Zales Gives Ebola Survivor New Engagement Ring

AKRON — Ebola survivor Amber Vinson is one step closer to a happy ending thanks to Zales Jewelry. The store gave Vinson a new engagement ring free of charge.

The Dallas nurse flew home to Ohio after treating Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan who died from the virus. She went to a bridal shop in Akron to prepare for her wedding.

Vinson’s engagement ring was incinerated along with many of her other belongings while she was hospitalized and receiving treatment. Her doctor says cleaning crews could have just cleaned the ring in bleach.

“I was kind of speechless. I had no understanding of why some things were there and some things were taken,‚ said Vinson.

Vinson is now healthy again and can continue planning her big day. She calls the new ring a symbol of a new beginning.