Sorry not in the right order that I said it


Pokémon moon, black, red, and diamond
Scribblenauts unlimited
Super smash bros
Scooby doo first frights/spooky swamp
Super Mario maker
Lego batman 1, batman 2, star wars, and battles ninjago or ninjago battles
Mario kart 7


Punch out
Super Mario all-stars
Super Mario world


Lego dimensions, pirates of the Caribbean, Avengers, marvel, batman 3, star wars tfa, lord of the rings, Harry Potter 1-4, and 5-7
Star wars kinect
Halo 3
Sky lander giants, swap force, and trap team
Disney infinity 1,2, and 3


Zelda twilight princess
Mario kart Wii
New super Mario Wii
Wii sports
Donkey Kong country returns
Mario super sluggers
Ben 10 protected of earth
Wii resort
Super smash bros brawl

Other ideas

Lego building, similar to building up by elmacho

Building Lego sets
Little monster things
Lego mini figure stuff

Other, other stuff (stuff I did not say in the video)

Reading comments, if you did comment that is
Try not to _____
Weird combos (making weird food combos)

Thanks for watching, and if you read this list please comment on what I should do