Walt Disney World Engagement: A “Magical” Proposal

Walt Disney World’s awesome cast members at the Magic Kingdom provided us with an epic day filled with a carriage ride, “surprise” flowers, a hot-air balloon ride (fail lol), ferryboats, a bonfire and movie on the beach (missed it), a ball room dinner with Beauty and the Beast, and wrapped it all up with an epic fireworks show courtesy of Cinderella & Co.,

However, the plan almost came completely unraveled when the entire grid lost power around 8:00PM that night! We were stranded back at the Disney hotel with no bus and had to hitch a ride to the park and then run to get to the bridge across from Cinderella’s castle just before the fireworks started!

In all the chaos I realized that I hadn’t had time to charge my phone to take pics or videos (epic fail). However my own personal Genie appeared in the form of a Disney Blogger who was set up on the bridge with his tripod and camera to take videos for his blog, and he quickly came to the rescue and saved the day with this video of the surprise proposal!

…When you have All Stars like Cinderella and Belle setting the mood and Genie pinch-hitting on your team, basically all you gotta to do is show up and put a ring on it lol.

*(Hat tip to Genie aka Scott at the 2:00 min mark; “You the man!”)