Most Stunning Princess Diana Tiara And Jewels

Most Stunning Princess Diana Tiara And Jewels

The Cambridge Lover’s Knot Tiara
Owned by the Queen’s grandmother, Queen Mary, this tiara is made from 19 pearl drops and assorted diamonds that all came from pieces of jewelry given to her as wedding presents. Queen Elizabeth II inherited the tiara, and only wore it once in public before giving it to Diana as a wedding present. The princess wore it on many occasions, but it was returned to the Queen after her divorce, and the Duchess of Cambridge borrowed it for the first time last year.

Diamond and South Sea Pearl Earrings
The origin of these earrings is unknown, but they were a favorite of the princess. As they could be worn in different ways, and Diana sometimes wore them with the acorn-sized pearls attached and other times as (slightly) more pared-down diamond floral clusters.

Queen Mary’s Emerald Choker and the Prince Charles Emerald Earrings
The Art Deco choker was made for the Queen’s grandmother and inherited by the Queen, who gave it as a wedding present to Diana. The princess wore it on many occasions, as well as famously as a headband on a state visit to Australia. Prince Charles gifted Diana with matching emerald earrings for her 22nd birthday.

Aquamarine Bracelet and Ring
The five-strand pearl bracelet, set with a large aquamarine was given to Diana in her early days as a princess, and she wore it many times in the ’80s, as well as after her divorce. The matching emerald-cut aquamarine ring is surrounded by diamonds was a later addition to the princess’ collection. She commissioned the piece herself by Asprey in 1997.

Sapphire Headband and Earrings
given as a wedding present for diana, she then had the large sapphire of the ring turned into the centerpiece of this choker, which she wore in the traditional manner, as well as with her signature flair as a headband. The diamond-surrounded sapphires of the watch strap were turned into two pairs of earrings one of which was given as a gift from Prince William to Kate Middleton around the time of their engagement and remodeled to suit the duchess’ tastes.

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