A slightly different diamond bought with blue sapphire is valued for its brilliance, but blue sapphire is valued primarily for its color.

This means that elements like the cut and clarity are important to a diamond’s appearance, although they are less important than colors like blue sapphire.


A natural, “real” blue color is the biggest visual factor influencing the quality of indigo blue. The closer you get to a “real” sapphire, the higher the quality of the sapphire and the more you have to spend to buy it.

  1. Blue sapphire can range from blue to blue in an authentic “cornflower” with a slight hint of green or purple. In general, sapphires are less valuable as the hints of green or purple are more evident.
  2. Two factors that can affect bluish color are tone and saturation. The bluish-blue tone indicates how light or dark the color is. A lighter shade can wash out the sapphire and make it less attractive, while a darker shade can make the blue look harsher.
  3. When it comes to melody, the best thing to do is hold onto a sapphire that sits in the middle of the blue, strong enough to see clearly but not so dark that the details of the gem are not easily seen.
  4. As a saturation, the highest quality indigo has a rich, even and transparent color that is devoid of brown or gray areas.
  5. The best color for indigo blue is royal blue, also known as cornflower blue. You can recognize these stones by their medium to dark blue color with high saturation. Sapphires of this color are transparent and brown and gray with no hints. Some people prefer a purple-blue tone in the same color range with high saturation.

Purpose Unlike diamonds, which are graded by color using standard systems, sapphires are not graded by color on any standard scale. For this reason, it is important to buy blue and blue engagement rings from a supplier that provides high quality photos.


All sapphires will contain rutile needles, which makes it extremely unusual to find an innocent, inclusion-free blue sapphire. The broad part of the sapphire is also seen as warmth for improved clarity and color.

In general, the inclusion of diamond numbers in blue sapphires is low. To test a diamond for inclusions, a gemologist usually uses a 10x magnification loop. With sapphires, a jeweler usually does not use magnification when visiting.

If the blue sapphire is “eye-clean,” which means that no obvious inclusion is visible to the naked eye, its clarity is mostly acceptable for an engagement ring or other jewelry.


Unlike diamonds, there is no standard cut for blue sapphires. To get the most of it, a blue sapphire should be cut into symmetrical shapes and the light should be reflected at right angles to show the beauty and shine of the stone.

The most popular cuts for bluish blue are oval, round pillows and emeralds. There is no “best” blue-blue cut that allows you to pick something that suits your fiancé’s tastes and individuality.

Carat weight

Blue sapphires, like diamonds, have an incredible range of carat weights. Since a sapphire is heavier than a diamond, a carat blue sapphire often looks slightly smaller than a diamond of the same carat weight.

Because of this, it is important to pay attention to the weight and size of the carat when comparing blue sapphires. To make it even easier, vendors like James Allen list measurements for each loose lime on their list – for example, this 1.07 carat blue sapphire measures 6.62 × 4.79 mm.

Where can I buy a blue sapphire engagement ring?

As mentioned above, the best place to buy a blue sapphire ring is James Allen and Lebish & Co.

Both of these providers are trustworthy, offer the best price in the industry, and provide high quality photos of their listing (requires testing the color of blue). Both offer numerous high quality engagement ring settings – something we will get into more detail about later.

There are several key differences between James Allen and Lebish & Co. that you should be aware of before making a purchase. We’ve listed these below, along with more information on the key benefits of each provider.

Tips on choosing the best blue saffron ring

  1. As mentioned above, buying a blue and blue sapphire engagement ring is less technical than buying diamonds. Still, there are many ways you can maximize your value for money and get the highest quality center stones and rings for your budget:
  2. Choose the right metal. While blue sapphires can look great in any setting, they also look great on white metals like white gold and platinum. This metal accentuates and complements the deep blue color of bluish.
  3. Consider a holo setting. When blue sapphires are surrounded by a hollow of small diamonds, they can look particularly beautiful. Hello settings, like this ring of blue, are perfect for highlighting the beauty and shape of the round blue sapphire.
  4. Check the sapphire measurement. As mentioned above, blue sapphires are usually heavier than diamonds of the same size. For this reason, it is important to study carat weights and dimensions when shaping sapphires.
  5. Don’t worry too much about the heat treatment. Most of the blue-blue available on the market is heat treated for improved color and clarity. This is a very simple, general procedure that will not harm the azure.
  6. Hence, it is best not to worry about heat treatment. If you’re looking for an untreated sapphire mantra, expect significantly more than a heat-treated sapphire of the same carat weight.
  7. Pay attention to the color, not the clarity. Unlike diamonds, which are often included in the smallest, sapphires are rarely included for some reason. If sapphire is “eye-clean”, which means it is not visible to the naked eye, it should look great in a ring.
  8. Pay close attention to the photos. The presence of blue sapphire tone and saturation has a huge impact. When comparing sapphires, use quality photos from dealers such as James Allen and Lebish & Co. to evaluate their color.

When shopping from your phone or tablet, check that the brightness is high enough to properly reflect the tone, saturation, and presence of green or purple under the blue.


Sapphire Engagement Rings Sparkle Just Like You

Congratulations! You decided he was one. How do you get him to hang up his legs and give him the offer he’s waiting for? A lot of people try to surprise – it adds to the magic of romantic, thoughtful and great moments. There are practical implications, however. Does he want the ring? Will the ring suit him? She would really want to wear it

Choose a ring to capture your style

A few jewelry choices are more important than choosing your engagement ring. Not only will you wear this ring forever and ever, but its style will also dictate the volume of what type of woman you are. If you go for the classic solitaire diamond, you are probably the elegant and traditional theorist. But if you are drawn to a blue and blue engagement ring, you probably have a keen style and eye for fashion – much like the famous owner, the only and only Princess Diana in the history of blue and blue engagement rings.

The rings of the sapphire are just as shiny as yours

The royal audience was stunned to see Princess Diana’s favorite engagement sound. The woman, who could have every ring in the world made to measure to her taste, opted for a ready-made ring. Anyone can order the ring – 12 carat oval sapphire surrounded by 14 diamonds and set in white gold can be ordered from the Mayfair garage. But the People’s Princess loved this blue and blue ring so much that she wore it even after her divorce from Prince Charles.

After the tragic death of Princess Diana in 1997, her two young sons – Prince William and Harry – were each allowed to choose a piece of jewelry from their mother as a souvenir. Prince William decided on a Cartier watch. Harry chose the blue sapphire engagement ring.

Before 2010 when Prince William the Great wowed the world by asking Kate Middleton to be his wife and possibly the future Queen of England. In homage to their mother, the princes agreed that Kate should wear the ring.

Blue sapphire means

Like Princess Diana, a blue sapphire is attractive and compelling. You can easily get lost in its blue depths. The ancient Persians believed that the earth had climbed a blue sapphire and that its color was reflected in the sky. Sapphire is a symbol of loyalty, loyalty and trust, making it the perfect symbol for a couple’s love.

Outside of its royal meaning, a bluish-blue sapphire engagement ring is an uninterrupted but unconventional choice. It’s a solid gemstone: a sapphire on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. (Diamonds are rated.)

Remember, the first question you get when your engagement is announced is “Can I see the ring?” – And this ring is your constant accessory, whether you are wearing blue jeans or a cocktail dress. Choose a sapphire engagement ring to let the world know that you and your relationship are unique.


The meaning of Sapphire engagement rings

Sapphire is the most valuable gemstone after diamonds because of its deep meaning. It’s always been a favorite, especially with the kings, which makes them the ideal choice for an engagement ring.

  1. Sapphire engagement rings represent loyalty, faith and truth for a lifelong relationship. Essential This is a great way to show your love forever.
  2. The most famous engagement ring with Sapphire is Princess Diana 18K. This piece was selected for her engagement to Prince Charles in 1981. This beautiful choice is yet another sign that kings still prefer sapphire jewelry, a tradition that dates back to the Middle Ages.
  3. The same ring was presented to Kate Middleton or Princess Catherine when Prince William proposed a marriage that is now known. By choosing this engagement ring, people all over the world got excited about sapphire jewelry and bought rings made from this gemstone.
  4. One of the defining characteristics of the abundant indigo engagement rings is the combination of ancient design and modern techniques. This specialty has a great finish and valuable masterpieces.
  5. Sapphire is often combined with white gold to create a great contrast between blue and black. The new technology has expanded the design options of the sapphire ring, but retains the traditional therapy style of the Euro era.

Check out our sapphire ring that makes the modern more conservative with different designs. It depends on your tastes and what you want to express in this important step of engagement.

Why is sapphire a good alternative to diamonds in engagement rings?

It was common to use diamonds as an engagement ring, but not everyone is a lover of this stone. These are usually more expensive than most gemstones and are more aggressive to the extraction environment. A great alternative is sapphire engagement rings as they come in almost any color and are sturdy enough for engagement rings. They also have a cheaper price.

Different colors

Another reason sapphires are a great option is because of the variety of colors. One might think that the body comes in dark blue but different colors like pink, purple, yellow, orange and green, as well as different colors. If you like diamonds there are white sapphires that can look exactly the same. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a diamond engagement ring while high quality white sapphires can achieve the same effect.

Better price

Sapphires are much cheaper than diamonds. You may think that the value of the stone varies significantly, but in reality the difference between the two stones is less. The diamond can cost up to $ 90, while the white sapphire is only $ 10-10

How to choose the right sapphire diamond ring

Sapphire is known to be one of the best options for diamonds, but what about both for your ring? These make a perfect combination as diamonds give the blue diamond ring a special look that is more refined and exquisite, and the blue ones add a colorful and bright touch to their colorful jewelry.

If sapphire is the central jewel of your ring, there are many options for the shape, but the most common shape is oval. The standard size for a round sapphire is 6 mm, which is the same as a 0.76 carat diamond. It is recommended to look for these standard dimensions. It is more likely that you are buying a real blue ring.

One of the most important factors is the hardness of the stone, so sapphire is the best choice as its hardness is rated 9 on a scale of 1 to 10 Mohs. So they can be managed as diamonds and you will have them forever.